Your Thoughts? Praying with the Pagans


I was invited to give the benediction at a Memorial Day service about 2 years ago by a man who strongly supports freedom of religion for all (as do I). In fact, Reverend Friend has his very own religion: God’s Eternal Universal Religion. He was in charge of organizing the events, lining up the speakers, and finding “religious” people to give the invocation (opening prayer), and the benediction (closing prayer).

I was asked to participate and share the dais with five other people of faith, including a Scientologist, a Jew, a naval chaplain, a Salvation Army minister, and Reverend Friend himself. null

Given this mixed bag of faith, would you have participated in this prayer?
Why or why not?

I’ll let you know what I did next week.


  1. Yes I suppose I would have. There is only one truth in this world, and we as Christians hold it. You would have the oppurtunity to share this truth with all these lost people right in front of you. I’m not entirely sure what you are allowed to pray or not allowed to pray in a closing speech at a funeral however…….
    I guess, for me at least, is that you have the chance to mix it up and talk with and pray for all these different people. Why pass it up? Honestly, I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t do it.

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