A Fun Quiz, Part 3: The Answers


If you’d like to try this quiz on your own, then please read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Okay, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. The 6 word question that allows you to share your faith using the entire Law and Gospel is….

Oh! I forgot. I was supposed to show you more hints of where I taught that evangelism Bible study on Tuesday. Remember, it was at a major international corporation. Here are more hints:

What? You still don’t know where I was? Okay then… click here for more really obvious clues….

And here’s corporate headquarters!

I have a friend who has full access to the entire Disney studios. That’s why I was able to get a shot on the set of “Brothers and Sisters.” My friend just recently took over the Disney/ABC monthly bible study. He asked the group what they wanted to learn about, and, can you believe it? They wanted to know how to share their faith!!! So, I enticed them to come with the ad line: “Learn to share your faith by asking only one question.”

And they came!

What’s the question? Are you ready? It’s… “Did you get one of these?” This is what you say when you hand a person a Gospel tract that has the entire Law and Gospel written on it.

Roy Disney was very happy to get one.

Read “Saving Mickey Mouse” here.


  1. How’s about, “Did you get one of these?”

    No further explanation necessary because you’re handing them a gospel tract.

    How’s that???

  2. “Have you kept the ten commandments?”

  3. And how is it that “Did you get one of these?” wouldn’t lead to conversation, but the other questions would? If someone asked me that question, it would certainly lead to conversation for me.

  4. Well, Steve, the same could be said of any six-word question.

    How to avoid a conversation? Run away.

    • Nohm,

      When I teach a new evangelism class, the students are very afraid to do much. Handing out a tract is actually a big deal for them. That’s why they can actually share their faith in this simple way and only ask one question.

  5. I dont watch TV anymore except when it comes to national news and election coverage.

  6. My path to this website actually started with finding a tract. I was in an electronics store in the software department and found a chick tract on the ground. The tract talked about the evils of D&D and I was pleased to read through it and share it with my friends at the time, and we all got a good laugh. Hilarious stuff those Chick Tracts, I don’t think your tracts are nearly as funny though Steve. But tract lead to website, website lead to Hovind, Hovind lead to Comfort, Comfort lead to Steve, its a big long chain that I’ve found to be fascinating. I hope you had a good time at Disney Steve, I’ve been to Disney world in Florida myself.

  7. Steve, if someone hands me something and quickly runs away…I’m probably going to throw away that something very quickly and wash my hands.

    I find a lot of your evangelistic tacts to be ones where you just throw the gospel out and hope it sticks. By your own admission, you cannot defend it. You can only hope someone is scared or gullible enough to be roped in.

  8. if you want to read chick tracts online:
    They have all he has ever made and currently working. They are a little more 16 cents a piece as opposed to the 3 cents a piece for the Million dollar bill.

  9. Oh, the Chick tracts. I encourage people to give out as many of those as possible. No better way to get more people away from religion than putting its insanity in a short comic.

  10. Steve, I apologize for posting under the gag name. It saves my name and I keep forgetting to switch.

  11. I’m curious now Steve, do you know/read Chick Tracts? What are your opinions of them, if any?

  12. You’re kidding me, right? Do you mean the ten, no wait, nine commandments? It doesn’t seem all that vital since the fall is the cornerstone of the Jesus thing.

  13. Well that’s good to know Steve I’m glad, though his tracts are quite hilarious you should at least check them out.

  14. I still cling to the belief that Chick Tracks are a joke. I think of them like that new Joaquin Phoenix film I’m Still Here. You have an idea that something’s going on, that there’s a joke and it comes out that it is.

  15. Say what you will about Jack Chick, Tracts are a good way to make money, I have no doubt Jack Chick fully supports himself with that tract moollah.

  16. Vintango2K,

    I agree with you. Probably sent his kids to college (if they went) with tract money.

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