Trivia Question—Answered!


Who was the very first open-air preacher in the Bible?

Val got it right! The very first open air preacher was… GOD!

“And God said…” (Genesis 1:3)

In fact, he was the very first open NO-AIR preacher. Then when He created the air, He preached! And boy what a sermon…

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”
(Psalm 19:1)


  1. I know the answer, la la la la dee da

    But I won’t tell 🙂

  2. God…. “Let there be LIGHT!!!” lol

  3. I’m with Wayne on this one…NOAH…and I’ll betcha a one million dollar (Canadian) gospel tract.

  4. Preacher: God
    Place: The garden of Eden
    Genesis 3

  5. Not fair. I’m keeping the million.

  6. Paul, a little Bible study is in order, bro…

  7. OK…my 3 second Bible study is over.

    The way I see it, God did not “preach” the light to be, he COMMANDED the light to be. When I give the gospel, I preach it, I don’t command it.

    And that’s why I’m keeping my million! 🙂

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