Destinations: USC Football!!! Rah! Rah! Raw!


Two weeks ago at USC we encountered strong resistance from a couple of drunken fans, so much so that the police intervened and did something I’ve never seen in all my years of preaching the Gospel. It was shocking! (I’ll post that video tomorrow.)

There’s always some type of conflict that happens when we preach there and I just can’t figure out why. We’re giving good news for goodness sake! Good news!

The big man in the photo dumped beer on one of our female preacher’s sound system two months ago and tried to prevent one of our evangelists from speaking the truth by throwing his weight around two years ago. (But we developed an effective technique to frustrate his efforts; read about it here.)

I can hardly wait to see what happens this Saturday when the Trojans face the Ducks—and us—again. Meet at Hope chapel at noon to carpool. Returning by 5:30.Directions for free parking:take the 110 freeway and get off on 37th St. 37th St. turns into Hope St. Go past the DMV offfice on the left and go under the freeway. Turn left of Flower St. then Right on 37th St. to the parking lot under the freeway.

In case of rain, which we’ve been experiencing over the last several weeks, we will be doing something we’ve done only once before:


  1. There’s always some type of conflict that happens when we preach there and I just can’t figure out why. We’re giving good news for goodness sake! Good news!

    For some reason, I can’t stop picturing Professor Farnsworth from Futurama:

    “Good news everyone! You’re all horrible, evil, lying, blaspheming, fornicating, adulterating, murdering, baby-hating, puppy-kicking, gay-tolerating sinners!”
    “What about those of us who aren’t?”
    Especially those of you who aren’t! And God’s going to judge you as such and torture you for all eternity in hell unless you forgo your natural skepticism and urge to test all things for evidence, something you’re not even capable of doing!”

  2. I’m suddenly wondering if Steve and the gang will set up next to the Hari Krishnas at the airport, that would be awesome. There could be a big debate over religion, I don’t think the Krishnas would win in a fight though they’re all vegans so there can’t be much muscle on them.

  3. That’s pretty funny Steve, and yeah you could probably take those Krishnas, they’re built like tooth picks, but looking at the video, I don’t really think it was the gospel that drove them away, once again it was the messenger. They were there first, dancing and trying to play music, and you arrived down the street with them and started shouting very loudly. Not wanting to get into an argument, because they’re trying to be peaceful, they left. More then likely they felt a little be persecuted because some stranger was interrupting their music and dancing thus inhibiting their effort to collect donations. I mean do you not see how that’s rude? You complain when people inhibit your efforts to spread your gospel in public and claim persecution, and then you turn around and shout and yell, interrupting people who are, for lack of a better word, preforming their religion out in public. You could have gone to the next street over, or waited till the Krishnas were done with their performance to deliver your gospel, there’s no need to be rude.

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