Why I Will Apologize at the WeHo Pride Parade


I apologized to the gay community on behalf of true Christians everywhere at last year’s Pride Parade in West Hollywood—and plan on doing so again this Sunday when we attend!

Why will I apologize?

Because Christians have shamelessly preached a hate-filled Gospel, misrepresenting their God-given ambassadorship on behalf of Christ to those lost in their Pride.

Would you, evangelist, have the same attitude as Catherine Booth, co-founder of the Salvation Army, when it comes to the lost? “Let them see the tears in your eyes; or, if you cannot weep, let them hear the tears in your voice, and let them realize that you feel their danger, and are in distress for them.”

The homosexual community, for the most part, hates born again Christians due to their judgmental, bile-spewing, finger-pointing “good news.” One street evangelist last year actually mocked the WeHo parade-goers, rebuking them, insulting them and inflaming them with unloving diatribe. Watch:

A reporter from WORLD magazine interviewed me about street evangelism and made reference to the street preacher in the video above saying, “I don’t believe he has a clear understanding of the message of the Bible.” (See my Facebook dialog with this preacher here.)

Hence, my apology.

So, what will be my game-plan? The same as last year. Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote before the 2012 Pride Parade detailing my intended dialogue:

…I’m called to go [to the Pride Parade] to show love, to speak truth… and to apologize on behalf of true Christians everywhere. I will tell them that I am sorry that the Christian community has not demonstrated tact, poise, reason and grace to those who are in dire need of a Savior.

Don’t get me wrong. I will talk about sin.

Inevitably, I will be asked: “Will God send me to Hell because I’m gay?”

My answer: “No one ever went to Hell because they are gay.”

Immediately, the person softens and I’m able to explain that they have sinned by breaking God’s ten Commandments. They will be judged for lying, stealing, looking with lust, hating or using God’s name as a cuss word. I warn that if they don’t change, they will end up in Hell because God is just. Then I remind them of God’s incredible grace, love and mercy as demonstrated on a cross. That if they repent and trust in Jesus, who suffered and died on their behalf, was buried for three days and rose again, they can be forgiven.

“So you see,” I’ll say, continuing the conversation, “it’s not about you being gay, it’s because you’ve sinned in these other ways. Homosexuality is a sin, it’s just not THE sin.”

When I speak to a gay person, I will be firm, but gentle—just like I am to everybody I talk to.

If I’m asked about whether gays should be married, I will not shrink back from the truth that marriage, as God created it, has always been between a man and a woman. We should never re-define a term to fit our culture’s preferences. Civil unions? Why not?

I will attempt to shake their hand, even give them a hug. I will ask them if they have ever met a Christian like me. Someone friendly, concerned, and gracious.

I suspect the answer will be no.

And that’s a sin.


  1. You are a true inspiration, brother. God bless you and know that you will be prayed for as you lovingly and firmly bring the message of salvation through Jesus to those who, outside of God’s grace, we would be no less deserving of righteous eternal judgment. I pray for even one and hopefully some (ideally all) to come to faith in Christ this Sunday. I thank God for your example.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I really liked how you approached this gentleman in a gentle, loving way and presented him with the problem of sin and not homosexuality, however, you did use Scripture to point out the sin of homosexuality. I will be praying for you and your evangelism ministry. Blessings!

  3. Steve,

    Thank you for staying true to Scripture by speaking Truth, BUT with the love of Christ. Since Christ is a picture of God, I would hate to be under the bondage of a god I deemed was hateful and unforgiving.
    Thank God for His grace through Jesus Christ, and thank you for your true love for souls!

  4. I am turned off by this kind of UNloving, shouting, belittling people from this man. I can NOT find anywhere in the Scriptures where our Lord Jesus points fingers at the sinners and shouts like this man did.

    after viewing the video of false prophet ruben…i am appalled. “Shame on him”!!! No wonder so many people have dropped out of going to church. It’s a lose lose situation. but, God is raising up a standard of balanced pastors and preachers to proclaim and teach rightly dividing the Word of Truth.


  5. To any closeted LGBT folks out there:

    There is nothing wrong with your sexuality, any shame you feel is just a cultural thing, you can let it go and be loved for who you are.

    • Yes, you can be loved for who you are as long as you live in this world, and given the current climate in our country, yes, you will not feel much shame in this liberalized culture that has rejected God.

      But, if you want to be loved by God and forgiven of your sins, like the sin of lying (if you’ve ever done that, then you are a liar), or stealing (ever done that?) or misused God’s name which is blasphemy, or looked with lust which Jesus calls adultery, if you’ve sinned even one time, including the sin of homosexuality, then you will be found guilty and end up in Hell. And yes, homosexuality is a sin no matter what you or any advocate may say.

      But God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ, suffered and died for all your sins, was buried for three days and rose again. If you, Tommy Wou, or any other person reading this puts your trust in Christ’s finished work on the cross and turn away from your sin, including the homosexuality that you condone, then God will forgive you.

      While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

      Please Tommy, consider this. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. Please reply back.

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