Whatever Happened to Personal Evangelism?


Here is an article from the editor of Charisma Magazine bemoaning the fact that so few Christians share their faith.
You don’t have to be a Charismatic or Pentacostal to agree with him. He writes:

It seems as if personal evangelism is a dying art. Fewer of us are taking our faith beyond familiar circles of friends and family. Witnessing has become intrusive in a culture that demands tolerance and diversity. Knocking on doors is illegal in most neighborhoods. “Soul-winning” is an outdated term. Polls show that few Christians today have ever led a person to faith in Christ.

As our society has become more secular, our faith has become more timid. It is no longer cool to declare Jesus is the only way. So we don’t say it—we just hope people will figure out our message by listening to our music or by wandering into our churches at an odd hour on Sunday mornings. Click here to read the rest!

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