Martyrs: Eritrea

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Are you afraid to share your faith? Fortunately, what’s happening in Eritrea isn’t happening on a regular basis here—yet. (Still, read the article below, and then this frightening 1984ish article.)

Two more Christians have died for their faith while imprisoned in Eritrea.

Last month, two Christians died while being held in government-run prisons. Reports say one of the believers died as a result of ongoing physical torture and complications from an illness.
Jerry Dykstra with Open Doors USA says there are approximately 3,000 Christians being held in Eritrea simply because of their faith in Christ.
“It just seems unfathomable that this little country of about five million people located between Sudan and Ethiopia on the Red Sea, really targets Christians,” he contends. “And they’ve been on our World Watch List with Open Doors, and they’re also on the ‘Countries of Particular Concern’ list issued by the U.S. government.”
In 2002, Eritrea’s government began a systematic crackdown on Christian activities, churches, and ministries.

—From Open Doors USA

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  1. The persecuted church, our own brothers and sisters in Christ in countries such as Eritrea, under intense suffering at the hands of the enemy, should be on the hearts of all of us in the body of Christ and prayed for on a daily basis without fail. We are called to do so.

    And they should be prayed for not just for their deliverance from the hardships they face but for God’s daily dispensation of HIS grace and HIS strength that they would be able to endure their sufferings until they are either released or put to death.

    Lastly, (and this one really puts us to the test) we must pray for our enemies who are persecuting our brothers and sisters, that they may be witness to the joy, strength and steadfastness of their faith in Christ inspite of torture and executions so that they, too, may be drawn to the reality and love of God for their own salvation.

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