The Police Intervene


This dramatic footage will take your breath away. Ninety seconds of pure unadulterated drama—a real preaching reality show—all on the campus of the University of Southern California before the Trojans whupped the Bears in college football.

Note a few things: The two drunk hecklers, the police doing something I’ve never seen them do, the calm Ambassadors’ Alliance leader Ed Lee gently eating an ice cream cone in the face of relentless, unbridled animosity, and new words for the letters USC. (Not for the faint of heart.)


  1. USC = “U Should Commit”

    I love it!

  2. Wow the police intervened on behalf of Steve and the gang, I guess the police persecution was kept to a minimum this time around? The guy who went for the equipment was a jerk, there’s no excuse for messing with someone else’s property, I take you had the proper permits this time?

  3. Steve, can you stop assuming everyone is drunk because they disagree with you in a less-than-diplomatic manner?

    The police did their job, and you were clearly not persecuted. The system worked.

    • Garrett,

      I was there; they were drunk. And absolutely, the police did their job. By law they are to protect the speaker from the heckler; that’s what was so surprising.

      Vintango: We didn’t need permits this time. For the first few hours we were on the public sidewalk, then for the the last hour we moved onto the campus of USC—with no problem! Go figure!

  4. Hmmm – can’t think of a better acronym – If I hate my brother without cause, God sees me as a murderer. What if I just hate USC – the whole “USC aura” ??? Help me out here, pastor ?

    Gotta love Ed Lee – you can tell by my waistline I’ve screamed for the cold stuff more than a few times – LOL

    Not to make light of someone’s eternal destiny, but I wonder if some of these people DON’T commint, will God just roll the video on judgment day ?

    Great video – thanks for sharing – kind of fun to see the “law” on our side for once… hey, wait a minute – we DO have the law on our side, it’s called the 10 commandments !

    GREAT JOB !!!

  5. SWEET! I encountered the same on Friday night prior to the Alabama Vs. Vols. game. Although I did not have ice cream but some hot coffee supplied by some brothers and sisters in the Lord. They game from Atlanta set up a table down on the college strip full of hot drinks and free nachos. God bless this Christian ministry team. Two different ministries tag team wrestling against the dark forces to share Jesus with the football fans.

  6. I think by law they’re there to protect whoever is being harmed or their property by the same extension, Police officers are peace keepers. And congrats that you exercised your rights to free speech without being censored, America is a great place.

  7. No Steve, I don’t buy it because you have this tendency to slander everyone that dare speak out against you. The first gentleman could be, but the second did not seem at all drunk.

  8. Vintango, America is under God’s judgment. Steve, why do you think this is persecution for His Name’s sake? Praise the Lord you have begun to drink of the fellowship of His suffering. Garrett why do you presume Steve is making an unrighteous judgment here? Are you judging him rightly?
    A good gospel banner would have been very effective in this venue. People can read them from miles away. Something like; Trojandolatry will send you to Hell, Jesus hates Sin! Heb 1:9
    Keep to the King’s business, Amen.

  9. Uhm… okay John. I never said it was or wasn’t in the first place, I just said it was great.

  10. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM.” Brings back memories.

    But, seriously…the second guy, sounded like he hates religion. Wish i could tell him how much Jesus hated religion.

    Garrett said…but the second did not seem at all drunk.

    Years ago when my dad WAS an alcoholic, he drank ALOT yet was a functioning alcoholic. Maybe Steve just had to smell his breath to determine his state. You can’t use your sense of smell while watching this YouTube video.

    hi steve…stay strong in the Lord brother!

  11. John McGlone wrote: “Garrett why do you presume Steve is making an unrighteous judgment here?


  12. “Trojandolatry will send you to Hell”

    Is this something I’m supposed to understand?

  13. That was great. Good job police!!

  14. The USC mascot is the Trojan. Since it has nothing to do with God, it is must be forbidden.

  15. I think that’s worship of that school’s mascot Perdita. And does it really matter if they were or were not drunk? I mean it happens, its a football game. Its fun.

  16. Hey wonder if we could thrown in Alabama as unsaved? The Crimson Tide? Though your sins are as red as CRIMSON…….

  17. Wow, normally I try not to sound sarcastic but Robert’s statement defies explanation, those are words but they appear to just be strung together to form some sort of sentence… in theory.

  18. That guy just eating the ice cream cone like he was just out for a walk is priceless!!!!

  19. Thanks, guys… Makes sense now. I am soooo ignorant of sports.

  20. Keep on preaching it Pastor Steve!!!

    The simple gospel message has POWER—We broke the Law (The Ten Commandments), Jesus Christ paid the fine!” So repent and trust Jesus today!

    So simple yet so powerful!!!

  21. Thomas, do you want to go into detail as to how terribly broken the court analogy is? It’s only simple if you assume you just have to pay a fine to God when you die.

    Jesus doesn’t even suffer your punishment: he died for three days. Your trip is hell is an eternal sentence. Not even to mention that suffering another’s punishment is not justice.

  22. I’ve heard Ray use that line, “Jesus paid your fine, so God can legally dismiss your case.” and it always causes me to scratch my head. I will be severely disappointed if I meet God and he’s wearing judge’s robes and heaven is set up like the People’s Court.

    Garrett, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross mainly appealed to early Christians who lived under the oppression of the Roman Empire. Like minority religions, Christians were often arrested, attacked, killed, or crucified by the Romans for practicing their beliefs, so Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and eventual rebirth sent a powerful message to those people. That faith in Jesus as the son of God would protect you from Roman persecution and crucifixion. Love for your fellow man, kindness, generosity, and martyrdom or self sacrifice appeal to the more noble aspects of humanity and are universally accepted by most people in the world as ‘virtues’ (Even those people who are unfamiliar with Christ) so its no surprise that Christianity rapidly caught on, and became a dominant religion.

    Nowadays, because we have the luxury of looking back through the prism of history, and a more expanded knowledge of the natural world and science, not to mention Christians are (for the most part, at least in the US and other industrialized nations) not being persecuted, especially by Romans for that matter, its easier to question the point of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. If he died only to rise up again and reveal his risen self to his followers, was the point to simply demonstrate to them that he was divine in nature? How does his temporary sacrifice ‘forgive our sins’ exactly? And doesn’t rising from the dead cheapen the weight of his sacrifice? In a way its almost like a comic book death, a hero ‘dies’ only to return by some unknown method after the reader and other characters have time to grieve.

  23. Its liberal to ask questions about it? Or to actually investigate Christianity and how it actually formed? I mean its undeniable that Roman persecution was in integral factor in the formation and traditions of earlier Christianity. It shaped the decisions of what gospels were ultimately kept or rejected for use in the Bible.

    There are a few gospels that talked about Jesus’ childhood and young adulthood and how he came to terms with the divine power he wielded. Ultimately those texts were rejected in favor of others, or simply dropped all together because they conflict with the overall message of Jesus’ perfection and his sacrifice for the sins of humanity.

    But is it liberal to want to ask questions about this? I mean Steve you’ll have an ETERNITY with God if you get into heaven, that’s forever. A million, a billion, a TRILLION years of existence, and that’s only an infinitesimally small fraction of time compared to the REST of eternity, its ENDLESS. During that time, won’t you ask God questions? Won’t you ask him why he does and did the things he did? Do you think God will get angry at questions? I mean do you scold a child when they ask questions because of their ignorance about the world? And I suppose the biggest one I have to ask, is how does the sacrifice of his life for three days automatically redeem the whole of humanity’s original sin or as Ray puts it, paying your fine? I mean God didn’t vanish, or disappear, he suffered when he was tortured and nailed to the cross, but that’s small compared to what other people have suffered through in the face of torture and violence, sometimes it can even be drawn out longer through starvation or disease. How is his self sacrifice any better than anyone else’s, especially those who sacrificed themselves when they knew they wouldn’t rise again on the third day?

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