China Cry


Tomorrow morning I’m headed on a plane to China along with the team from Hope Chapel.
We will be teaching a house church and will stay for two weeks. Obviously I won’t be able to evangelize freely there, but I will be teaching the house church to do so. I will try to get something on the blog regularly, if I have computer access. Please pray for us.
Thanks, Steve


  1. Oh my gosh, how cool!! Of course i will remember you in my nightly prayers!! I hope the plane ride is uneventful and i hope you like to fly. 🙂
    What is the primary religion over there? Are Christians put to death over there? I hope you will blog your experiences. The life and walks of Christians in other countires hold my interest. Have fun Steve!!
    Who is going with us the Venice if you aren’t?

  2. Yeah! We heard that you guys landed safe and healthy in China. We’re still praying for you! Have fun and work hard for the Lord. 🙂 Venice was awesome today.

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