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My Daily 13 started today.

13 b

My Pastor at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach gave me a church plant challenge: “Get 3 yesses and 10 noes a day.” Translation: “Get out there and talk to people about your church and invite them to come.” So I did.

The best account occurred when I was in the Dripping Springs Library. I had already talked to several people in the check-out line, giving them gospel tracts, and invitations. Afterward, Justin stopped me to say that he had overheard me.  “I want to learn to do what you do,” he pleaded.

We will be getting together later this week.

The point of all this?

I have been less than enthusiastic about my commitment to evangelize everyday since getting to Texas. I’ve been doing it for the most part, but it was just something I wanted to get out of the way. I was happy to hand out a simple Gospel tract, and if I’d forget, then it was no big deal. God in his wisdom provided the pick-me-up.

Now it’s thirteen. And they have to be conversations. Their is kingdom work to do. I must go into the highways and byways and gas stations and shops and let them know this one thing:

Unto you a child is born! A Savior.

And if you want to learn more, come to Hope Chapel Hill Country.

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