Your Thoughts: Why is this good?


Thirty one evangelists got up really early on New Year’s Day, armed with about 24,000 Million Dollar Bill and Giant Money tracts…

…to get a jump on the crowd at The Tournament of Roses Parade!

An estimated one million people line the parade route making easy pickins for our team.

At parade’s end nearly 20,000 tracts were handed out, but a few littered the street.

Think we’d be bummed about that? The fact that our precious tracts got ripped up?

Heck no. We rejoiced!!!
null Why do you think this is good?

More parade stories upcoming. Get a sneek peek at the photo album that contains over 300 photos here. (Click on the slideshow in the top right corner if you’d like!)


  1. When someone throws away, or tears up, a tract, it means their heart and /conscience has been CONVICTED.They KNOW they would be found guilty on the Day of Judgement before the holy, wrath-filled, living God, and would spend eternity in hell. Also, since God’s Word never goes out void, they now have those words “written on their heart” and in their mind. They are now one step closer to admitting their need for God’s saving grace. Praise the LORD!!!

  2. SSJ stole my answer! I guess the 7th Commandment just doesn’t mean anything for some people.

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