The Everyday Club Report: For October


It’s that time again to post how you did with your everyday commitment! If you’d like to join the Club, click here for details.

Now read how John Wesley got saved through the foolishness of preaching: This is an excerpt from R.C. Sproul’s preface to his commentary on the book of Romans.

We can think too of a young Anglican clergyman in England during the 18th century who, though he had been trained in the seminary and had been ordained by the church, was cold of heart and not even a believer.

One day he was standing in a crowd of people listening to a fervent preacher in Aldersgate, London. Although he wasn’t really all that interested in the sermon, somehow he seemed drawn by the words he was hearing in a sermon taken from the book of Romans. And the young man, John Wesley, said, “Suddenly, my heart was strangely warmed.” As the Word of God from the book of Romans fell upon John Wesley, he was converted and later became one of the most forcible, religious reformers the world has ever known.


  1. I met my goal of handing out 10 tracts a day, or witnessing to at least one person, and preaching in the open air when I can except for maybe one or two days!

  2. It’s my daughter’s 10th Birthday today so I will be moderating all comments in the evening!

  3. October was a slow month for me (live in a very small town) but I did get some 1-2-1’s on-line going to Omegle. Also I had my Ten Commandment coins ready for Halloween but only one person showed up, but I’m thankful for the one! Praying and pressing on!!!

  4. Missed 4 days this month, but I did hand out more tracts than last October.

  5. I met my goal of minimum 3 tracts per day except for perhaps a few days. I went downtown during the “Day of the Dead” (el día de los muertos) celebrations and enjoyed handing out tracts that have a message of life (as well as 180 movies and “the Biggest Question” videos). One cool story for which I thank God: I included Chinese tracts in my assortment to bring downtown (I normally just bring English & Spanish). I was blessed to meet some college students from all over mainland China that are temporarily studying in the U.S., and they welcomed the tracts. (I hope your daughter has a great birthday!)

  6. I do not recall missing one day this past month at handing out at least 5 tracts each day. Praise Him Who gave me the will and the ability!

  7. Hey,
    This month has been good, I have passed out a ton of tracts and talked one 2 one with people as well.
    I just moved to Ventura, so I hope to meet up with local evangelists and learn more about how to do open-air preaching!!


  8. whenever I go to target or walmart I bring some chick tracts with me. I like to put them inside the trojan boxes. you have to be quick and avoid the eye in the sky.

  9. It has been a little more hard to evangelize during the evening since I work longer hours at work. However……….I still was able to find days to go out and hand out gospel tracts….especially during the big South Games of LSU and Georgia at UT. During one of the games I about got my Bible taken from me and the poop beat out of me by a drunk very tall and heavy set guy……The one phrase that got him mad which I kept repeating to him was, “Jesus loves you” He grabbed my Bible and I held on for dear life. I was nose to nose to this guy…..just read my blog on it…..
    Several hundred tracts were passed out at these games and several open air preaching opportunities as well as several tracts mailed in those free envelopes from the credit card companies…one of the companies if in Salt Lake…..Mormon country.(So one time I put Mormon themed tract in the envelope.)
    Met a Gospel for Asia missionary/employee that likes to handout the million dollar bill. He came to our church to talk about Gospel for Asia.(Good organization by the way as you can donate money to have tracts passed out in Asian countries….it is like a penny a tract(a good quality tracts too). If you want bang for your buck consider going to the Gospel for Asia website and purchase tracts that will be delivered by native missionaries of Asian countries to pass out to millions of people.

  10. I missed a day. I had larangitis.

  11. Good Morning! October was another seed planting, soul winning month in the eyes of the kingdom! I think I missed 3 days and got to share my faith everyday except those. I had a few big adventures at Ports O’ Call and Harbor College to a # of students and people out n about. Stay encouraged brothers and sisters, God is faithful even when were not. Remember to be instant in season and out of season.

  12. In October I handed out millions on 21 days and missed 10 days. I handed out a total of 83 millions had a few good conversations. Next week I will be meeting with my agnostic neighbor Steve who is open to listening to what I have to say – pray for him. Yesterday I had a good start as I was travelling and on an airplane & gave out 13 millions. This month’s goal is to hand out at least 1 million every day! Thank you for your ministry and Praise God!

  13. I am an atheist magnet and I have a gift for detecting atheists. I carry a large supply of Chick tracts with me. I have a modified belt with utility pouches to secretly conceal and store my cache of gospel tracts. Like a God fearing Batman I am ready to confront the ungodly and the unsaved whenever I have an opportunity.

    My favorite Chick tract is “This Was Your Life”. It is free to read online at I like to visit atheist dens of iniquity aka atheist blogs and post the link to “This Was Your Life”.

    When I’m out in the real world I like to slip Chick tracts into atheist books and publications, newspapers in machines near places I know atheists congregrate like Starbucks and adult bookstores. I have left Chick tracts at bustops, bus seats, vending machines, newstands, car windshields, waiting rooms and lounges, movie seats, bathrooms, shopping carts, elevators etc. etc. etc. The key is to get creative where you can innocuously plant a tract.

    Not everyone has the gift of courage to walk up to a stranger and share the Gospel. Tracts, especially Chick tracts are great for what I like to call CCO (Covert Christian Ops).

    • Chick tracts are hilarious! I’ve a ton of the things.

      Unfortunately for you, Steve doesn’t see eye-to-eye with old Chick.

      • Oh well. Some people love Chick, some people don’t. I do think that they get read. Something about them really draws out the curiosity in people.

        Some of Chick’s tracts are more controversial than others. So I can understand some Christians not wanting to use them.

    • I can relate to being a part of CCO. I too place a lot of tracts in interesting places. One of the places I have been placing them is inside 24 packs of Pepsi. I work part-time for Pepsi at the grocery store that I work at so it gives great opportunity to place the tracts inside for whoever buys (the Million Dollar Bills folded up). I also do a lot of ATM tracting and having been doing it now for 2 years in the tiny town that I live in. I know that this is not the greatest and highest form of evangelism but it is better than doing nothing at all!

      “Do something, do something, do something!”—Charles Spurgeon

      • I am a Chick tract fan. There is one mom and pop christian bookstore that sells them in Knoxville. The homeless people love the Chick tracts more than the million dollar bill.(mainly because when you give them the MDB they sometimes mistake it for real money. So I do not diss Chick. He is a pioneer of evangelism in post hippie evangelism tract distribution.

      • Thomas I do believe that not everyone is called or capable or ready to do street preaching. You never know who is going to find your tracts or what effect it is going to have on their lives.

  14. October was a great month for me. I was very focused on my goal and only missed a couple days. I also got to give a salvation message at my Grandads funeral.

  15. I met my goal of sharing the Gospel with someone every day. Sometimes that was a conversation. Other times it was a Gospel tract. In addition we held witnessing events at the Dallas West End DART, the State Fair of Texas and the World Series. The real goal thought is to share the Gospel every day “as you go”. In that I succeeded!

  16. Hello fellow everyday evangelists!

    The past week has been so hectic that I almost totally forgot to report my numbers for October. Here they are…

    > 300+ tracts passed
    > 40+ one-to-ones
    > 10 open airs
    > 2 inner airs

    I thank God for you all!

    In Christ,

  17. I met my goal at passing out tracts and doing one2ones.
    I had the opportunity to attend the harvest festival at my church and was able to do many one2ones as I passed out 180 movies to them.
    I praise God for the opportunity.

  18. I did not have a good month passing out tracts. I started November doing better already.

  19. God gave me a lot of opportunities to share the gospel and pass out tracts.
    Praise Him!

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