Atheist Tuesday: My (almost) viral video



For the life of me I can’t understand why I am getting close to a thousand viewings a week with this YouTube video. And I’m completely amazed that over 1,250 people have left comments. The interview went badly, I got a little bit flustered, the man I was talking to was very unreasonable… well, you get the picture. Still, over 50,000 of my target audience, atheists, have heard the Gospel.

What I do understand is why 2,000 viewers have given me the thumbs down and only 200 have liked it.

One thing’s for sure, this atheist hit the nail on the head with this comment on the video:

melikeit23 5 hours ago: Although the preacher was being completely irrational, that was being a bad sport to not shake someone’s hand. We atheists really need to work on our image. The common people think atheists are angry people. If we work on our Image we can seriously make that impact on society we want. I had a wonderful discussion with a man who went door to door preaching the gospel.

In the end he left saying, “You are pretty nice for an atheist.” Let’s try to eliminate that phrase “for an atheist” from the religious.

Watch the video for yourself and see what all the fuss is about by clicking here.


  1. It’s my daughter’s 10th Birthday today so I will be moderating all comments in the evening!

  2. That’s great for that person. I sincerely disagree with her. I avoid using the collective term “we” when referring to a group of atheists. I could care less about the “image” of atheism. Atheism is not who I am, but a position that I’m forced to hold due to theism.

    Some people simply don’t earn respect, nor is it ever mandated that anyone has to show anyone respect at all. Sure, it’s polite, and in most cases it’s better to be polite than not to be polite, but it’s certainly amoral act at best.

    Tell your daughter I said happy birthday. I hope she enjoys it.

  3. Steve that is not even close to viral. It takes a ton of views in a short frame of time to be considered viral. But being viral isn’t necessarily a good thing, so don’t sweat it.

    It’s a two-way street on perception. When people just assume that you have no morals, you start from a position of being “mean” despite not having even done anything at all! It is important to be cordial, especially when making first impressions. Respect is, however, earned and people aren’t going to kiss boots with someone who is worth respecting.

    In your case, maybe you should be a bit nicer to us instead of your usual passive-aggressive behavior.

  4. Why is there a frowny face on this article?

    You are probably getting the views in part due to the thumbs down. A lot of people don’t understand that the act of rating a video is what what youtube uses for popularity not up or down. If you don’t like a video it’s best to not rate it, rather than thumb it down.

  5. The more important question is what kind of cake your daughter got to eat.

    I personally like ice cream cake for my birthday.

  6. Happy b’day to your daughter.

    Steve you already know how to get a lot of views on the internet. Keep your video short and say something completely irrational and stick to it. Despite any/all evidence to the contrary. It particularly helps if its something everyone realises is silly. Then go to a bunch of other popular people’s videos and tell them they’re wrong for no good reason while linking to your video. Ultimately people will feel compelled to comment so they can help you or heckle you.

    If you want to change peoples views rather than just get them, you’re going to have to play on their emotions and/or actually have rational reasons.

  7. Hope your daughter has a great birthday!

    • Thanks Bizzle!

      I’m posting an article on her tomorrow.

      And really, to all the atheists who wished her a Happy Bday: Thank you. No irony at all in my thanks. I will share your greetings with her.

  8. OK, people, break it up. Steve’s problem is that he’s trying to be web-savvy (I don’t like that word, but I’ll use it for clarity), but he hasn’t spent enough time on-line to really understand the term. (Heck, I’m not hooked-in enough either, but more than him.)

    Here’s the problem, Steve. “Viral” indicates views, over a very short time, on the order of millions, not just a thousand. Plus it’s copied and emailed, it shows up on other sites – it’s spread across the web with a geometric progression in the number of people seeing it (everybody who sees it sends it to 5 or 10 other people) – so it spreads like a virus (hence “viral”).

    You’ve got a reasonably well-seen video, but nothing even remotely (or “almost”) viral.

    (OK, folks, I corrected that point. We can stop yelling at him over that.)

    Oh, and belatedly happy birthday to Laurel.

  9. I’m pretty sure you got lots of “dislikes” because people recognized that you were never interested in listening to him or responding to what he said.

    Yes, you opened your mouth, and yes, words were exchanged. Not one of the words from you indicated you were taking him seriously.

    Omnipotent, omniscient deities would NEVER give their creations brains and then tell their believers “It doesn’t matter what they think – just expose them to these words”. It’s beyond incredulous, Steve.

  10. Steve, I enjoyed the video. I thought you did a great job. It’s classic “Steve the pusher.” God bless you for your efforts. He did at least hear the gospel. I saw only slight frustration on your face. Nothing like most of us would have displayed. LOL

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