Abnormal Evangelism Tip: Do the Mumble


The teaching portion at The Ambassadors’ Academy, The Way of the Master’s evangelism bootcamp, offers a whole bunch of fresh new ideas for those who want to try something a little different. The one idea that intrigued me was called “The Mumble.” If you have been sharing your faith for awhile, especially in handing out gospel tracts, then you know the best way to get those pieces of precious literature into someone’s hands is simply to ask, “Did you get one of these?” The person will think that they are missing out on something and will take those printed words of salvation right out of your hand.

But maybe you’re tired of saying the same thing over and over…

Try mumbling.

That’s right, when you hand out a tract, mumble. Stick out your tract hand and say “Hblkmohnujimnnn!” as you offer it to a person. They may think that you are a little weird, or have gone Pentacostal… regardless, they will most likely take the tract.

Remember it’s, “Hblkmohnujimnnn!”

My favorite words of Charles Spurgeon are, “Do something! Do something! Do something!”

Think he would approve of “The Mumble?”


  1. If this was the “pulled Post” that offended people, all I can say is . . .well, no I can;t say that . . ! Lighten up people!!

  2. Wnfl! I thnk yu hvmmaub ‘n phoobermnnbij! Hv a nisdy, Pstr Stv.

  3. Well mumbled, Paul.

    The original version made it look like I was making light of mental disabilities. Of course, I wasn’t, but in the name of charity I edited the post.


  4. Wow, and I thought I was the only one who did the mumble… only thing is, I do it without trying. I tripped once and did the fumble and mumble at the same time, but still passed out the tract. Love it. Do something!

  5. When I first read this i thought it was funny!!! I’m not the only one who goes would you abblelikaoneofgeese=). When you speak and say the same words over and over and while people are passing you buy so fast you can sometimes only get out half of the sentence….the mumble oh my lol.

  6. one of the fun things on my list to say is “hey, can you throw this away for me” it takes people a second to get then they burst out laughing. ive even had people that see us handing out tracts all the time say, “since you said it like that ill take it.”

    i cant wait to try the mumble. lol

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