Why We Need This Day of Prayer More Than Ever

Some potted plants went missing from a local restaurant’s sidewalk. The owner used to put them outside on the sidewalk for decorations, but after this recent theft, not anymore. He has noticed that things were changing in Johnson City.

Awhile back, an online predator targeted Johnson City middle and high-schoolers using SnapChat as bait.

A few years years ago, an Airstream dealer next to the Pedernales River was busted for “theft by deception” and was wanted in Arizona for the kidnaping and sexual assault of a child.

And, don’t forget about the just-passing-through people, like the knuckleheads from California who were busted with 103 pounds of marijuana in their car by Johnson City’s Finest!These were just some of the local incidents that have rocked our little town.

Not to worry though. According to AreaVibes, a website that helps people find the best places to live in America, Johnson City rates an A+. The schools also rate A+.

Still, Austin is getting ever-nearer from the East with Alamo City creeping in from the south. With big city growth comes big city problems. I know. I used to live in a big city.

Our little bit of Mayberry may not last forever but I do know how we can stave off the inevitable, for perhaps a few more years.

We all must pull together in this and does not involve building a wall on Highways 290 and 281, nor do we need to load our deer rifles with extra rounds. We certainly don’t have to panic either.

The solution?