Your Thoughts/My Thoughts: “A Tool of the Devil?”


On Monday, I posted a video from a very nice man explaining the way to God for us (Click here to see it!). The problem with this guy is that he is a Universalist. Universalists believe that everyone will be saved in the end, which essentially makes evangelism unnecessary.
null Robert Perry wrote this:

Scary about the way this “evangelist” ignores the reality of sin and Hell. How can we talk about a loving God if He is not just, and how can we talk about a just God if He does not punish sin? One is tempted to send him a reductio ad absurdum by pointing out that if Hell is not real, then God is showing His justice by sending Hitler and Stalin to Heaven. That’s blasphemy!

Pastor Doug wrote:
The Church by and large will not be deceived by a man who claims that he is Jesus, but they are VERY succeptable to being mislead by someone who sounds sincere, like this man, and don’t understand the doctrines of the Bible!


  1. It not only makes evangelism unnecessary, it makes the sacrifical death of Jesus worthless! Why did Jesus die if God is just going to forgive everybody anyway?

    This is a very real issue, especially in the “emerging church” movement!

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