The Sermons: 8 Reasons Why I Don’t Share My Faith!


The top two dreaded messages congregations hate most are sermons on GIVING and EVANGELISM; I was to speak on the latter—for two weeks! How could I get the church to listen, enjoy, and most importantly, apply the principles they would hear so that they would go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation?

I had been wanting to speak about the eight reasons Christians have for not sharing their faith after seeing the very funny (and well done) video (see below). I had to wait two years to do it, though. The reason? Well, after having my life changed by listening to Ray Comfort’s message, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” in July 2005, the next five out of six messages I delivered were on evangelism.
So every time that I would have the opportunity to speak in place of my Senior Pastor, people would silently groan, “Oh no… another message on evangelism.”

So I waited… I waited for two years and one month to be exact, to preach my next message on witnessing. And I decided to use liberal amounts of humor to get the message across. Also, I had a tract table in the lobby loaded down with between 7-10,000 tracts for the congregation to grab after each of the four services. The good news? We nearly ran out of tracts.

So here ya go. If you’d like to listen to the two sermons, I think you will enjoy them. Click here, then scroll down to August 22, 2008 for Part 1; for Part 2, go to August 31, 2008. You have a choice between Quicktime or MP3.

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