Christian Broadcasters: Censorship Coming Soon

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NASHVILLE – Christian broadcasters have vowed to keep preaching the gospel regardless of social, political, or regulatory opposition.

At the first convention of the National Religious Broadcasters since the November election, NRB president Frank Wright said, “The proclamation of the gospel is now opposed at every quarter. In the political arena, in the cultural context, in forces of the regulatory arena and the legislative environment — all these forces today seem to be arrayed against the gospel.”

But Dr. Wright said the NRB board has issued a declaration pledging to “obey the command of Christ to preach the gospel, even if human governments and institutions attempt to oppose, constrain, or prohibit it.” Read the rest here from OneNewsNow.

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  1. i can’t say we didn’t see this coming. dr. james dobson has been talking about this very thing for some time now.

    but, as for me and my house, i will serve the Lord while proclaiming the Gospel.

    btw saints, don’t leave the house without putting the armor of God on. it’s battle time…CHARGE!!!

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