Father Knows Best



After DD’s boyfriend Zach proposed to DD on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, a few people asked if I was involved.

Well, just a little bit:

Back in January I met with Zach for lunch to ask him his intentions concerning DD. I stressed that I had raised her as a Christian with Biblical morality, and that I expected him to continue that course. He agreed…then asked for my permission to marry her.

I’ve watched Zach’s life over the past year and was impressed that he is a man of integrity, a leader, and that he would be a great husband for my firstborn.

I granted him permission wholeheartedly with one condition: that he would not wait too long because temptation sometimes gets the best of even the most committed couples.

Flash forward to May.

I met up with Zach before DD’s graduation to change my clothes in his apartment before heading over to the Baylor football stadium. He pulled me aside to show me a beautiful diamond ring. I asked when he thought he would propose. He had a number of options but decided that our upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon would be best.

At the South Rim, Zac and I went to the restroom after taking photos and before we all went hiking. Pulling out the ring, he said he was ready. We walked until we found the perfect place.

We saw a beautiful secluded spot. DD and Zach walked to the edge of the Canyon while my other daughter Laurel and I followed behind like chaperones from the 1800’s. Then I offered a subtly loud hint: “BOY, THIS SURE IS A BEAUTIFUL SECLUDED SPOT!!!

A few seconds later, he dropped to his knee. The rest is history.

The only bummer part of that day was when my other daughter Laurel said, “Don’t expect that from me for another 20 years, dad.”

(Posted with Zach’s permission.)


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