A Famous Christian Died Today in 1917


This famous Christian author actually only wrote one book—a book that most of his readers never heard of. Guess who this giant of the faith was? Here are the clues:

  • He surrendered his life to Christ on the streets of London.
  • He served as a tutor for eight years at Dunoon Gospel Training College where he developed a great zeal for evangelism.
  • During World War I he supervised soldiers¬† in a place with a sign that said “YMCA Study Hut Open 9 A. M. to 9P. M. for Reading, Writing & Study. A Blackboard Lecture Each Evening at 7:30P. M.”
  • Four hundred soldiers packed into this hut within a week. He wrote in his diary, “There are so many ‘saved’ souls waiting instruction, and they take it with zest. There is no difficulty at all in getting men to ‘decide’ for Christ, they do it readily.”
  • At a YMCA evangelistic crusade in 1916, this evangelist wrote, “We had some magnificent decisions, and I would not allow any singing or bowing of heads but just told them to come out before all their comrades if they meant business, and out they came.”

Answer these questions (without Googling) if you can:

  1. Who was this Christian?
  2. What book did he write?
  3. What book is he famous for?

Click here for the answer to these questions.

(Info from “The One Year Book of Christian History”)


  1. Bert, you got it right! Good job!

    Still the guy with all the answers, huh?

  2. Steve– you’re too kind. I remembered #1 and #3, but had to look up #2.

  3. My guess is William Booth!

  4. Orel Puppington?

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