E-vangie Tales #22 The Blind Lady and Inman


It was getting late and I still needed to find someone to tell about Jesus. At the week-end service we were reminded to ask God to bring someone into our paths each day and watch what He will do. I prayed, yet no-one had crossed my path so I was forced to take matters into my own hands…

I went to the “7-11” with the express purpose of giving the Gospel to whoever was behind the counter. This time though, I would buy a pack of gum because I had learned my lesson from Anton (see E-vangie Tales #6 at ).

I held the door open for an elderly lady named Dorothy as I made my way to the check-out line with my pack of Carefree Wintergreen. She stood behind me with a half gallon of milk and a banana. “I need something to eat for breakfast.”

I asked her,, “Would you like to read something in the morning? I have a Bible for you.”

“I’m blind,” said Dorothy.

“How are you able to get around here?”

“Someone drives me.”

“Well, it’s pretty important to know that Jesus died for your sins, and was buried for three days, you know.”

“I know. I go to church -a pack of Marlboros please- I’m a Catholic.”

“It’s more than going to church. It’s about having a relationship with Jesus.”

“I know. Bye bye.”

Innam the counter guy said to me, “$1.09 please.”

“Hey Innam, I want to give you something. Is that your full name?”

“No. It’s Innam-Ul-Hague Lone.”

“Whew! I’ll call you Innam. Here’s a part of the Bible called the Gospel of John.”


I walked outside and saw Dorothy standing against a wall taking great drags from a cigarette. I asked if I could pray for her to receive her sight back.

“That would be wonderful,” she replied.

As I laid my hand on her shoulder and prayed earnestly to my Father in Heaven for this poor little lady to see again, a cloud appeared and enveloped me.

It was a great plume of smoke as Dorothy exhaled directly into my face.

Look up and speak out,

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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