E-vangie Tales #81: LEFT, BEHIND


One of the most strange and embarrassing sights at the “Fiesta Hermosa” last week was the conga line of Senior Citizen hippies, reliving their fist-thrusting days of yesteryear. The grandpas with gray ponytails marched lockstep beside the peace-signed grammies; their tight, tie-dyed tees barely concealed the terrifying results of six decades of gravity. Leading this protest was a snarling guy shouting into a bullhorn. There was negative attitude to spare as the agitated aging atheists flashed their “Hate Bush” and “Out of Iraq” signs. Such were the backers of California congressional candidate, Marcy Winograd. I’m proud to admit that I was a cash supporter…

“Here’s a campaign contribution,” I said while thrusting million-dollar bill gospel tracts into the hands of the marchers. “Take this million for your campaign. Here—take this!” One by one, each liberal took a bill that had the non-partisan, absolutist message from a God they didn’t believe in. Oh sure, some ignored me—their rage from two consecutive presidential losses fueled an intensity of focus—but I persisted anyway.

One lady marcher took a million and asked skeptically, “What is this?”

“Just read it,” I said. I stood next to her for a few seconds, hand spread open in anticipation that she would quickly give it back once she got the gist of the gospel message written on the bill.


Another liberal passed the buck.

-Steve Sanchez

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