Win This Evangelistic T-Shirt!


My Pastor had a great idea for getting the average congregant at our church, Hope Chapel, out of their comfort zone and into the harvest field; and it didn’t involve preaching in elevators or on trash cans.


He had an idea for a T-shirt….“What does that say?” I was asked over and over again as I proudly modeled my stunning high-quality 100% cotton T. Be prepared to share your faith when you put this Gospel clothing on your back.

They won’t be available to the public for awhile, but if you’d like your chance to win one, I will send it to the first person who translates the message and puts it in the comments. I will post the winner and contact you via email if you win. (It may take a few weeks to get yours since we haven’t mass-produced them yet.) No Hope Chapel members or their families are allowed to enter (because you already know what it says).

One thing’s for sure: It’s Greek to me!

Click here to see my “Lucky Salvation Shirt.”


  1. One Ring to rule them all
    One Ring to find them
    One Ring to bring them all
    and in the darkness bind them

  2. I barely know any Greek, but I’m guessing it says “If you died today would you go to heaven or hell?” Now I really wish I’d learned more Greek.

  3. I won’t get this all the way right, but it goes something like…
    If die this day where shall go, of Paradise or in punishment.
    So… If you died today, where would you go? Heaven or Hell?

  4. so no free shirt for me ……………………………. 🙁
    hhahaahahaha it is ok, can’t wait to buy one

  5. What’s the opposite of Greek scholar … oh right. I’m a Greek doofus. Here’s my best guess:

    If you die today, you will go, from Paradise to Hell

    If I’m wrong, hey no sweat. It won’t be the last time. Steve, if you’re looking for something to supplement your pastoral work, I think Eddie Bauer could take some tips from your modeling. 🙂

  6. “if you died today
    where will you go
    whether Paradise
    or in Hell.”

    i’ll take a size x-large please!

    : D

  7. Paul,

    Nothing to do with Evangelizing, just FYI, we actually have a diner-type Mom & Pop restaurant called “Eat At Joe’s” in Redondo Beach.

    If you ever get to Los Angeles, maybe you could talk Pastor Steve into going there for breakfast.

  8. The winner will be announced tomorrow evening on this blog!

  9. “if you died today
    where will you go
    whether Paradise
    or in Hell.”

    i’ll take a size x-large please!

    : D

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