Preacher Vs. Creature: Mad Mike’s Monster Message


This is a horribly frightening account. You might call it a FRANKENwitness.

“Mad Mike” Stockwell is normally fearless in his Gospel presentations with live people, but this time he met his match with the undead. If you have the courage, click to read this spooky, scary, awful encounter that has never before been attempted… nor ever will be again! (Make sure you read this with the lights on.)

We are about to unfold the story of Frankenstein, a man of science who sought to create a man after his own image without reckoning upon God. It is one of the strangest tales ever told. It deals with the two great mysteries of creation – life and death. I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even – horrify you. So if any of you feel that you do not care to subject your nerves to such a strain, now’s your chance to – uh, well, we warned you.—From the introduction to the 1931 film “Frankenstein.”

This was a monster task performed by a Jesus freak. Mad Mike, the Long Island Loudmouth was up to it on Brand Blvd. during the 2008 Ambassadors’ Academy….

The horror! The horror! Would this mutant listen to the Word that was preached? It depended on where he got his ears. Were they snatched from the grave of an atheist? If so, the message was falling on death ears.

The behemoth, of corpses made, was alive. Alive! He understood the message—that in a previous incarnation he was a liar, a thief, a blasphemer, with Christ being the only means of salvation from Hell—but can the dead repent? Listen somebody—anybody! Can the dead repent?

He turned. The beast turned! He could take it no longer. The undead would remain dead in his sin and trespasses, without hope, only to wreak havoc upon the walking dead of the earth. Into the great darkness he vanished. Forever.

He wanted his mummy.


The last words of James Whale, the director of “Frankenstein” and “Bride of Frankenstein” were written on a suicide note:

“The future is just old age and illness and pain… I must have peace and this is the only way.” — He was found dead, floating in his backyard pool. The cause of death still stands as unsolved although a high level of alcohol was found in his bloodstream.The painful last years of his life in Hollywood, where he was one of the few celebrities to live openly acknowledging his homosexuality, were depicted by Ian McKellen in Gods and Monsters.

Died: May 29, 1957

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  1. Yeah, I’d probably be fairly miserable too if I was openly gay in a time of such rampant homophobia that pedophilia and homosexuality were often used interchangeably. We see echoes this hatred amongst the spat of tragic suicides in the news. This time, however, we can offer hope and support for these people. And we have: the “It Gets Better” campaign has be responsible for a dramatic increase in calls to various suicide support numbers. We can prevent more tragic ends such as Whales’s.

    Have a nice weekend, Steve, and a Happy Halloween.

  2. Steve, are you totally oblivious to the history of Halloween? By trying to avoid Halloween via “harvest” you are actually going closer to the original Samhain celebration (which occurred around the harvest). Halloween is a modern name for the “re-branding” of the holiday by the church.

    Oh wait, it was the Catholic Church. Ouch. Well, I guess we now know where you lean when forced to choose between catholicism and paganism!

    Of course, Halloween has really lost any sort of religious affiliation of ANY kind many years ago. It’s now a night to get candy or have an excuse to break out some scary entertainment.

  3. Hey Steve will you be going trick or treating?

  4. Changing the name – and retaining the images and traditions – really doesn’t change anything, does it? Like Anna Banana’s ‘Harvest’ tracts – what do spooky, scary, creepy things have to do with harvest?

    Also, Halloween is sort of a mash up of different traditions, not some sort of stealth occult high holy day.

  5. Vintango,

    I’ll be at our church’s Harvest Party where we’ve stuffed 1,000 bags with candy and the Harvest Fun tract!

    How about you?

  6. Attending one of those fun secular Halloween parties, there won’t be tracts but there will be candy.

  7. This is hilarious and sad.

    I guess I will wish Steve a Happy Samhain if he is celebrating the harvest.

  8. Good point Garrett, but if they don’t call it Halloween then they don’t call it Halloween it, I’ll scratch my head and wish you a Merry Festivus. I will ask Steve why you don’t call it Halloween though? Or All Hallows Eve? I mean why celebrate it at all and not call it what it is, if you’re still getting together and having candy and such. Are costumes involved? Give us the skinny.

  9. But it’s so much easier to just change the name and participate than it is to not participate.

  10. Good questions, Vintango.

    Simply put, we want to offer a safe, fun and friendly alternative to the spookiness of Halloween with all its occult references. We, as Christians, want to sanctify a traditionally unholy “holiday” with pagan roots.

    Same thing for Christmas (Winter Solstice) and Easter (Ishtar).

    Same thing we do when printing a Gospel message on money, etc.

    There is disagreement within Christendom on this: See

  11. Occult references? Last time I checked, dressing your kid up like Spiderman and going door to door impressing people with the costume and asking for candy wasn’t related to the occult. When I was a kid we didn’t participate in blood sacrifice after a successful night of Trick or Treating, it was good clean fun. By Sanctify I’m assuming you mean, change it so you can participate in the fun in some way and alter it to conform to your standards. Next question I have to ask is, if you have to change it, then why even celebrate it? If its not a Christian celebration then why even dignify it with any sort of celebration at all? Oh and that Wretched Radio guy has missed his true calling in life, Baseball Commentator, I keep swearing any moment I’ll hear him say, “And that ball is going, going, its Outta there!”

  12. You did sanctify Halloween. It happened centuries ago.

    The name “Halloween” comes from the All Saint’s Day name. As I said before, Samhain (the original pagan holiday) dealt with the harvest and the perceived looser connections between the physical and spirit worlds. By insisting upon the use of “harvest,” you are actually going BACK to the pagan holiday you wish to avoid!

    Oh do go on about all the occult things commonly done on Halloween. I think an overwhelming majority of people are either trick-treating, going to parties or stuck at work.

    Maybe we should try Abortionween next year so you have something to actually get upset over.

  13. Praise God! It seems that there is no one that Mad Mike won’t preach too!

    Also I’m in the pictured sitting watching this amazing witnessing encounter take place (I’m the one with the backpack with reflector’s. The third picture from the top).

    To God be the glory!!!

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