Why We Need This Day of Prayer More Than Ever

Some potted plants went missing from a local restaurant’s sidewalk. The owner used to put them outside on the sidewalk for decorations, but after this recent theft, not anymore. He has noticed that things were changing in Johnson City.

Awhile back, an online predator targeted Johnson City middle and high-schoolers using SnapChat as bait.

A few years years ago, an Airstream dealer next to the Pedernales River was busted for “theft by deception” and was wanted in Arizona for the kidnaping and sexual assault of a child.

And, don’t forget about the just-passing-through people, like the knuckleheads from California who were busted with 103 pounds of marijuana in their car by Johnson City’s Finest!These were just some of the local incidents that have rocked our little town.

Not to worry though. According to AreaVibes, a website that helps people find the best places to live in America, Johnson City rates an A+. The schools also rate A+.

Still, Austin is getting ever-nearer from the East with Alamo City creeping in from the south. With big city growth comes big city problems. I know. I used to live in a big city.

Our little bit of Mayberry may not last forever but I do know how we can stave off the inevitable, for perhaps a few more years.

We all must pull together in this and does not involve building a wall on Highways 290 and 281, nor do we need to load our deer rifles with extra rounds. We certainly don’t have to panic either.

The solution?

“Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott!”

Martin Luther in 1529 penned those words in one of the most famous hymns ever: “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”:
“And though this world, with devils filled,Should threaten to undo us,We will not fear, for God hath willedHis truth to triumph through us.”

The triumph that comes through us will come in the power of prayer as we beseech God for His protection, not only for Johnson City, but for the Great State of Texas, for America, and for the world.

Especially in this age of coronavirus accusations and conspiracy theories.This Thursday at 6:00pm, on the north side of the Courthouse in Johnson City, people will gather for the National Day of Prayer.

President Eisenhower signed the proclamation in 1953, saying, “I request all of our people to turn to Him in humble supplication on that day, in their homes or in their respective places of worship. With contrite hearts, let us pray for God’s help in solving the grave problems which confront us, and render thanks to Him for watching over our Nation throughout its history.”

Every president since has signed a declaration designating a special day besides Sunday to pray.

As the National Day of Prayer website stated: “We are living through a crucial time in our country’s history. Division rages, hate and vitriolic language are loud. If we do not find the resolve to come together and confront the issues fracturing our communities and dividing our country, we will not find the peace and healing we desperately need.”

In all this, one thing is crystal clear: politics will not heal us, and government will not fix us. We need a massive prayer movement that will lead us back to God and bring healing to our land.

This is a moment in American history when the church must rise as one to cry to God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus. If love is to begin to take place across America, it must begin with us: Love One Another! Pray and participate with us.

John 13:34: “Love one another. Just as I have loved you.”

I’ll see you at the Courthouse! But, if not, you’ll know what to do.

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  1. Daniel Kiley


    Good word, brother. We are a little late reading it because of travel but thank you.

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