The Everyday Club Report: For October


Are you in? Out? Indifferent? Even if you aren’t able to post your totals here every month I sure hope you remain faithful to your everyday commitment. You don’t even have to calculate exactly how many tracts you’ve handed out; it’s not about the numbers, it’s about faithfulness. (See the video below from The Word Street Journal.) 

Feel free to post something like this: “My goal was to hand out one tract a day and I only missed three days!”

May God bless your evangelistic endeavors in November!

(Maybe you would like to make a goal, recommit to your original goal or create a new one. The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic commitment you have set for yourself, providing that it’s everyday. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the nearly 90 others who have already signed up by clicking here!) 


  1. This was a much better month then the last few. I only missed my goal of doing something for God everyday two or three days this month.

    I also did my first open air this month! I loved it! I have been going to the local college to witness and hand out tracts and as I would see the hundreds of kids go by when class let out, God had been convicting me to do more. I knew that while I was only getting tracts to 30 or 40 of them while they walked by, I could get the Gospel to many more by open air preaching. It took me a while to work up the courage to do it, especially since I didn’t have anyone to go with and would be flying solo, but I was being heavily convicted to do it so, I prepared got up with much trembling and started reading the Word. Almost as soon as I started reading, God calmed my nerves and I was able to open air three times that day, a chapter of the Bible and then a 5 minute message! That was two weeks ago and I have made it back out once last week as well. I think I am addicted!

    I have been fighting the conviction to open air preach for about four months now and it is amazing how good it feels to stop fighting and just submit. Since doing my first open air, God has opened other opportunities including finding some other like minded evangelists in my area! Now I may have others to go with and at least have others who are excited about evangelism and want to talk about it!

    I had the blog up and I have made some changes to it to refocus what I was trying to do. I had stamped on my tracts, so I left the blog up just with an extended Gospel message on it. I am working on a more focused blog designed to encourage people with hectic schedules to find time for evangelism. The new blog is . It is still a work in progress and has some of the posts from my old blog on it. I hope to get the audio from my open air’s on it soon.

    I am looking forward to an amazing time of evangelism in the next few months!

    Tracts Handed Out: 50+
    One on One: 2
    Open Air: 4

  2. By the grace of God, and I do mean that because I don’t always want to meet my daily evangelistic goal, I was able to fulfill my commitment of handing out 10 tracts a day or witness to at least one person daily. Here are my stats:

    Tracts handed out: 2010+

    Personal witnessing: 71 (a lot of these are groups of people)

    Open air preaching: At least 11 times.

    And one “inner air;” that is, preaching to a group inside my church.

  3. Here are my totals for the month of October.

    Tracts: 1555
    Personal one 2 one: 25
    Open-air: 22
    Hearers: 1,460
    Number of days I missed my goal of handing out 10 tracts or a personal one 2 one conversation: None

    To God be the Glory. You know before I recently retired I thought that I would become more active in my faith by helping old folks take out there garbage cans or something. I never in my wildest imagination would have thought that I would be preaching and witness to others about the need to repent and trust in the Lord. God is Awesome. He allows a weak, dumb guy like me to build his Kingdom for eternity. What a God I serve. Yeah, I’m also helping folks take out there trash.

  4. I’m out of town for a few days visiting family. October notes are way back home. I’ll get back to ya. 🙂

  5. This has been a rather choppy month for me, but by His grace Nov. will be better!!

    Tract: 200
    One2One: 10
    OA: 4
    Cross: 5
    Missed Days: 14

  6. tracts handed out: didnt really keep count but est. number:375
    I will be going home for Christmas in Joplin, Missouri. Many back home want me to take them out street witnessing. So I may have a handful of people to take out in my small town to the mall and several of the wal-marts(we have atleast 10 in a 35 minutes driving radius.) praying for some open public event during the week break to hand out tons in the “Show Me” state as well as KS, OK, and maybe Arkansas. Git R Dun!

  7. I handed out about 30 tracts and dropped another 15 in Oct.

  8. My goal is at least one witnessing conversation each day. I missed two days in October. One of those days I went through a bout of depression and fear that I feel was a reminder from God of who i am without His strength. The other day i was busy with last-minute work on a project that i should have been done with ahead of time. This was a reminder to me of how most evangelism opportunities come when I take the initiative and make it a priority by planning for it ahead of time. Stories of my conversations are found at .com

  9. This month has been very weak for me evangelistically. I have been ministering inside my church and one trip to the local prison to preach, but the street evangelism has been weak. Keep me in your prayers.

  10. Greetings from the Philippines and good day fellow laborers in Christ!

    October was slow for us and by the Grace and Forgiveness of God we ask Him to make us more obedient for His Glory.

    tracts: +/-200
    1-2-1: 0
    in air: 1

  11. October results. This was a great month. To me any month is great if I can get out there and do something to put the word of God in front of people.

    However, I did not meet my quota. I am going through a bit of a struggle with finances which affects gas in my car and being able to buy tracts, so I have stepped up my telephone witness.

    Here’s how the month looked.

    6 days 0 tracts given away.
    1 day less than goal of 5 tracts a day.
    435 tracts given out, mostly from what I gave out on halloween
    3 one two one
    4 open air read Bible for Project Ezra
    4 open air preach after reading the Bible
    3 Hell’s Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversion CD’s give away
    3 one to one to telemarketers over the phone

    Praise the Lord and thank you brother Steve for having this site for us.

  12. I seem to be stuck in “event” mode, and am always looking for the next event to witness, and tract at. However that leaves my daily witnessing and tracting suffering greatly.. I do hand them out as often as I can, but I am inconsistant at best…

    based on numbers I hit my daily goals simply because of the bulk i’ve handed out at fairs and such, daily is still lacking as I said.

    I did actually open air several times this past month.. the first time I was shaking so hard I didn’t get on the box, and could hardly hold the mircophone. 🙂

    One to One’s – well, with daily tracting suffering this is suffering as well. I have the “numbers” but those are all from a two day event.

    I am certainly going to “re-group” and re-focus my efforts and hand out tracts in my daily going.

  13. I missed one day last month. I was able to almost triple my goal numberwise (in tracts handed out) for the month, however, I didn’t meet my goal in one2one’s.

  14. After attending the AA in April 2009, one of the best things I did was join this club. I walk out of the house each day with the Lord and the great commission on my mind.
    Had a great month and met my goals – for the most part. 🙂

  15. I missed 5 days in October

    In the 26 days I…….

    Handed out 500+ tracts.
    Witnessed one-to-one about 24 people.
    Stood with my cross for about 2 hours.
    Chickened out when presented with an opportunity to open air.


  16. in sept/oct…

    in addition to launchin my homeschool year with x2 eighth graders i did the following:

    tracts 150

    2- used acelebrity tract board, adding the question, “are you a good person?” win a baskin-robbins gift cert.


    as a result of the above i have several 1-2-1 and group conversations.


  17. October was a bit rough, sadly. But I ain’t quittin’!!!

    Missed my goal 4 days this month.

    Tracts and one-to-one’s = 329
    No open-air preaching this month 🙁
    Inner-air at a local mall 1 time to about a dozen people

  18. Met my goal of “something evangelistic” each day in Oct. I did more open air preaching this month than any previous month. Getting more used to it and a little less fearful.
    I don’t keep close counts, estimated 1500 tracts, 10 open airs, 15 1-2-1 witnessings. All glory to God.

  19. Hi Pastor Steve and fellow evangelists,

    First, thanks Pastor Steve for being our cheerleader! I give out at least one MDB or other tract every day I leave the house (occasionally I stay home all day) This committment is a good thing, even though I don’t always check in.

    Onward and Upward in Him!

  20. October began with a bang, slowed in the middle and concluded with a bang! 🙂

    I had a tremendous conversation with two guys standing in front of a grocery store who were raising money for men who were coming off the streets and off of drugs. They said they were Christians and when I asked them how they shared the Gospel, it was come to Jesus for love, joy and peace. I shared the whole thing on my blog if you want to read. I almost got tears in my eyes just thinking about all the circumstances that lined up that had me at that store that day because I normally am not on that side of town. I shared that here:

    What was most memorable about it was their excitement and enthusiasm seeing them understand that “Law and Grace” makes more sense than just Grace. It was a privilege I did not deserve serving the Lord that day.

    In the middle of the month, we had some really bad weather for several days that kept us in and God didn’t send any phone solicitors so I kinda dudded it in the middle for a week or so.

    I also got to equip a sister in Christ how to share with her dad BIBLICALLY since he doesn’t believe a good God would send anyone to hell.

    I gave out about 275 tracts, had equipping conversations with 3 Christians, had 2 “inner air” (I love that Steve, that is funny) conversations with people in our church that we are asking to join us for evangelism. I also was able to equip 3 jr. high schoolers with how to handle 1) a teacher who claims he is an atheist 2) a teacher who believes in evolution and 3) a fellow student who is an agnostic.

    I was blessed to have so many opportunities to teach which is what I love to do!

  21. I think I did pretty good this month! I handed out more tracts than my goal of 5 per day. I witnessed when the opportunity arose. I did not open-air, but I did participate in a Reformation Day Outreach that allowed us to get 200 Bibles (and tracts) into the hands of 200 kids. 🙂

  22. Ahhhh, I like this. Didn’t know you had a monthly accountability posting.
    I like this. I had decided to do my daily tract giving but its easy to slip back into the “comfort zone”. Thanks for posting this. I want to jump on board.

  23. October was a very busy month. I think I missed my personal goal on just a day or two.

  24. Hello Team:

    I did about 150 tracts
    and 34 1-2-1 conversation
    I missed one day. my goal is 10 tracts or 1 conversation a day.
    Stay encouraged and go even when you don’t feel like it.
    Be not weary in well doing. Stay encouraged.

    4His Glory

  25. Hello! I’m sorry to say I didn’t keep my commitment in October! I will try to be more committed and faithful!
    As God leads me! K?? 🙂 I’m doing it…for the Glory of God!
    To honor my King of Kings! Jesus Christ!
    Not man! 🙂
    I’m a follower of Jesus! He’s helping me! Day by day! 🙂
    Pray for my Healing! As God leads you! K?? 🙂
    I love you all!! xxxoooxx Be encouraged!!!!!! 🙂

  26. Greetings from Edson, Alberta, I have been getting better. Last month I did 6 1-2-1’s, but no tracts as I do not have any yet. Everyone keep up the good work!!

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