BOO!: Ask Death Beth


Send this scary link to a friend—or enemy—to give them a fright. Death Beth really knows what happens when you die!

Take a cute little death survey:

Enter your birth month:
Enter the first two letters of your first name:
How do you think you will die:
Are you healthy? Yes No
Do you take risks?

A very clear Gospel presentation is next. You can also download free tracts to take people to this site; just put the info on card stock and you are good to go.  Click here to go to!

Here’s a negative review from Iron Pyrite, an atheist blog:, which just goes to show that this is an effective tool for the lost… and found:

This is a Christian scare tactic website that is supposed to predict when you are going to die. You enter your information, then you get preached at, you’re gonna die slowly, etc, accept Jesus, or else. Pretty sophisticated, for primitive people who still need a night light.

Now click here for a scary Goth site.



  1. That is very creative!

    So many people gravitating to the darker side
    of society still seek supernatural advice,

    why is that?

    And it seems the’ll put up with almost anything
    as long as it is not the bible, or the truth of Jesus.

    But, like you said Steve, you can still speak to the
    conscience, and even though their mind is ready for
    a debate, God’s word is more powerful, and sharp!

    The very best to you!

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