A Fun Quiz, Part 2: Guess the Location


Read Part 1 here.

As I mentioned previously, I was at a major international corporation Tuesday to give a one hour teaching on how to share our faith—yes, our entire faith—by asking only one question. Why is this so important? It’s a great way to pique the curiosity of people who don’t really want to attend an evangelism class. And have you noticed? Most people don’t want to.

As of yet, no one has answered correctly. HINT: It is a 6 word question. Please keep trying.

Now… for the location of where I taught. This is only a hint, but if you are a TV watcher, I understand this photo will be highly identifiable. Another BIG hint will be given tomorrow. All answers will be posted later.

Need a closer look?

Get all the answers by clicking here for part 3.


  1. Where do you go when you die? six words

  2. Geeze, Steve, did you run out of things to blog about? Get on with it.

  3. Get on with it!


  5. “Will you be there with me?”

  6. To repeat a Monty Python phrase…


  7. Looks like you were on the set of Brothers and Sisters. So I would guess ABC.

    • Bizzle,

      Nice try with the 2 stabs, but again, those questions would lead into longer conversations. This afternoon I will reveal the question.

      You got the set right! Good job! Sally Field is in one of the framed pictures.

      Not ABC though…. 🙁

  8. I’m gonna take 2 stabs at it:

    1) What is written in the Law?
    2) Tobit 4:15: Do to none what you dislike

  9. Did you repent and trust Jesus?
    Have you repented, trusted the Gospel?
    Is Jesus Christ your fine payer?
    Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

  10. Re the 6-word question:
    Have you ever told a lie?

  11. Have you read the entire Bible?

  12. Boniva is that drug that Sally Field advertises for….the bone loss drug.

  13. Now, Steve, is that polite? There were 4 questions there. And just because 3 weren’t entirely serious, you deleted them? I mean, come on! This wasn’t award-winning comedy, but it seems a little dishonest of you to delete them simply because they challenge your beliefs.

    Are you that unsure of the power of the Bible, that you can’t handle a little poke in the Old Testament now and again? God needs your protection, because you’re afraid I can beat Him up?

    I could handle it when you deleted a couple of “bad” words (still not clear why you consider even an oblique reference to a controversial subject “bad,” but that’s a discussion for another time), but is this how you run things around here? You don’t like it, you spike it?

    Reeks a little of hypocrisy, doesn’t it? You complain that you’re persecuted when you can’t tell people that they’re sinners and damned for all eternity, but then you delete comments because you don’t approve.

    Seems to me your priorities are a bit skewed, Steve-O. How’s that double standard working out for you, big guy?

    • To Nameless Cynic,

      I let most unbelievers’ comments through, except when there is innuendo, or borderline blasphemy. I don’t mind your humor, I think you are a funny guy, but I also know when you are pushing the envelope; I reserve the right to tear up the envelope.

      Thanks for your understanding.

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