1. This is from Rachel McDonald:

    I gave a tract to a father and his sons as he was leaving Chick’s Sporting Good Store and asked him the million dollar question. He said He believed he is going to heaven. I asked him if he wanted to be sure by asking him a few questions. He said yes and answered them honestly. By his own confession he said “I will go to hell.” He was concerned about that and agreed to repent and read his Bible that night and visit Hope Chapel because his wife had been telling him they needed to start attending church.

  2. This is from Andy Anders:

    “I asked two Christian friends how they evangelized
    recently. They both were “relational” types, meaning they
    took the time to establish relationships with people
    and learned how to pray for them, how to minister to
    them, how to meet their spiritual needs and so on.
    Ironically, one of the two has actually brought a lot of
    people to make decisions for the kingdom. More than I
    would have thought. But she did not first take them
    through the law to the cross. Have these people repented?
    Are they saved? I don’t know. But I’m beginning to
    understand why this is crucial.”

  3. Since I want to graduate from the “Sharing your faith without fear” class I knew I would have to participate in the H.O.P. (Hour of Power) outing.

    I figured we’d be going to the Hermosa Beach pier and I could handle that. Plus, I would be able to meet my family at Scotty’s Restaurant which is also down in the same area. So I decided to go for it.

    I got to church and didn’t see anyone so I’m wondering if I’ve read the information wrong. Than people started showing up in the lobby.

    Steve arrived and assigned us to groups so that the newbies (me) would be with the more experienced.

    Richard was one gentleman in my group and I’m sorry to say I can’t remember the other gentleman’s name. There’s some kind of magnetic thing that takes place when I introduce myself to someone. They tell me their name but as they pull their hand away their name goes back with them.

    Luckily I’ve know my name long enough that I can remember it.

    Anyway, Steve says it’s too cold and windy at the Hermosa Beach pier, where I’m planning to meet my family later, “so were going to go to the Del Amo Mall”.

    Ops! Their goes my “get in and out quick” plan.

    Steve says to meet on the second floor of the parking structure on the northeast corner, so I’m thinking this will be the last time I ever see Steve, my wife or anyone else again, cause I haven’t been to that mall in years and I can walk out of the door of my house, turnaround three times and be completely lost.

    So on the way to the mall I called my wife to apologize that I can’t meet her for dinner but more importantly that I need directions to get to the parking structure.

    She stays on the phone with me, guiding me up and down and all around until I see Steve jumping up and down waiving at me.

    When everyone is in the parking lot Steve gives us millions and then we head into the mall.

    Oh yes, before I forget, Steve did happen to mention that if the mall police see us handing out our millions, they will ask us to stop, which he said we were to do.

    I thought about it this way. It was like Mall monopoly. We tried to buy as many souls with are millions before we landed on “Go to jail, go directly to jail”.

    Or like Mall tag. We are supposed to tag as many patrons as possible with our millions before we got tagged by the Mall police.

    So we get into the mall and Richard and the other gentleman takeoff walking at a pace that could have got us arrested if we were in a school zone.

    When we got to the other end of the Mall around Macy’s, I was told the plan which was that we will start handing out our millions and head back to the food court which is where we’re going to meet in an hour or where jail was if we landed on that square and had to quit the game.

    Well there were people everywhere and they were happy to take our millions but at 18 or so minutes into the exercise we got tagged.

    I must say it was easy, exhilarating and Steve made you feel that there was no pressure on you. “You were to do what you could do”.

    How exciting to think that somehow I was part of helping save people from hell and into a relationship with our God.

    If you haven’t given it a try yet, you should.

    Thank you Steve so much, for spearheading the “Sharing your faith” movement, at Hope.

  4. This is from Scott Harris:

    March 3rd, 2007 at 11:16 pm

    It’s Saturday nite and today I was at the Pier with Ray Comfort, Steve and a host of others. I had the opportunity to meet Ray and pass out some millions. I was met with a real mix of reactions from the crowd.
    To my utter amazement I could not believe the way Ray was met with so much hostility. But he handled it very well. Better than I did I was actually concerned for his saftey.
    I did not get a chance to actually wittness to anyone but like I said I did pass out some millions and get to meet Ray what a great guy. I also got to have a great conversation with Ed.
    If nothing else was to come from this past five weeks I did recieve one huge blessing. I got the chance to really examine myself in some areas and was able to truly repent abainst one of my biggest faults and that would be Blasphemy’ I prayed about it really hard and very sincerily and asked God to forgive me and told God how sorry I was fot it and to please remove it from me. And I believe it truly has been not even a slip that I can recall in several weeks. Praise God

  5. Friday’s H.O.P. was priceless! I have to confess that I was skeptical about going to the Galleria Mall because of our experience the night before with the security guards hot after us. I was concerned about having to look over my shoulder and wasn’t sure if I’d have the opportunity to actually have a conversation with anyone. My daughters (ages 10 & 11) were with me, we teamed up with Stephanie and headed out. On our way we prayed that God would prepare the hearts of the lost and use us, make us invisible to the security guards, give us boldness, and help us give out all our tracts. We took your advice and kept to the stores and side wings to avoid getting spotted. While walking through Macy’s, I popped the Million-dollar question, but was not able to complete it because we were interrupted by the woman’s family who said they needed to go. I asked her to read the back of the tract I’d already given her. Initially I was disappointed, but I soon realized that this encounter was not for whom I had expected, but it was for my youngest daughter, Makayla, who has been timid about handing out the tracts. Only a few steps away she looked up at me and said “Mommy, I think I’m ready to ask the Million-dollar question”, and then to my astonishment, she gave the tract and asked the question. I was so thankful to the Lord that in spite of my lack of faith and fears He had rewarded me with such a precious moment with my daughter! My daughter, Celina, also popped her first Million-dollar question in Macy’s. Both my daughters asked the Million-dollar question several more times! This was truly an amazing experience for my daughters in so many ways as they saw God answer their prayers in a powerful way. I had the opportunity to have conversations with several people, a gentleman named Marcus said he was saved but wasn’t going to church. I went through the bad news and the good news to be sure – he admitted his sin but said he was forgiven and would go to heaven. I invited him to come to our Church. I had the amazing opportunity to talk to a young lady by the name of Paula who was very concerned about going to hell and wanted to repent and put her trust in Jesus – she said she would and I pray that she did. I invited her to our church as well. The time just flew by and before we knew it, it was time to head to Chick-filet, on our way we saw four security guards coming straight toward us. We just knew they were coming for us, Stephanie said they knew her, this was it! To our surprise the first two just walked past us as if we were “invisible” and the second pair turned just before reaching us – God was faithful to answer our prayers! My daughters couldn’t stop talking about how God had made us invisible to the security guards just as we had asked! We didn’t get all of our tracts handed out but I explained to my children “today wasn’t about quantity, it was quality!” There is so much to be thankful for, but most importantly this was an opportunity for me to model the “Great Commission” to my children – Thank you!

  6. This has been moved to What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #5

  7. This has been moved to What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #5.

  8. I was at the beach and handed out a few. I have yet to have conversation but I stood for a moment with one guy as he looked at it and he asked “what religion is this?” I told him Christian and he handed it back and I took it in nervousness! Steve, you told us not to take them back and I shamed myself all day!!!! But, I do not think this is about creating guilt for myself.

  9. It’s not at all about feeling guilty. You did a great job handing out that tract; that in itself can be hugely frightening! And it is okay to take them back if they don’t want them; you just aren’t obligated to take back a gift.

    Great job, Karin!

  10. so far in class what has stuck most with me is that this is about saving people from wrath and not about what SOOO many people think about being good love and kindness ,etc,etc.

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