Video: Real Street Preaching!


Don’t try this at home… Due to circumstances beyond my control I literally had to preach in the street!

At the recent Labor Day Fiesta Hermosa, where 100,000 people converge for a 3 day partying street festival, I had to risk life and limb while preaching the good news at the shuttle bus line. Why? It just seemed like the most effective place to reach everyone. And actually, it wasn’t as dangerous as it sounds: The street was closed, except for the shuttle buses that would come through every five minutes or so.

In this 5 minute video there is some real drama taking place. As I start to preach, an angry young man stands next to me hoping to distract the onlookers and rattle my cage. I ignore him. His parents plead for him to stop the foolishness, but he ignores them. My friend then tries to reason with the young man but he, too, is ignored. Finally, Security surrounds me, and I ignore them. The shuttle bus comes, and I don’t ignore it, I scurry away. (Security very politely asked me to move to the sidewalk where it was safer; I complied willingly.) Note: The sound is a little rough, so turn your volume down a bit.

Please notice that I applied the “Three Do-Nots” of open air preaching by not holding a bible, standing on something and smiling, peppering my sermonette with a little humor. (Read that article here.)


  1. Just curious, why do you specifically ask people to visit Hope Chapel six times in a row?

  2. We don’t. We now ask them to come 7 times in a row.

    The main reason though is that we don’t want people to judge our church based on first impressions. After 7 times, people have a better understanding of the teaching, worship, doctrine, people, etc.

    The 7 times comes from Naaman having to dip himself in the Jordan.

    How did you know that we ask that?

    BTW, Justin, I noticed on your blog a post about Godscare. Val Scott, who runs that site, is one of our open air evangelists.

  3. Steve…wow, wow and double wow! i had the pleasure of visiting Hope Chapel this past weekend and it just so happened that u preached…wow, wow and double wow again.

    Is there anyway to transplant this church in the Glendale, CA area? =D

    blessings from someone who is totally “wowed” by your enthusiasm.

  4. Excellent and anointed. You’re quite a character, Steve, and it’s good to see the love of Jesus going forth.

    God Bless You!

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