Destination: Venice Beach!


Last time we visited Venice Beach, we barely escaped with our lives… seriously.

We had set up a little open air microphone along with a heckler’s mic to engage the crowd on the downhill side of a grassy knoll. We were having a great time of it all day; the crowds were friendly, and everyone was enjoying the bright sunlight while they strolled on the boardwalk. Then things turned dark.

A homeless man stepped up to the mic to take “The Good Person” test. If he was good enough to make it to Heaven he would receive $20. Of course, after answering our pointed questions—“Have you ever lied? Have you ever stolen? Have you ever used God’s name in vain?”— he realized that he was not a good person but a lying thief and a blasphemer, headed for Hell. He didn’t get his twenty bucks.

He wanted the money. Show me the money!!!

I told him that he didn’t earn it, that no one is good enough to make it to Heaven, and, “Would you like a nice stuffed animal instead?”

No way. He wanted the money. “I want the twenty dollars!” He shouted more loudly, “I want my money! I want my money! This guy isn’t giving me the money!”

I looked around for help but there was none.

Suddenly, every homeless person in Venice appeared over the top of the grassy knoll like zombies out of “Night of the Living Dead.” “I want my twenty dollars! I want my twenty dollars!” the homeless man continued to yell.

Fearing for our lives, my two daughters and I cracked open the stuffed animal bin and handed out cute furry creatures to the ravenous mob, now ready and willing to devour our brains. Our driver “Righteous Richard” Chavarria, had left to get our ride and was nowhere in sight. The homeless man shouted and sputtered that he still wanted his twenty; the homeless zombies grabbed at stuffed monkeys and fluffy doggies until… the white church van pulled up.

“Richard!” I screamed. Hurry! Get us out of here!” We rushed all our equipment into the vehicle and slammed the doors. Speeding away, we saw the homeless man running alongside the van, still yelling.

It’s been two years since we’ve been to Venice Beach, and we’re going back again this Saturday.

I hope the homeless dude won’t recognize us.

Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. (Read about another visit to Venice Beach by clicking here.)


  1. I’m sorry bro…but that’s funny! Not sure if it was how you told the story or that I too have been in that situation. I remember how awkward I felt having the person who was I was taking through the Law suddenly turn on my in the end and begin loudly and persistently demanding the money. It’s been a while now for me but in the end; I think I gave in. Dude – you RAN! That’s funny.

    I’m laughing with you in a brotherly, Christianlike sort of way. Thank you for encouraging me in my evangelism efforts by sharing your good, bad and funny experiences brother (Romans 8:28).

    I’m glad you and your children are safe brother.

  2. It was pretty darn funny…

    I guess the humor stops when someone dies, huh?

  3. Wow!

    Steve, if he is still there, he WILL remember you…….trust me.

    Praying God will save some souls through you –

  4. awwwww, i wanna go to venice beach. i work every other weekend and darn, i have to work this weekend.

    before i ever heard the WoTM, my husband, sons & i went down to venice. there in the middle of tons of people walking back & forth was a young man standing on the box and reading from the Scriptures. i was soooo drawn to what he was saying that we all sat very close to him while we ate our lunch, iistening to him reading.

    i’ll never forget that and now, someday i want to do the same.

    is your team going back again sometime soon?

  5. WOW… Iv’e met some prettyyyy crazy people while evanelising, but this is defenitley one of the funiest signs,, but still yet sad, Keep up the good work! GB
    Shayne 🙂

  6. Hey!! I just got home from the V.B. and I had to type up this long comment before i get tooo airhead!! ha ha ha I was so happy that I went to V.B. todayt becuz I dunno, it just excited me!! Two other Deaf and i went into Santa Monica area the north of V.B. I sowed the tracts to every one – almost everyone. This is how i did today.
    I didnt speak. i was “mute” becuz it is much much easier for me to handle the situation than for them to think i have a hard time hearing the voice. They may ended up speak sooooo loud (useless!)… it’s a waste of time!! so anyway, i had bumped 4 people todayt to read the tracts. they all nodded but one of them claimed that he is Jewish. I gestured “okay” i had him read the tract where it said “Have u ever lie? Have you ever steal? did you ever using God’s name in vain?” He said yes yes nooo!! never use God’s name. i put my thumb over the name of Jesus (so that he will not use this as an argument and lose my point of evangelize him) and have him read “Whoever looks at woman to lust is already adultery in his heart…” he nodded “yes of course I am an animal and I do lust!!” I nodded and gestured “ok” I had him read down to where it said “Will you be guilty on Judgement Day?” He then said “who are we to judge? I know someone said that Man from God became flesh and he is the one that judge us!! No, I believe in One God and ( i nodded and agreeding ok) so who are we to judge (still yapping) and I dont totally believe in Torah.” I gesture and mouthing, “You believe Torah littl bit?” He said “yes”. I said “Ok” then he interrupted me said “I sell these stones. These are elements same as we are from elements” I nodded “yes ” gestured and mouthing to him, “but elements in rocks (i pointed these rocks) don’t have souls as (i tapped his chest) you and (i tapped mine) me. He was dumbfounded and then agreeed with me “yes, you are right. they dont have souls. We do.” He smiled. I was going to keep reading the tract but I saw his face – rolled eyes and sighing ( i could feel his breathe on me). His hand covered the tract. He smiled and nodded ,NO, at me and i knew it is no good to keep on going. i remembered Steve’s warning from last thursday that “it is not worth to throw the pearls to the swine.” Even though he is Jewish gentlleman but he is a swine. I gestured him “i pray u” he laughed it off. I looked at him seriously with a smile ” i pray u God (point up in the air).” He smiled and said “thanks yeah”
    So what do u think? Deaf can do it!!!!!! so can you!!!! smile
    only thing i think we could solve the problem when it comes to praying to ask Jesus in their live… maybe i need to have a small paper to show them how to pray… in a sensible way… What do u think, Steve or anyone else who read my blog. I welcome your comments/feedbacks/encouragement (whatever!!) as well!!

  7. Your portrayal of the homeless is pathetic. You should check yourself brother. How’s that for in your face? This post exposes your disconection, your lack of love. Those people are not zombies for you to laugh at. Each one of them has a story. Granted some of them are a bit crazy and you cant just waste time talking to a wall but they are people with painful backgrounds.

    I stumbled on to this site for a reason…I post this while waiting for my first post to clear.

    Pride is ugly dude, I know…


  8. I somewhat agree with the above comment. While we are suppose to tell people God’s truth and share His light with others, condemning and making a mockery of people will not bring them closer to Christ. It will only make those that have been ostracized by the church run even further away and have even more hate and resentment. There has to be a balance between yelling fire and brimstone in people’s faces that you don’t even know, and watering down the gospel…I hope some sort of half-way point is found, because I believe with that, we can reach the most people for the Lord’s Kingdom.

    ~Elizabeth Hughes

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