Atheist Tuesday: Charlie Bit My Finger


AN ATHEIST PUBLIC SERVICE: Because unbelievers have no happy eternal future to look forward to, they must experience all the joy and laughter and cuteness now. Enjoy this today, for there may be no tomorrow. (This video has gotten over 8 million viewings.)

To see another incredibly adorable video in a different context click here to watch “The Sneezing Panda.”

For more silliness in the here and now,
click to watch this Charlie video as a re-mix.


  1. You posted this instead of Vagon’s article?


    • Yes. I want to intersperse serious stuff with some fun stuff. Remember, my tag line is “Evangelism with an edge and a sense of humor.” Also, I haven’t has the time to write at length and I’ve yet to review Vagon’s article; I want to frame it with a proper intro.

      So there you have it.

      Did you enjoy this silly video? I hope so.

  2. Steve wrote: “they must experience all the joy and laughter and cuteness now

    Exactly, and I couldn’t agree more.

  3. 8 Million? That’s like saying McDonalds has served a few Hamburgers, the number is closer to 300 Million, you just linked to a mirror, not the original video.

    Clearly Charlie is an Atheist with a love for flesh.

  4. Cute, but ‘otters holding hands’ was way more cute.

  5. Biting a small kids finger might do it!

  6. But you’d need to be a warlock with tiger-blood on the drug called “Charlie Sheen” clying an F-18.

    Would you like me to make my article humourous Steve? I’m up for a challenge.

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