What’s Your E-vangie Tale #34


With just two weeks to go in our current evangelism class we are down to just twelve students out of an original starting class of sixteen…. Who will persevere to the end?

After Paul was saved, this is what he did: “At once he began to speak in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.” “…he…preached fearlessly in the name of Jesus, [and] …moved about freely in Jerusalem, speaking boldly in the name of the Lord.” (Acts 9:20, 28) Oh, that Christians would do the same today!

Every other week I’ll bring this post back to the top of the blog. Remember students, you get one bonus point for every three sentence adventure that you write about.

My teaching notes and student notes—over 100 pages of material—are available free of charge, except for postage. Just email me your address ( and my awesome assistant Barbara will get these out to you. Soon they will be online.


  1. I handed out my first $1M bill today to a worker at Panda Express. I don’t know why I was such a chicken at first because normally I’m totally open with strangers. But then I noticed he had a long pinkie fingernail so I thought if he’s doing drugs he really needs the tract. After I gave it to him I felt really good and said a prayer for his salvation. Now I’m totally excited for this class and the direction God is taking me in my walk with Him.

  2. How exciting to finally be taking the Evangelism Class with my wife and daughter. It is encouraging to see a new group of laborers being raised up getting equipped to do God’s will WOTM style!
    I also don’t mind the “homework” as it keeps me encouraged to hand out tracts each day (which I intend to do from now on) and engage in some one 2 one conversations wherever God leads. Last night we handed out a couple of tracts after class in front of 7 Eleven and the clerk inside at first frowned when our daughter gave it to him but then as we were leaving he smiled and waved. Then this morning some tracts were handed out at the LAX post office where one gentleman was giving thumbs up and was excited that someone was handing out Gospel tracts! To God the glory.

  3. Handed out a 1 million dollar bill to a lady in the elevator at my work. I gave her an Obama tract and she wanted to know where I had got it. I told her from Living Waters and that it was a gospel tract. However, just prior, I also evangelized to a self righteous guy on facebook who thought “god” was unloving for sending people to Hell. So I gave him the law and the gospel in detail. (#1)

  4. I handed out my first tracts today since the class began. I was going to a elderly neighbor’s to get some reading material she wanted to give me and figured what a great opportunity to exchange my tracts. When I handed them to her she asked “What are these?” I said, some gospel tracts that talk about life and death and what role Jesus plays in it. Thats just what came out of my mouth. She set them down and said she would read them later today. We talked for awhile about something else and got in alittle argument and we both went on our way. Later she called me to say she was sorry and that she really enjoyed the tracts and thought they were very interesting and that she wished she was a better person.
    I told her it was okay that I forgive her and understand. So, what appeared to have gone wrong ended up going right. Hallelujah

  5. Last night I went with my parents to a 7-11 to hand out our daily tract. 🙂 We each passed out a tract, and I passed one out to the cashier guy. He kept frowning at it so I thought he didn’t like it. But then when we got into the car he waved to us through the window and stretched his arms out really wide with to thumbs up and a funny smile on his face.

  6. Also, Last weekend I went with my parents to an evangelism crash course in Fresno, CA. With a few friends from the church out there we went to a park/bus stop to open air and witness. I’m only 13, but I got on the box three times to open air. It was really fun and exciting. 😀

  7. I gave a tract to the cashier at the grocery store and he said, “Awww, thanks.” As I was leaving I thought that his response seemed so sweet and kind but wondered what his response would be if he realized the seriousness of his eternal destination. He’d be jumping up & down while hooting & hollering and treating the tract like the lottery ticket of eternal life if he realized God’s Truth on that tract. I can’t wait to learn more in this class so that I’ll be able to share more with these lost souls.

  8. Passed out tracts at the 76 gas station in Hawthorne. I gave one to the station clerk, two guys filling up his tank. Another guy who was parked in his vehicle and a few people walking up to the mini mart. People seemed to like them. One guy wanted to refuse it but then I said “It has a million dollar question on the back… dont you want to see what it says”. Of course curiosity got the best of him and he took it. (#2)

  9. Well. I went to the gas station today to pass out tracts. The first couple rejected them and then I passed one out to a guy in the mini mart. I also passed one out to man filling up his tank and I said, “gas prices are getting higher!” He agreed and thanked us.

  10. I handed out my first tract today, it was a million dollar bill. Note, I did not refer to it as a track 🙂 I gave to a girl in McD’s drive through. Next time I hope to be bolder.

  11. I handed out my first tract on Sunday 8/23/09 at the gas station. After I got my change, I realized I could give her something to read since she was there alone. So I got a good vs bad tract and went back in. I said to the young gal, here’s something to read since you’re by yourself. She said thank you and I walked out. It made me realize I could be more prepared to hande these out at grocery stores, car washes, gas stations, etc.

  12. Today I went to lunch with a friend who also brought a friend. After we put out cash on the payment tray and they left the table, I put a good vs bad track on the cash and walked out. I felt kind of odd leaving it there. I know this will get easier over time.

  13. Today there was an ocean baptism and Pastor Steve asked if anyone was willing to pass out $1M bill tracts while we waited for others to arrive. I boldly told some and challenged those Hope Chapel people already there to join me. One gal Pat, took up the offer. So we went around the area to pass them out. I said “have you gotten one of these” to several people on the beach. One guy said no thank you so I walked away. With another guy digging a very deep hole in the sand I made small talk and offered him the $1M bill to read. Again it was easy to give them out but awkward knowing how to say something meanningful. Most of the time I made small talk and then handed the tract to them.

  14. The million dollars bill tract that I couldn’t give away.

    After Steve’s class on Thursday night I wanted to try and pass out a Million Dollars Bill Tract. I was excited and scared and after all that pep talk from Pastor Steve it would be a shame if I don’t try. I work at a place that is occupied with many older white guys that drive expensive German cars. Friday morning at work I gave the MDBT to one of my co-worker. I thought this easy. Hands not too low or too high, he took it and was checking it out. I walked away from my workstation and when I returned I found the MDBT back on my workbench. I was disappointed. That afternoon I gave the same MDBT to another co-worker that came by to visit. He looked at the front and soon was reading the reverse side. Again I was called away and when I returned the MDBT was once again on my workbench. I left the MDBT under my computer screen and went home for the weekend. This morning I saw another one of my co-worker and I handed him the same MDBT that was sitting under the monitor over the weekend. He said, “This is from Hope Chapel” as I handed it to him. He inspected the front and proceeded to read the back. He answered the questions as he read the questions out loud. He jovially said that he is going to hell according to the questions. I told him to keep it. He replied but I forgot his exact words. It was something along the line of referencing the tract to being trash. It was only 8:30am and the rest of the day I was distracted by that statement. This afternoon, I was getting water from the lunchroom and just so happen there were two co-workers. I got water first and handed out MDBT to the two of them and high tailed out of there as quickly as I can while holding my water bottle with both hands.

  15. Afterwork yesterday we stopped at How’s before heading home. I passed out a couple tracts. The first one was to a guy coming out of the store. He didn’t want to take it at first but then I said it was for him and had a million dollar question. Then he took it, looked at it and smiled and said, wow! my first million! He thanked me and I continued onwards.
    Next at the register I tried giving one to a guy behind me but he said he already had one and he had it in his wallet. Then he started quoting stuff from Hitch Hiker’s guide or something strange. Then I gave a Round Tuit to the girl that was bagging my groceries. Did you get a round tuit? She was like, no, thanks and took it.

  16. Also as a family, the 3 of us went for a short walk down to the stores near our house. There is a small strip mall and we passed out dozens of tracts to everyone. Some were walking to their cars. One guy was in his car with the door open. He got a tract. Others sitting outside eating. They all loved their tracts. We even went inside the donut shop and gave some to the kids eating. They really wanted them cause they saw us outside passing “something” out. We stopped into CVS and passed out a few. Then we hit up Starbucks where there were loads of people hanging out and drinking and enjoying themselves. We passed out lots of millions and Round Tuits. (There is power in numbers… go as a family!) (#4)

  17. Went to Wendy’s today. Passed out a tract to the girl taking orders. She thanked me for giving her a gospel tract. Very positive experience.

  18. I went to a birthday party for friends two year old after work today. It was getting late and I realized I was running out of time to give away a tract. So I gave one to my friend the host of the party. I said it was a gospel tract. My friend says he is a christian, but from the discussions we’ve had, I think our definitions are different. 🙂 Anyway, he took the tract and smiled at the million dollar bill. then I gave him an Obama bill because I knew he’d like it too. After the party he started asking me, what was it I gave him again. I said a gospel tract and get ready to see more of them around. 🙂


    Marie Margol Says:

    August 26th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    On Tuesday I went to my fitness center. I was doing the eliptical machine and had a Good vs Bad tract on the machine. It remained there when I left for other activities.

    Marie Margol Says:

    August 26th, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    On Wednesday I went to Henry’s Market. While talking to their employee Kim in the vitamin section, I gave her a $1M bill. She said how cool.

    Marie Margol Says:

    August 26th, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    On Wednesday when I left Henry’s Market, I made small talk with the cashier. As I left, I gave her a good vs bad tract. I encouraged her to read it. She said thank you.

  20. I think passing out only one tract is almost impossible for me if there’s a lot of people. Tonight I really wanted to pass out a million tracts. There were a lot of tough looking guys outside of starbucks…they weren’t tough at all really. Anyways, I passed out a tract to five low riders dudes, 2 biker guys, a couple smokers, 1 slanderer, and 2 giggly girls. :D. FUN!

  21. Wednesday I did open air to over 110+ people at it was amazing. It was scary but I was excited that so many people were going to hear the law and the gospel. We also passed out tracts to nearly everyone there. We practically ran out of tracts. When we began to preach, people were caught off guard. Ofcourse there are always people who have cell phones and ipods and tune out what you are preaching but nonetheless, the gospel was preached. I pray that many were pricked in their hearts. (#5)

  22. Tonight we passed out tracts in front of the local CVS store and then we headed to another CVS and starbucks near our house. There were tons of people hanging out tonight, so we passed out millions and round tuits. While I was in front of one CVS, I gave a guy a million dollar bill. He took it and said that he had received on before so I asked him if he was familiar with the million dollar question. He wasn’t so I asked him where he thought he would go when he died. He said Heaven. I asked if he was sure and he said “I hope so”. But then he rode off on his bike and that was the end of that conversation. I do hope so too. It is not good to be unsure of your salvation. I wished I had more time to speak to him about the things of God. Still it was a good night of passing out tracts.

  23. Today I went to Baja Fresh and gave the cashier a tract. I was more fearful today, not able to say much. I guess some days will be better then others.

  24. Today I got an opportunity to witness to the janitor at in my building that I work in. He noticed my abort73 tee shirt and asked about it. Then as we began a conversation he said something about laws. Perfect opening to share the law and the gospel with him. So I did. He was used to the modern gospel and thought that just saying sorry for his sins was enough, although he admitted that he was not a christian, nor born again, but he prayed and asked for forgiveness. I tried to explain that in a court of law if someone asked the judge to forgive him, that judge could not let him go. Either way, the gospel was preached and I left him with a tract.

  25. Later on today, as I was leaving to pickup my daughter. I noticed a young punk looking guy in a the car next to mine. He was hanging out passing time during his lunch hour, listening to the radio. So before I drove off, I lowered my window and asked, did you get one of these. He asked, what is it?, while reaching to take it and when he saw it was a million dollar bill said thanks and chuckled a bit cause he thought it was cool. Then I drove off, saying bye. After picking up my daughter, we stopped at Carl’s Jr to get her a quick lunch and I gave the lady at the window a million dollar bill as she gave me the food.

  26. I went out tonight to evangelize with the CCSB group Word on the Streets. We went to the Redondo Pier. I handed out tracts, probably 15. Also gave out a bible. Did witness to a group of young girls, explained 3 commandments to them and explained if they broke them they would not go to heaven then I prayed with them.

  27. I had a friend come over to help me put together a fan I had purchased because it is so hot in my apt with high beam ceiling that I needed another. I have known him for a long time as we both had accepted the Lord at the same church originally went to back in the late seventies/early eighties. I knew also that he had heard the same flowering delivery of accepting Jesus into your life and heart and everything would be better. But when things got tough I got discouraged and backslid and knew he had also and still was fallen away. So I prepared to have some tracts ready and to try and speak to him.

    He showed up and we got the fan put together and as he was preparing to leave when I said, Hey can I practice something with you that I am learning in a class I am taking? He said sure, what is it? I picked up the tract with the test on it and a MDBT. I gave him the bill and asked him if he had ever seen one these before and he said no, but I could tell he could not read it either as we are both getting old. So I started off with,
    If you were to die this evening on your way home in an accident do you think you would go to heaven or hell? Shoot, I don’t know really know, but think I would go to heaven because I accepted the Lord at one time as you know. I remarked, But you have not been going to church now for a few years. He said, yes I know, but whenever I sin I try to remember to confess my sins so I am forgiven. You see, thats what we learned. We were just simply told to read and obey the Bible, but since we will always have some sin in our life, that if we are faithful to confess it, he will be faithful to forgive us. So I preceeded to ask him the questions on the test tract when he grabbed it from me and attempted to try to read it himself. In the middle, he says, ah here I don’t want to do this and gives it back to me. I try to return it to him and HE BECOMES ARMLESS. I finally said, I know you love to read so please take this with you and look at it later. Besides, it has your name on it as its for you. He took it back looked at it and says so it does and put it in his pocket. We spoke alittle more and he left. But, its in his pocket and I know he will find it later and be curious and read it. So pray that it touches him in a way to make him come back to the Lord and that he does not get frightened away when he learns salvation is not a free gift, that there is a cost and about rependance so he does not get confused and have a rough walk as I have.
    Thanks for listenig to my story.

  28. I wrote one between the one on the 21st and 29th, but do not see it.
    Where could it be. Was it not printed because I did not speak and just handed out tracts? Um

  29. Well, I do not see one tale I wrote between the one on the 21st and 29th. So since I gave myself a point for it thought I better try and write it again and hope it appears.

    I did not get out the day before so thought I would make up for it this day when I knew I would be out and about running errands. So I prepared myself with some tracts and went on my way. I first went to my regular gas station where the guys all had known my late husband prior to his passing end of 2007. I first handed one to the gentlemen after he had serviced me and my (Bob’s) car and he said, thank you. I later stopped at Petsmart to get my cats some food and handed one to the lady cashier I always try to go to as I really like and care about her. I gave her the bill and said have you ever seen one of these before? She said, wow no. I said its yours and also this too and handed her the test one. She too thanked me and I went on my way. I then stopped at Walgreens and upon checking out handed one to the cashier and left. So I got three out there, but now comes the hard part, speaking. (Think this was the 22nd)

  30. I went to the Dentist on the 25th and gave a MDBT and the test tract to the receptionist when I checked in. I simply said I have something for you and she took it and thanked me. I later put those also in the restroom hoping someone would come along and find it interesting and take it. After my work was done I left one on the counter with my dentist’s
    name on it. So I managed to get some out and wonder what the dentist well think and if he will be able to figure out where or who it came from.
    Now, I am going to have to try speaking more.
    (I had written this one too before, but did not see it appear)

  31. I went for dinner with my Dad and his girl friend today; they’re not believers. My Dad basically says, works for you, but don’t tell me about it; he doesn’t want to hear anything about the Lord (although when someone passes away he starts talking about heaven).

    So I prayed before dinner for an open door to witness. During dinner I started telling them about this evangelism class I’m taking and how I went out last Friday to pass out tracts. I thought this may be my opening, so I pulled out a million dollar and Obama bill to show them examples of the tracts. I said you can have them; I knew he’d like the Obama one (going for the “just get them into their home” technique here).

    He took them, but then laid them down on the table like he didn’t want them. They stayed there for a while, but then our waitress came by and picked them up. She really had fun with them, I said she could have them. She was very please and walked away all excited and thanked me.

    Time for Dad to exit (we were at a buffet). After he was gone, to my surprise I offered some Obama bucks to his girlfriend, she was all excited and asked for more then one. I gave her a bunch. So the tracts will make it into their home. God is good!

  32. I got my hair done today by my friend Maria. I told her about this class and that I went out to witness last Friday. She’s Catholic, I think? I explained that I passed out tracts; she didn’t know what they were, so I gave her some. She smiled and started to read the back of the million dollar bill. She nodded her head, did read the whole bill and then said wow! I gave her a few more tracts that were different, she said thanks and will use them as bookmarks. 🙂

    I pray she will read them again and again!!!

  33. I went to El Polo Loco for lunch today. I handed a tract to the girl in the drive thru. She thanked me for giving it to her.

  34. Well, I did not make it out for a couple days due to my disabilities and waiting on repair people that never showed up. So, today I was determined to go out so I could hand out tracts. I pondered what errands needed to be done and decided I needed some things I could get at another Walgreens that was closer to my home, than where I handed some out before. I also decided that I must try to speak and do the
    WDJD method. So once there I had what appeared to be a great opportunanty when this pretty black lady asked me if I knew where to find a certain product. I not only told her where it was, but reached into my purse and said here I have something for you and before I could get it into her hands or speak she grabbed onto it as it turned out she knew exactly what it was and wanted it. So that was exactly the opposite with the man who became Armless in my last tale.

    So that was nice, but it took my zeal away, but we did have alittle conversation. Later when I was checking out she came up and saw me hand one to the cashier and she spoke up and said its a tract about God. So, I missed another opportunity to speak. (Maybe God is just trying to show me how easy it could be cause I am so nervous)

    Now I am hoping to have more opportunities over the holiday weekend.
    Does anyone plan on going to the Hour of Power Friday or to the Fiesta
    over the holiday weekend? If at night I would need to go with someone due to my vision problems, but could make it during the day to the Fiesta providing I find “parking”. I wanted to do the booth, but could not commit to a certain time because of the same. So do we get any points for handing out tracts there? I should be at class tomarrow night to hopefully find out. I pray for courage instead of fear because it seems like it would be fun and please God.

  35. Cannot locate #34 right now maybe because its Friday?

  36. I went through a driver thru yesterday after class. I gave a tract to the girl who took my order. I said it was a gospel tract and it’s for her. She thanked me.

  37. Tonight I went out with CCSB Word on the Street group to evangelize. I gave out 8 tracts. Prayed with a group.

  38. Today a buddy and I met at the Hermosa Fiesta Fair and loaded up on tracts. We positioned ourselves near the bus stop on Pier Ave where the people stream into the fair. In about an hour, we handed out several hundred tracts. Almost everyone was very receptive and thanked us. One humorous exchange was when my buddy offered someone a million (which was rejected). I then offered an Obama trillion (which was also rejected). Then my buddy suggested they take the intelligence test… a good idea for someone walking away from a free trillion!

  39. I handed out my first million several weeks ago to a teen working behind the counter at the Baskin Robbins. When I first offered it, he kept his hands on the counter and, after a pause, finally asked “Is it fake?” I said it was and he accepted it and set it on the counter. A few minutes later his coworker picked it up and began turning it in her hands as she read the back. I prayed the message would stick.

  40. Last week I had my truck detailed for the first time in years. The guys were humble and did a fantastic job! When we were settling up afterwards, I pulled out the million dollar tract and handed it to the manager. He smiled, accepted it and thanked me.. saying he would frame it! I asked him the million dollar question to which he replied: “That is the million dollar question, isn’t it?”

  41. I am in #34 now and figured I had to click on the comments area, but
    these are still last weeks…

    I wanted to write a new one since I finally got out for an event.
    The Hermosa Festival and I spoke finally to many on Sunday so
    “do not think I will be able to get back to it tomarrow on Monday”.
    Sorry and I’ll wait for the new ones to start for this week so I can
    get my points counted right. So far, thats the hardes thing in the class
    now since I finally spoke. It got easier and easier as I went through
    the crowd.

  42. Gave tracts out in Mexico. Gave one and food to a guy. He was walking around the cars as we waited to get across the border.

  43. Gave out a tract today at Ross. He was the cashier. It was an Obama bill, he smiled and liked it.

  44. We were so encouraged by the response of the people yesterday at the Fair, that my buddy and I decided to do it again today. Although the people were somewhat less receptive today, we still handed out several hundered tracts in a few hours. I was able to read the back of the million dollar tract to several people. One woman in particular was very interested in the truth. Another man said he didn’t want anything “religious”. I explained religion (earning our way) is never enough. Salvation is a free gift. He rushed to catch the bus but he gave me his word that he would read the back of the tract on the bus. Two oddities of the day were an atheist and “a prayer”. Both wanted to give the tracts back once they knew what they were. I quickly went armless in both instances and refused to take them back. The “prayer” ended up walking away with his. The atheist stuffed it in my shirt pocket. However, I noticed her defensive response lacked confidence and conviction. I also noticed that though some verbally decline the tracts, if you are persistent and keep it held out there (at hand-level) many will take it anyway. Overall, a great 2-day experience planting the seeds of eternal life.

  45. This weekend we helped with the Fiesta Hermosa booth. It was an amazing time to speak to many people about their eternal salvation. I had a chance to speak to many people of all ages and backgrounds. I spoke with Atheists, many youths, young children, buddhists, false converts, catholics, etc. I was great to be able to start with the intelligence test and then lead them through the 10 commandments. Many people enjoyed the tests and stayed to listen to the gospel. At times you could tell that people became uncomfortable when confronted with the law. But the still they heard the gospel and seeds were planted. What a great time we had! May God bless every single tract and use ever single conversation. (#9)

  46. Today we passed out many tracts while we were in Manhattan Beach. We stopped at the Manhattan mall and gave out tracts. One guy at his cart accepted a tract. About 30 minutes later as we were on our way out of the mall, we passed the man at the cart and he was reading the million dollar bill very intently. We hope that the message took root into his heart and was not only convicted but that God would convert his heart. We continued to pass out more tracts. I tried to give one to a lady but she insisted that she was Catholic and went to church and that I should give my tract to someone else who doesn’t go to church. I hope that all the tracts that we given out today were read and seeds would be planted. (#10)

  47. On Saturday we went to a family BBQ. I got a chance to briefly talk to my aunt about the things of God. I also mentioned that we would be helping out at the Fiesta Hermosa booth and giving intelligence tests. Then I mentioned that we ask people the million dollar question. So I ran through the million dollar question and the 10 commandments with her. My uncle was there listening as I explained the law and the gospel. Later that evening as everyone was nearly ready to say their goodbyes, I made sure to get a few millions and told my aunt that this was the million dollar bill that we would be handing out at the fair. She really like it! I also gave her a Round Tuit. She loved it. Wanting to know where she could get them. This time, however, as we were speaking, I was surrounded by 4 other members of my family as well. Another uncle of mine was there and I explained how we would go through the million dollar question and the law and the gospel with people at the fair. I basically went through the whole thing in 3rd person. You could tell he was a bit uncomfortable, but he did listen and so did my aunts… except for one who walked away. It was a pretty good conversation. And they all heard the law and the gospel… and I gave them each a million dollar bill. Now they know a little more about me too… which leaves a door open for future family get togethers.

  48. On 9/4/09 I went to the car wash. At the cashier’s desk I asked if she had gotten one of the $1M bills. She said she had so I asked her if she gotten one of the other tracts I had (smart or good vs bad) and she said no. So I gave her one. I felt good that I made the effort to give out God’s word.

  49. While at the car wash, I watched the guy drying my car. He really was working hard. So when I claimed my car, I gave him a $1M tip! He didn’t say anything and I felt proud I was able to give it to him.

  50. I was in San Diego Sat-Sun. I gave one tract to the hotel check in attendant and she said nothing. But the real joy was I encountered a 30 year old who was homeless but didn’t look at all homeless. We ended up having lunch and I read him the back of the $1M bill saying I needed to do my homework and would he help me. We had very good conversations about God. I used the “if” statement regularly.

  51. Monday I did the Hermosa Fiesta fair. I was timid about handing out tracts to the people there. When they did the IQ test, I wasn’t sure how to handle it so I went into talking about the $1M question. At least I got the word out. Also Pat Leavy and I walked to the top to hand out tracts but the Australians were busy there as well. So we walked back down and talked to Kyle (I think) aged 21 who was selling solar panels for homes. We really opened his eyes as I think he has been seeking answers lately. Pat was really good and she was especially excited at her abilities. I took the support role which felt better for me.

  52. Monday morning I had to fill gas. After going back to the counter to accept my change (which isn’t much these days), I handed a $1M tract to the attendant. She smiled, thanked me and said “oh, it’s too much!” I realize she at first must’ve thought I was tipping her. However, if she reads the back and accepts Jesus, her words were quite appropriate.

  53. Well, I finally got to an event! I went to the Hermosa Festival on Sunday.
    When I got there about 1, not very many people at our booth so I thought I would be there, but then some others came so I was able to get out there among the crowd I went wondering around. I ended up giving out about 50 or so, but I actually spoke to some. Yeah, I am excited now as I go along it seemed to get easier. I had some good conversations with about 8 of the peolple I approached and I would say about 60% took the tracts and the other 40% rejected them.

    There were even some that handed out something to me so I in turn gave them tracts. Most were a comination of the Million dollor bill and the test, but in a few I had put an old one stating, which way, as I began to think, we should be telling them how to come to Jesus too as it really seemed like something was missing, the prayer, confessing our sins and I even stated rependance when I gave the tracts to those I actually spoke to.
    (It just seemed that the flowery or modern way was all Love and Grace and the new way was all Law) I figured I wanted to try to explain the whole truth and nothing, but the truth so help me God. He did and I am grateful that I was able to get out and do this, finally. Sharing the bad and the good news.

    So all in all it was a very good day. However, when I went to leave about 4 I got on the wrong bus. (No one mentioned there were 2) So, I ended up in the Northrup parking lot looking for my car instead of the High School. Once I realized nothing looked the same and thought I was stranded some others were there waiting for the bus to go to the Festival. So that was my good news. I had to get back on the bus and go back to the Festival to catch the correct one. I was exhausted after being in the sun and walking all around the Festival and by the time I got home it was 5:30, so sorry I did not make it back on Monday as planned.

    Hoping to get to another event as looking over the scores required for grading, I thought how am I ever going to pass after all my efforts?
    I am perservering…

  54. Today I went to the bank and my weekly visit to Pets Mart. I ended up giving some tracts to the lady behind the counter that waited on me when leaving the bank. Then once I got to Pets Mart I got alittle out of focus as they had switched the regular place they usually had my cats food. Another lady too was having some trouble locating what she wanted. We got into a conversation about all the efforts we go to to meet their demands and how fussy they are about what foods they will eat. We talked for about half an hour and I left. Only later about 10 minutes did I realize I had missed a great opportunity so I headed back in the direction of the cat food. I saw that she was very busy, but her cart was just sitting at the end of the isle. So, I placed on in her cart and had alittle giggle knowing that she would figure out where it came from later as we had spoken about the fires and I had told her how bad the traffic was all backed up that night going to a class I am taking at church.

    So now I am back home waiting on the plumber. We shall see what happens here because I know he is a liar. He has promised to be here now for 3 weeks off and on. He makes a committement and then does not show up. I can’t wait to approach him as he knows that my late husband Bob and I go to Hope Chapel. Pray and wish me luck with this one. Amen

  55. Well, as you know after my last tale that I had been waiting on a plumber to show up. I was looking forward to witnessing to him and giving him the tracts, especially the one with the 10 commandments as I knew he was a big liar. In fact I usually start out with that one like most of the videos I see on this site, but figured that would be too obvious so I was going to at least make it the second one. I waited a total of 6 days for this guy because he kept promising and making committements to come by at certain times. On the 5th time he was suppose to be here by 4 P.M., but no showed and when I called property mgmt. they said he would be here by 6. Well about 8 that evening he calls, says he is sorry he got hung up again on another job and wanted to know if it was okay to come by now.
    I told him no, as I was not about to let a strange guy that lied in my apt. at night as a Christain woman that was not acceptable. So we arranged
    for the next day, the sixth time as I thought, I will give him one more chance, but he blew that one too and no showed again. So property mgmt. is going to send someone else next week and I did not get my opportunity to witness to this guy. Darn, so now trying to get out and give some tracts out before the whole week has gone by waiting on this person who really needed a wake up call.

  56. Tonight after our evangelism course we headed out quickly on the way home to pass out tracts. We stopped at the local gas station on Artesia and passed out a few tracts. One blonde lady filling up her fancy car was the first person I approached. I was totally nervous cause I dont always like passing out tracts to rich women but I went for it. I offered her a million dollar bill and you should have seen her face. She gave this weird look while staring at the tract like it was some disease and I said it was hers… its free. She took it to be nice and probably to not offend and then I thanked her and left. Whew. (#12)

  57. While at the gas station passing out tracts, Chelsea hit up a group of people, while I decided to give a lady who was coming up to the station store. I gave her a tract and she was a bit hesitant but I told her it was a gospel tract and she took it and thanked me. That was pretty easy. Then we went back to our car and went home. Amen. (#13)

  58. Last week prior to our evangelism class, I realized that I hadn’t really asked anyone the million dollar question. So I thought, well we still have some time… I’m not in class yet. So as we were on Artesia I saw a Fedex driver and a kid in the parking lot of Mira Costa. I pulled over. Chelsea went over to the lady in the Fedex vehicle, asked her the million dollar question while giving her a tract and I walked over to the boy who was sitting on the lawn of the parking lot. I handed him a tract and he said that he had received on before. So I said, oh, then you are familiar with the million dollar question then. Will you go to Heaven when you died. He said he was a christian. So I encouraged him to read that back and thanked him for his time. Then off we went into class. Mission accomplished. (#14)

  59. Taking this class has been a great way to challenge our family in handing out tracts each and every day and to have an even greater zeal to reach the lost.
    The reality of hell should cause each professing Christian to have a great concern for those who are unsaved. It is sad and almost discouraging to see this “modern gospel” going around giving so many people a false sense of security thinking that they are saved while in reality God’s wrath still abides on them.
    So maybe a conversation isn’t always possible so long live a good gospel tract that can do the speaking for us. Today for instance while dropping freight at LAX airport it was easy to give the warehouse workers each a million bucks for their hard work. They were all excited to receive the tracts and I got to say a quick prayer that seeds would be planted. To God the glory!

  60. I have a heart for the lost, so does my family, but taking this class has challenged us to start handing out a tract daily. We would usually just set aside atleast 2 days to evangelize, but the rest of the days, we’d only witness if the occasion arises. We would often go out of our way to make opportunities but many times not share “every day”. I have seen this blog before about the “Every day club” and although I did feel compelled, never really officially joined the club. So taking this class has personally challenged me to take that step and be faithful daily to atleast hand out a tract – DAILY. Taking that step ‘could’ lead to a conversation that otherwise may not have occurred. Thank you Steve for your wonderful class and great enthusiasm and humor! We are very much enjoying the class and the fellowship as well. We are blessed to be a part of it. (#15)

  61. Yesterday I handed out my first tracts in Spanish to 3 guys in front of “Eat at Joe’s”. I walk past there weekday mornings and they are almost always outside waiting for work from the guys inside getting breakfast. They gladly accepted them and I confirmed they could read Spanish.

  62. Today on my walk I handed a 1M tract to a construction worker waiting outside a school getting repairs. He said nothing, but accepted it from me as I walked past. I’ll continue to take the tracts along on my walk and watch for opportunities.

  63. Today I passed out a tract to the guy at the gym. I had never seen him before. So I asked if he was new. He said he was just filling in, so I said, here’s a million dollar bill for you. He accepted and I took off. Short and sweet. (#16)

  64. Today I also gave a tract to a guy in the elevator. I work in a tall building and we were both waiting to get on to go up. We had a little small talk as the elevator took forever to arrive. Then we got on. As I was getting out I gave him a million dollar bill and he said it was exactly what he needed. Then the doors shut. (#17)

  65. This is Chelsea. – Today one of my neighbors was outside doing lawn work. She is elderly and she isn’t outside very often. I’ve seen her house plenty of times and I’ve noticed she has a sign on her porch that reads “God bless America” When I saw her I knew I had to give her a tract, so I crossed the street and I introduced myself, saying that I lived a few houses down. I gave her a million dollars and she asked me “what are you selling?” I said “I’m not selling anything. But there’s a very important message on the back.” She said oh and thanked me.

  66. Today one of my neighbors was outside doing lawn work. She is elderly and she isn’t outside very often. I’ve seen her house plenty of times and I’ve noticed she has a sign on her porch that reads “God bless America” When I saw her I knew I had to give her a tract, so I crossed the street and I introduced myself, saying that I lived a few houses down. I gave her a million dollars and she asked me “what are you selling?” I said “I’m not selling anything. But there’s a very important message on the back.” She said oh and thanked me.

  67. Hello,

    I went out for my second event this evening with Eric and John.
    We went out for the hour of power to the Redondo Beach Pier.
    What a threesome we made, but all separated once we got there to
    hand out tracts and yes, witness if possible and share the gospel.
    It was great companionship and very exciting as I was able to speak.
    There were of course some rejections as this one lady who her husband and her actually looked bored, held up her hand and said she was too
    busy. However, I talked with about 8 more people mostly gentlemen around my husband’s age, some being with their families. I was able to start out really good, but as I got to the second page I was struggling abit, but they could not tell. In fact, I mentioned that it being 9/11 and because of my husband’s sudden death of a stroke at 56 I was very concerned about others and thats what and why I was out there doing this. One gentlemen told me I was doing very well, another I really got his attention and we had a great conversation and he was one I thought would have shined me on, and what really struck me as one guy said, strange that you would come up to me and give me this while I am having the first beer I have had in the last 6 months. I basically told him I was sorry, but maybe God was wanting to talk to him and what I gave him would help.
    He was very receptive. I will pray for him as I did the homeless man I saw on the way home that I could not get to.

    I just am so thankful that God is allowing me this opportunity to tell others about themselves and his son Jesus and amazed that I am doing this!
    Thank you all for you encouragement and companionship on this endeaver.
    I pray I will continue to perserve and do something that pleases God.
    I am excited now and actually can’t wait to be able to do it again.
    But, I sure need some polishing up when I get to the “second page” and will work on it. Amen and Hallelujah Glory to God and thank you all for this privledge.

  68. I went to the gas station a few days ago for my daily tract. The only person there was the cash register. So I went and gave him a million dollar bill. He really liked it. WHen I looked back at him, he pointed to the wall, where he had taped it up.

  69. Every time I go to school, I make sure I have at least one or two tracts. I like passing out tracts when I walk home. I gave one to the garbage man and he happily shouted: “I’m rich!” 😀

  70. A while ago I went to 7-11 to pass out a tract with my mom and dennis. I think people who work at liquor stores and gas stations love the million dollar bill. At first when I gave it to him he looked at it fearfully, not sure if he should take it, but he did anyways. We got in the car to leave and the through the window of our car and the store, we saw him give us a thumbs up and he spread his arms out and looked up to the ceiling to say “A million dollars! I’m rich! or… I won the lottery!” or something like that. 😀

  71. Today a man stopped by the house from Home Depot to measure our windows for new blinds. As he was about to leave, I reached for one of my strategically placed 1M tracts on the washing machine and said “Here, this is for you. It’s a gospel tract with an important message on the back.” His unexpected reply: “I’m a minister of the gospel.” After a brief conversation, I handed him about 10 tracts and asked that he pass them out in his area.

  72. Today my parents and I went to Redondo pier to pass out tracts and witness for a group outing. I started to witness to a man that thought he was a pretty good person. I guess he got convicted because after the third question he said “no more questions please” and walked across the way only to stare out into the ocean. Oh well, at least he got a tract! 🙂

  73. Also, at the pier, I handed out at least 200 million dollar bills =), and some smart cards. Dennis was my witnessing partner and we came across a man named “it doesn’t matter” (he didn’t think we needed to know his name apparently.) He was very sarcastic and was fishing with his mom or someone. He didn’t seem to care about anything and told us he doesn’t like christianity because in the 4th grade a kid gave him a “fish sticker”. he once asked if there was fishing in hell and spoke about how his only concern at the moment was his time for fishing. We learned that his dad is a judge (so he understood the judge analogies) and we only went through the law with him before he walked off.

  74. Redondo Pier was a good place to go today because they have not only the fishers who are stuck hearing whatever you gotta say, but they also have the fun house place. We went in and pretty much everyone in there accepted a tract. Most of them were busy playing games but even in the middle of their “Dance Dance Revolution”, they took a tract. 😀

  75. Today I didn’t have much luck with my witnessing. Everyone either got distracted or left. But that’s okay, at least a seed was planted. Anyways, there was a big group of ladies with their toddler children. Their children were all wearing shirts that said, “Child of God.” I gave three ladies a million dollar bill and they all liked them. I asked them the million dollar question and a lady said heaven I think, but then her child started crying and she used it as an excuse to leave. But she didn’t really leave, she just walked around. But all in all, today’s tract-handing-out went well. 🙂

  76. WDJD: Today at the tea party, I spoke to an elderly man. He was one of the people responsible for putting together today’s event. I handed him a million dollar bill and said that it had a million dollar question on the back. I asked him what he thought would happen when he died. I led him through a few of the laws and asked him whether he would be guilty. Whether he’d be headed to heaven or hell. The man said that he was a church goer and that he would be ok. Still I was not so convinced. I reasoned with him a bit more and then afterwards, thanked me but said he needed to get back to the tea party. He did keep the million dollar bill. I was not able to give him grace.

  77. WDJD: Today as we were at the Redondo Beach Pier, I ran into a guy and tried to hand him a million dollar bill. He did not want it so I told him it had a million dollar question on it. He still didn’t want it but wanted to know what the question was. I asked him what would happen to him if he died. Heaven or Hell. He said he’d be going to heaven and that he was a VERY good person. We went through the laws of the 10 commandments. He had a lot of questions and objections. He said he was saved, believed in God and was going to heaven. Yet, he did not believe the bible, said Jesus was not God and was pursuing his own way of life and beliefs. He was extremely self righteous and wanted to try and teach me a few things. I never shared grace with him but left him with these words: The bible says, unless you repent, you will perish.

  78. WDJD: I spoke to a fisherman on the RB Pier. He said he was a good person. Again I led him through the law. He admitted to committing adultery… both of lust and with a married woman. I reasoned with him and pleaded for him to get right with the Lord. That if he died in his sins, he’d end up in Hell. I asked if he’d sell his eyes, whether he’d choose the death sentence or go free, etc, etc. I knew that what I was saying to him was true. I made mention of Judgement Day. Then I gave him grace and shared what Jesus did for him on the cross. That it was a legal transaction and he could be free to go on Judgement Day. I explained his need for repentance and that his relationship was not worth eternity in Hell. That although sin is pleasurable for a season, in the end it would lead to death. Then he caught a fish and our conversation came to an end. He thanked me for sharing…. and then asked if I was married!!
    I still hope a seed was planted.

  79. Well after I finally got out on 2 events I was alittle tired. However, I did make it out today and was able to give out tracts to 2 more people. I am doing alright, but really want to get better so that I can give the bad and the good news smoother and faster so I have time to explain it all to every person I actually start speaking to.

    Wow, and was that neat that Rachel and her daughter, I think both, did an open air? I will be content if I can just get the whole message out sooner.

  80. Yesterday we ate lunch at a little Mexican place. I handed two “Does your good outweigh your bad” tracts to the waitress (one for her and one for the cook). They were sitting just behind the counter when we settled up. Use them Lord.

  81. Yesterday afternoon, we swung by our friends’ apartment on a surprise stop to see if they were interested in going out for ice cream. While waiting for them to get ready, I handed out 5 $1M tracts to passersby on the sidewalk (also experienced one rejection). Then, at the Rite Aid, I handed 2 to the servers. They gladly accepted them.

  82. Today on my walk, I handed a $1M tract to a guy waiting at a bus stop. He looked carefully at it – no words – and appeared afraid to accept it. It was as if he would get in trouble for taking it. I explained it’s free and that it has an important message on the back. He then accepted it, but still no words. I kept walking.

  83. Well as you all know by now I gave up on the plumber and the property management company sent someone new out today. Just prior to him coming, I thought, I wonder if God has a better plan or person to give this tract too, so I put it out so I would be prepared to give him one.

    He came and was really good, direct and honest. I really appreciated that, plus he got really busy and did most of the work to be done.
    All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. It was one of his co workers bringing him a part he needed for another job. He got all excited when he saw my cats (2) out on the balcony and wanted to know why I had them out there as he wanted to see and pet one of them. I said its because I do not want them to get scared and go under the bed as its hard to get them out or out the front door when you guys are coming and going. He just had this adorable attachment to one so I let her in and like lightning flashed on by and went under the bed. He laughed and said he was sorry. I told him it was fine, but on his way out I said here, this is for you. I got a really interested look and a thank you.

    Then about an hour later the plumber doing the work got ready to leave and I ran quickly and got another set of the million dollar bill, the test with the commandments and the passion from the movie and gave him a set too. So, I got 2 out there today without ever having to leave the home.

  84. Fulfilled a promise to buy a bible for my brothers wife Natalie. She was so thankful and asked what should she pray and where to start reading. i told her to ask God to open her eyes and to start with the book of John. Then the other 3 gospels, then through John again. I pray that she does just that.

  85. I went with friends to Octoberfest on Saturday and gave out tracts to them. My friend Rudy says he does not care if he goes to hell. I said it maybe fun to joke about it, but if hell is real, you’ll be there for eternity, forever, it’s something to truly think about. You can’t change your mind once you get there. He was quite, his wife asked me to drop the subject. They will hear about this again from me another time.

  86. I went to Del Amo mall on Sunday and gave out a tract to the girl at the farmer’s market. She accepted it and thanked me. Not much talking, but she was pleased to get it.

  87. Went through Fantastic Cafe drive through last Friday night. I said I have something for the girl at the window. She accepted a million dollar bill and then quickly closed the window.

  88. I went out last Friday night to witness with “The
    Word on the Street” group. I handed out 5 tracts and witness with a friend to a guy and girl. The guy was open to the message and asked where we attend church, he said he will come on Sunday. The girl said she had already accepted Christ, but when asked what that meant to her, she did not understand, she thought going to church was the answer. We explained you need to put your faith in Christ and repent of your sins. She accepted the Lord that night. I prayed for her after.

  89. Awesome to read all these stories from God’s faithful servants!
    We went out with Ed and the team last Saturday to the tea party in Torrance where we handed out tracts and had some good 1 to 1 conversations. Ed even spoke with the lady who was one of the main organizers of the tea party. Since we quickly gave everyone a tract I noticed the library was right there so I thought I’d be clever and hand out million dollar bills to people inside. Well after I handed out about 10-15 tracts a library worker noticed what I was doing and wasn’t amused. Told me that I couldn’t solicit inside the library and that he was going to have to ask me to leave if I continued. It kind of surprised me especially when he said I was “soliciting” people but instead of arguing I just left quietly and handed out one last tract as I made my exit.

  90. After the tea party we continued at the Redondo Beach pier. We handed out at least 2-3 packs of gospel tracts and had numerous 1 to 1 conversations. One encounter stands out with Ricardo who answered that he’d be going to heaven when asked the million dollar question. When I asked why he thinks he is going to heaven he looked to his family that was with him and they answered: “because we love God”
    So I asked if he considered himself to be a good person and took him through the Law etc. I got to explain to him (and his family) that loving God is not enough to get us into heaven. That going to church or reading the bible doesn’t get us into heaven. It is only through true repentance and genuine faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone that saves us. Ricardo turned out to have head knowledge about Christianity but there didn’t seem to be much concern about his current position with God. That if he were to die in his sins God would find him guilty and he would end up in hell. I pray for Ricardo that the Holy Spirit would bring conviction of sin and that he would cry out to Jesus to be saved and cleansed from his sins.
    To God the glory!

  91. Well I am planning to go to Ralphs today and I have my tracts ready, but I just wanted to say that I was listening to True and False Conversions and I am not so sure its that cut and dry. Its a process learning to walk with God/Jesus. Learning about and experiencing his love, grace, mercy, the law and rependeance. Some things fall away quickly and others slowly. Sometimes we just have issues we struggle with and through and all we can do is perservere and pray. Things in our lives interfer alot too with our growth. However, I plan on listening to it again.

  92. Went to Family Christian Bookstore on Sepulveda and bought a load of ESV bibles for $5 each. Handed a tract to the cashier and explained how the tract does the work for you. Someone overheard us and asked for a tract at which point I went to my car and gave her 1/2 a set of Obama bills and left the other half at the counter. I told them to show their friends and try them out.

  93. I gave out one tract today. I gave it to the girl at the driver through at El Polo Loco today. I have not been able to ask the million dollar question yet. Need to pray about it and just do it. I will do it.

  94. Tuesday morning I decided I would break the pattern.. I had not yet given out a tract on that particular day. I met a young guy named Juan along my normal walking route and handed him the $1M tract. I asked if we wanted to know what the million dollar question was. After presenting the bad news (his were the typical answers) and the good news, I could tell by his intent gaze that he was tracking closely. I asked if he was ready to repent and trust Jesus and… he said YES!! He said YES!!! Thank you Jesus! We prayed together. We talked about Hope Chapel. He confirmed he had a Bible. I instructed him to begin reading John and to pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Word as he reads it. I gave him my name and phone number. When we parted I was full of joy and praise. So thankful to God to be part of His plan of salvation. This was my very first time all the way through the WDJD method and my first Tuesday tract. Talk about “coming back skipping your heals!”

  95. Almost at the end of today’s walk I encountered an opportunity. A guy sitting on his cooler at a street corner with a back pack clearly waiting for someone to pick him up work. As I approached I used the now familiar “Did you get one of these?” When he took the tract I said “It’s a phony million.” He said “Right on, Man” and chuckled. I asked him to read the important message on the back which he began to do as I kept moving.

  96. I’m beginning to get the impression I’ve come to this party a little late. I only handed out 3 tracts so far today (1 in Simi Valley at a Wal-Mart, 2 in Culver City near El Abajeno – my favorite Mexican place). 2 of the 3 people were familiar with the $1M tract already and one of them was a believer in Jesus. The believer said “This is from Kirk Cameron, right?” Am I really needed??? Of course I’ll continue my search for a few more people who’ve never encountered the $1M bill.

  97. Today was an eventful day at the Huntington Beach Pier. I rode down with Righteous Richard and a van-full of believers ready to shine God’s light and expose sin. Over the course of the 3 hours there I handed out hundreds of $1M tracts and had five WDJD conversations: 1 with a middle-aged couple from England (forgot their names), 1 with a young couple (Mike and Shawnda), 1 with a shirtless 57-yr old man on a bike ‘checking out the ladies’ (Rick), 1 with a couple of young women in their early 20’s (Savannah and ??) and 1 with a middle-aged Hispanic man (I’m saving his name for later) and his young ~6 yr old son Afie. Most didn’t believe they would go to Hell despite admitting to breaking God’s commandments. They’ve created their own god who will overlook their sins and doesn’t require repentance. I explained to them that a judge who’d let a guilty murderer walk free without penalty is not a good judge.. and that God will not only judge their sins but demand payment. I did give them all the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice and that they must trust him to be born-again. But I also made it clear that repentance was necessary. Though they engaged me in conversation for ~10 minutes each, they would not repent. That is except for one… the Hispanic man. After much discussion about not being able to earn your way to Heaven he was willing to repent and trust Jesus. Although he understood English just fine, he wasn’t very comfortable speaking it. As a result, he didn’t want to pray. I asked him to simply pray in Spanish that he was sorry for his sins and was repenting from them and putting his trust in Jesus. When he finished I prayed for him and Afie. When we parted he thanked me. Oh, and his name is… Hay-sus, that’s right: JESUS!

    There were a lot of rejected tracts today and I also was the recipient of a few ‘not so nice’ comments. Statements like “Why don’t you pack that …. up and get out of here?” and “Why are you wasting paper and your time?” One angry mother approached and spewed “My daughter read one of those and asked me if she was going to Hell!!!” I replied: “What did you tell her?” I don’t remember if she answered my question because at the same time she was stuffing the $1M tract in my shirt pocket because I wouldn’t accept it from her hand.

    I also met dear Ray Comfort today and saw him open-air preach to a crowd of several dozen. A self-proclaimed athiest and believer in Darwin was very vocal and obnoxious throughout Ray’s presentation and refused to answer most of his questions. Though Ray was patient and tried to engage him in a conversation, the man was not willing to let Ray speak and would not listen to his words. Several others took their turns open-air preaching also. The righteous are truly ‘bold as a lion’.

    It is exhausting work (both spiritually… warfare, and physically… hot sun) but well worth the effort. To be encoraged, all I have to do is think back on the conversations I had and the hundreds who received the gospel message one way or the other today. I know God will use our feeble efforts to further His kingdom.

  98. Last night I stopped at a local 7-eleven for a iced coffee on the way to a musical. I handed the young lady behind the counter the $1M tract and asked her to read the back when she got a minute. When I got in my car, I saw the tract turning in her hand as she read the edges.

  99. After our class on Thursday I needed to pass out a tract. There was a giant semi truck parked in the parking lot up ahead. So I decided I would see if there was anyone in it. I noticed the lights on and so I walked to the window. A man had the window rolled down and was eating his dinner before getting on the road again. I asked if I could give him a million dollar bill. I reached up to hand it to him and he accepted, saying sure! And thanked me for the bill. (#18)

  100. Yesterday in Huntington Beach, I talked to a guy named Demetri who was from Russia. He has been here only for one year and works as a bicycle taxi guy with the cart at the end of the bike. He claimed to be a christian but it was more of a cultural thing that actually being saved. I have talked to him before and gave him the law and gospel. Again, yesterday, I saw him and wanted to see what he thought about our last conversation. Again, I went through the law and gospel and pleaded with him that he needed to be born again and that if he did not repent of his sins that he was basically saying that he did not need a savior and that on Judgement Day he would have to pay for his crimes on his own and since his crimes were eternal crimes that would mean an eternity in Hell. I gave him the gospel and what Jesus did for him — in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Demetri was only 22 years old and was not too concerned about getting old or dying and therefore was not too concerned. Still he listened to and said he would think about it. (#19)

  101. Yesterday in Huntington we were able to pass out many tracts. I think we handed out a whole pack of millions. Maybe people accepted them without any hesitation. However, I was refused many times. I noticed many people reading the tracts that we gave out. May seeds be planted. (20)

  102. Friday night we were headed to the movie theater and since we had plenty of time before our movie, we decided to pass out tracts. We gave tracts to nearly everyone who was either walking up to the theatre, in line getting tix or who were just sitting and hanging out. Once inside, we gave tracts to everyone who was working, coming in and out, etc. (#21)

  103. I was walking home from school when I met up with this other kid who was also walking home. I know him from school, but he also goes to my church. I gave him a tract and witnessed to him. I thought he was just a regular church going false convert, because he didn’t seem to like the conversation I was having with him. He said he was saved and had repented, and he answered my questions correctly, about how you need to repent and believe in Jesus(though I did add about putting you faith and trust in him)…I don’t know if he’s really saved. But at least he knows the truth. It’s nice to just get past the awkward wall and get into a conversation, because, though it seems like they’re going to think you’re crazy and not like you, they don’t even really care what you look and sound like when you’re talking about the law and stuff. 🙂 (#13)

  104. I was walking home from school when I met up with this other kid who was also walking home. I know him from school, but he also goes to my church. I gave him a tract and witnessed to him. I thought he was just a regular church going false convert, because he didn’t seem to like the conversation I was having with him. He said he was saved and had repented, and he answered my questions correctly, about how you need to repent and believe in Jesus(though I did add about putting you faith and trust in him)…I don’t know if he’s really saved. But at least he knows the truth. It’s nice to just get past the awkward wall and get into a conversation, because, though it seems like they’re going to think you’re crazy and not like you, they don’t even really care what you look and sound like when you’re talking about the law and stuff. (#13)

  105. Well, yesterday I went on the evangelism outing to Huntington Beach. At the end of the day, I decided to open-air preach. Previously when I open-aired, I read the back of the million dollar bill or read the bible, but THIS time, I officially open-aired and didn’t read from anything! 😀 I guess people have never seen a young teenager stand on a box and talk about blasphemy and judgment day, so I got a little crowd. I basically gave a little bit longer version of the million dollar bill. At first my voice cracked but then I found my voice range. I found it better to look like a meant what I said, and so did my parents. Afterwards, I gave a million dollar bill to the small crowd that gathered, because they had just arrived and hadn’t gotten one yet. It was pretty fun, too! 😀

  106. It can be annoying when people reject the million dollar bill and then the next person sees that the first person didn’t take it so they don’t take it and it continues so on and so forth. But at Huntington beach yesterday there was a mini concert going on and I handed out some tracts there. People would see that the first person took it, so they’d take it, and so on and so forth. it’s funny but sad how so many people are influenced by others. :S

  107. Went to the redondo pier Friday with Eric, Wayne and John. Handed out a quarter pack of Obama bills. Plenty of rejections. Had a hard time mustering up conversations. Wayne had a scary moment handing a tract to his boss&wife from Boeing.

  108. Went to Huntington beach and handed out a pack of trillion dollar bills. Had five conversations. 1 of them was with a pastors son who believes in Jesus but when asked if he was reading his bible, he said no. Afterwards, he promised to start reading in John. One couple challenged me, being Christian youth ministers. I shared with them then gave them 2 tracts and said these are not for you but for those opportunities awaiting them as they enjoyed the beach. Shared with a re-habber. They were convicted and promised to read their bible. Realized that the Lord will bring them to you if your open to sharing. We are Salt and Light and able to adapt to any situation.

  109. Today as I was leaving work, I still had not given out a tract. So as I was leaving the parking lot of my work, I had to pass through the gate thing with the lady at the toll booth thing (I have no idea what its called) but anyway. I waited till the girl in the booth came to the window and gave her a million dollar bill. She smiled and said thank you! Then I scanned my pass and drove off to home. (#14)

  110. whoops.. all my counting is off. That last one should be #22!!! Not 14.
    Maybe you can fix it for me =)

  111. When I was at the RB pier, I ran into a guy and handed him the million dollar bill. He stopped for a moment, looked at it and then said that he had already gotten one from that famous guy. What’s his name. Oh yeah, Kirk Cameron. He said Kirk was a little too radical and that he disagreed with him. He mentioned Ray Comfort too. That he met them both and they tried talking to him and cursed. Then he said that he asked both Ray and Kirk a question about a man stranded on an island and he had never sinned. Would he go to Hell. I said there was no such thing as a perfect man but if there was, he’d go to Heaven since he would be perfect but unfortunately there was nobody who was perfect and if that man died, he’d end up in Hell. The man said both Kirk and Ray said he’d go to Hell. Not sure if that was their exact words, since I couldn’t trust the source but then the man walked off while still talking and shouting louder so I could hear him as he left. Who knows. (#23)

  112. WDJD: While I was at the fun factory, I spoke to a young couple. I led them through the law and the gospel and they both actually stayed and listened. The girl kinda withdrew and stood a few steps further but the guy honestly answered whether he’d be innocent or guilty to a few of the commandments. I explained that he would be guilty on judgement Day and if he died in his sins, he’d end up in hell. I shared the gospel and what Christ did for him on the Cross to save him from his sins and that he could leave the court room on judgement Day if he repented and put his complete trust and faith in Christ. I thanked them for their time and they did the same and parted ways.

  113. Yesterday on my way into Target, I saw a girl who was leaving and I asked if she had gotten a round tuit? I held out the tract and she asked what is it? Then took it from me. I said a round tuit? And we both continued walking. That was my first tract that broke the ice.

  114. Discovered that a million dollar bill fits into the receipt slot at the gas pumps of Chevron. Try it out.

  115. Hello,

    Well, do you remember the little train story? I think I can, I think I can…
    I confess that nearing the end of this class I am struggling, but thank God for the gift of persaverence. Not doing as well as I was, but I am plugging along.

    I was able to walk a little way through the WDJD method with a friend,
    but I could not get past the, “Well I think this and I think that”!
    So, I finally blurted out, It really does not matter how each of us thinks because we all go our own ways. It matters what Jesus said!
    He said there is no way to the Father, but through me. I am the Way, the truth and the life. After all he is the one who died for our sins and is the only one who can forgive us if we are faithful to confess them and repent. He will lead us to Heaven, if we follow.

    Then, I realized I needed to also practice what I am preaching. I gather all of us do. It can be a long and winding rough road.

    He took it in alittle, but I forgot to hand him the tracts when he let as planned to. So, now its in the mail. One for him and one for his wife who are having family issues. I hope and pray it helps them.

  116. When I was at Target, I waited at the Kodak printing machine while 2 girls were printing photos. I handed one girl a round tuit and when the other was done, I gave her one also. The first girl read hers while we were in line. The second girl whispered when she was done, did you read yours? Then she asked, what did it say? Then when they were done they left. I suppose eventually the girl will know what the tract said. (25)

  117. When I was paying for my photos, I handed the guy at the register a million dollar bill. He took it and looked and said, thanks and looked at it again, like what is this. He was trying to ring me up, talk to a mutual employee and take my tract. But he liked the million. (#26)

  118. Later on… at the mall I gave another girl at the register a round tuit. I asked her if she had gotten around to it. She accepted it and was excited about it and started to read it right away. Since it was between transactions, once she was finished again, she continued reading. (#27)

  119. Today I was walking home from school and I hadn’t passed out my daily tract yet. I crossed the street at a stop light and there was a police car waiting in a line of cars. His window was open and so I reached in and said “this is for you”, as I handed him a million dollars. He took it and chuckled.He seemed to like it. 😀 !

  120. Yesterday i was on my way to my ballet class when I realized I hadn’t passed out a tract. I was nervous when I realized I had to pass one out in the studio. I gave it to the first person I saw, the receptionist. At first she was surprised but she took it. I hurried to class. Me and a bunch of other kids were standing outside of the classroom when I heard a girl say, “…Way of the master…Ray Comfort…” coming towards the classroom. It was the receptionist. She came up to me and explained that she’s a Christian, goes to Hope Chapel, heard Ray Comfort speak there, and cooked him a meal. She was glad that I was passing them out but she said to give the million dollars to some on else. So I gave it to a mom in the studio. I think she liked it, I saw her smiling up at me in the mirror’s reflection. After class I talked to the receptionist and she said “Praise God” that I pass out millions, and to keep doing so. 🙂 I guess the only way to find out if people are Christian is to witness/pass out a tract to them! [Oh, and I think the receptionist knows you, Pastor Steve.] 🙂 (#17)

  121. Tonight we went out passing tracts and evangelizing in Hermosa. As we were walking down to the pier, I saw a guy walking. I gave him a million dollar bill, saying did you get your million today? He said Thank you!

  122. As we continued walking down to the pier, I saw a girl walking in my direction. She was listening to her Ipod and selecting songs. I asked her if she got a round tuit? She stopped and said Thanks!

  123. We were about to cross the street and enter into the Hermosa pier area and I saw a much older man waiting to cross. I handed him a million, saying, did you get your million? He said Thanks.

  124. Then I saw a guy sitting down about to rest. He had a bunch of bags with him and he seemed to be out of his element. I asked him if he would like a million dollar bill. He said Thank you ma’am! I was excited I was getting so many thank you’s tonight!

  125. As we continued down to the strand, I offered a man on his cell phone a million dollar bill. He refused, not even looking at me. That was ok. My first rejection. We continued onwards.

  126. Then we stopped out front of the Poop deck. Dennis started passing out a few tracts to the few guys who were already outside. One guy said he was a Christian and Dennis began to walk him through the law. Just then a really tall skinny guy with a missing front tooth came out, who seemed pretty buzzed. I offered him a million dollar bill but he refused it, saying that he knew about them and went to church at Hope Chapel and stuff and said that he had actually passed out hundreds of millions dollar bills before. I asked why he was in the bar. He said that it was ok and that drinking was not wrong. Since he said he passed out hundreds, I asked if he was passing them out in the bar. He said no and that he was not drunk and that Jesus drank. He asked if I thought it was wrong to drink. I told him the bible said drunkeness is wrong. He said he wasn’t drunk and jumped on his bike and left. (#33)

  127. WDJD: As we were on the pier, we ran into a guy who was standing around smoking. I gave him a million dollar bill and told him it had a gospel message on the back. He didn’t know what that was. So I said it had a million dollar question. I asked him the million dollar question. He wasnt too sure if he’d go to Heaven but if he could, he wanted to go there. I led him through the law but he was very self righteous. He was a very nice and friendly man but he couldn’t seem to wrap his head around telling lies. I told him that he had told a multitude of lies among other things and that he’d be guilty. I continued to reason with him and going more into the laws and whether he’d be guilty. He really did not want to admit guilt. After reasoning with him more, finally I shared the gospel. He thanked us for reading to him his rights and that he was think about what we discussed. He didn’t seem too convinced of the disease even though I explained it different ways. Eventually he thanked us and we thanked him for his time. Told him to read his bible and consider this very important thing because he could die anytime and it would be too late. It was a good conversation but I only hope and pray that the seed fell on good soil.

  128. Thank you for your class! We all had a wonderful time. Steve, you make the class exciting, funny, interesting and learnable. I pray that everyone will be impacted enough by this class to continue sharing their faith… and with boldness and courage.

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