CODA: Ludwig van Beethoven


His last words were:

“Friends applaud, the comedy is finished.”
null The famous composer died March 26, 1827


  1. I love Beethoven!! One of the greatest classical/romantic composers of ALL time!!! I hope he was saved, so we can play together in heaven.

  2. Dear Pastor Steve, I have a question. I lead a young man to the Lord, or I thought I did, one time sitting on a couch and praying for him and haveing him pray for the first time and ask Jesus to come into his heart. It was a feel good moment, no mention of sin. Is that all it takes? or is there more to it that that? was that not a true conversion? just want to check on that. Much Love, Debra

  3. Please read “Ev Tips/ Decisions, Decisions” above and you can determine the probable outcome for yourself. Of course, God is the One Who really knows.

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