The Everyday Club Report: For July


Every one of the people below received a Gospel tract because someone was faithful to hand them out. Since starting this Everyday Club at the beginning of 2009 nearly 150 people have signed up (including the 2010 Club) yet as of June less than 25 still report in. That, to me, is sad.

Will you remain faithful?

Please post your report for July in the “comments” section below.

The Everyday Club is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (Minimum commitment: Hand out one tract a day.) I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) Wanna join? You can sign up by clicking here.


  1. I have passed out around 200 during the month of July. Admittedly I missed a few days, but when I do i try to make up for it. Dale

  2. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    By GOD’S GRACE I didn’t miss a day!

    1450+ tracts handed out.

    44 personal conversations, a lot of them in large groups.

    5 open air sessions

    5 inner air sessions (speaking in church, wedding, funeral).

  3. My goal is to hand out at least 1 tract per day. I missed 6 days in July. I did attend a couple of evangelistic Saturday outings in which I handed out about 400 tracts each of those days. The strangest handing out of one tract was when a couple “demanded” that I join them for a slice of pizza and fully explain the tract to them even though I tried to say I was late to getting home. I did stay, ate the slice, explained the tract, and answered all their questions. Even after they said they had no more questions, they had more questions.

  4. My goal is to hand out 5 tracts a day, to have some one-to-one conversations and to open air preach as much as possible.

    I missed my goal on about 7 or 8 days. I did hand out tracts on those days, just not enough. πŸ™

    I open air preached about 10 times and handed out around 2,500 tracts. Most of those were during our weekly outreach event.

  5. I went out 8 times to hand out tracts. Handed out over 5000 tracts due to 4th of July so that made it easy.

    I did not keep tract of how many days I did or did not hand out tracts this month, however I handedout tracts almost every time I went out.

    I open air preached 4 times this month.

    had about 45 1-2-1 conversations.

  6. My goal is one gospel conversation every day. It has finally become a habit and I don’t believe I missed any days in July. Praise God!

  7. I will try to keep tract and do my postings! Thanks for the reminder!!!! I need the extra push.

  8. I estimated about 525(including the during the vacation down in Chattanooga and taking the church team down to Atlanta for the Russia trip). When I went down with the team to Atlanta airport to bring back their van to the pastor’s house, we made a stop at a Chick fil A in Georgia. I left a tract on the bathroom mirror. Since the start of the summer I when I bought a website and domain name then a stamp from Office max, I put my website name on the back of the tracts.
    The first time I ever got a response back on my comment box at was not in my area of Knoxville, but my very first response from one of the tracts was the one million dollar bill left in Merrieta, GA Chik-Fil-A. I sent the young man a new testament bible(HCSB edition) a new believers book, and as he requested a package of the Million Dollar Bills. I was thrilled to share the Gospel and key scriptures to the situations that he was in.

  9. Great post Bob!

    My goal is to hand out, that’s mano a mano, 10 tracts or get 10 rejections (this is new) or have one 1-2-1 converstation per day and open-air where ever the place presents itself.

    This month we missed 6 days. However, we handed out over 1,966 tracts and had 32, 1-2-1 conversations and we preached in the open-air 15 times where there were over 720 hearers. I pray that God would touch the heart of every hand that received a tract or that heard the word.

    To God be the glory!!!

    He’s know the exact count.

    Don’t quit, my brothers and sisters of the harvest.

    Have a great August.

  10. Well, the first full month after my academy, I was given grace to hand out 401 tracts. I engaged several people in conversation. One lady listened as I was able to present the full gospel, from the law to grace, for the first time in its entirety. I missed 10 days. I was privileged to lead three young men out with me to some local festivals, where they gave out tracts and engaged people in conversation. They gave away 128. I praise the Lord for helping me not to quit!

  11. The month of July has seen a pick up in my evangelistic commitment. Because I live in a small town it is difficult to “hand” out tracts everyday (I lay tracts out for people to find everyday, bank ATMs is a big one), but I have started to hand out tracts at least once a week. Also I have started going out to witness at least once a week. And beginning the first week of August I am planning to go out everyday just so I can start to hand out at least one tract everyday. Today is August 1st and I went to the tiny city park and was able to hand out 9 tracts. Three young boys that each took a million, a billion and a trillion dollar bill. Praise God!!! He is so faithful!!! Keep on keeping on!!!

    -Thomas Moore

  12. My goal is to hand out more tracts than the month before and to share with more people to Gospel! Which I did!
    At Calvary Chapel here in Frazier Park, CA we go out sharing the Gospel several Saturday mornings.
    I had waited til the Academy #16 til I went out!
    Now I go with confidence to shart His love with tired travelers here on the 5 fwy. I just hand them a botle of water, let them use my cell phone, give directions,and answer their questions… Then I did my own questions.. It was thrilling to minister to them in HIs LOVE..
    Thanks, Jesus Christ for your word not returning VOID!

  13. This month for me was a busy month and I did not pass out many tracts or talk to many people. No excuse because of summer time and a busy schedule!! These are a great reminder and encouragement.


  14. I missed my goal 8 times this month πŸ™ Some days I was so busy planning outreaches I forget to actual reach out. Not good.

    Total: app. 1,770

  15. I understand, Thomas Moore. I came from a small town area with little to do and hand out tracts(Joplin, Missouri) So when I went home for the holidays I had to resort to laying them out in the mall, at the bookstoore in books, etc. God honors you no matter how you did it but that you were faithful in getting out and broadcasting the seed however you could.

  16. Because the Lord knows my schedule, He has provided a fruitful July. i do confess it wasn’t everyday. I admit i’m hanging on to the everyday club even though…well, i miss some days yet, it keeps me accountable!!! here is my meezly attempts for July.

    OA………………. x1 (yeah!!!)
    1-2-1’s……….. >dozen
    Prayer table….. x1
    suggested to our youth pastor to begin WoTM basic training course to our youth …he accepted. we beginning in September…PTL!

    may the Lord of the Harvest provide double-portion blessings, safety and 100-fold boldness during this mighty season of harvest. Mark 16:15

  17. I threw a stack of tracts in the garbage. Sorry, but I prefer the bathroom at work to be tidy! Not the only garbage I’ve tossed in there.

  18. Thank you for July! was a soul winning month! I missed two days but was committed to one, 1 to 1 conversation every day, passed out close to 300 or 400 tracts and got to have some friends go with me to help them share their faith one on one too! it was a blessing, stay encouraged everyone, the Lord is after faithfulness!

  19. With four children, a husband, and a household to maintain … I never can quite keep track of how many tracts that I hand out. Especially since I do them in spurts, being that most days I am in my house chasing a toddler. But, when I do go out, I always take tracts with me. I keep a pretty nice stash in my minivan at all times. I stuff books, leave them on counters, and hand them to people as I go.

    I did not open-air … but I did have a couple of 1-2-1 conversations. πŸ™‚

  20. My wife and I have signed up for the EDC last week, and we started Monday the 26th of July. I have missed 2 days already……ugh! My wife only missed 1! Our goal is to pass out 10 tracts or have one 1 2 1 conversation daily. I passed out 50 tracts, and my wife passed out 70…she passed out 20 on one day to make up for her shortfall due to the missed day! I had three 1 2 1’s, my wife had 2!!

    God bless all of those who have committed with a desire to be faithful!!

  21. azou…you and other non-believers will never slow us evangelists down. sorry we are here to stay buddy. and oh btw, there would be a very remote chance that an evangelist would leave a STACK of tracts in a public bathroom…besides there are plenty more where those came from.
    have a blessed day sir!

  22. The Lord was pleased to grant me opportunities to:

    Open air…..15
    1-2-1 gospel conversations…17
    Gospel tracts……..2,700

    Pizza….0 πŸ™

    For the glory of God, alone!

  23. Dear Azou,

    Thank you for helping us spread the Word of God by heaving gospel tracts into the trash. I have read more than one story of janitors and santitation workers finding these things in trash bins as they cleaned them out, were convicted by what they read, surrendered their life to Christ and were saved. Imagine that: sins forgiven and eternal life granted them in Heaven by what they found in the trash. Isn’t God wonderful?

    Your contribution is very much appreciated. Bless you!

  24. PS: Azou,

    What are your evangelistic goals for August? Keep up the good work!

  25. Azou,

    It’s just possible that the person who empties out the trash in that restroom will see the tracts and read one. Who knows? He may’ve repented and put his trust in the Lord and he would have YOU to thank for providing the information he needed. Just imagine that! God’s Word always end up exactly where He intended.

    Thank you.

  26. I am committed to sharing my faith every day. We carry tracts and leave them everywhere we visit. It’s automatic! Weekly, we outreach to San Juan Capistrano, Newport Beach Pier, and San Clemente Pier. Open air preached twice in Newport Beach this month. But the norm is to walk an area, hand out tracts, and talk to whomever will talk. Approximately 1500 tracts handed out this month. To God be the glory for the great things He has done, so loved He the world that He gave us His Son, Who poured out His life for redemption of sin, and opened the flood gates so all could come in!

  27. When you need help concentrating on doing business in the bathroom I help aide anyone(even athiests ) by leaving reading material…especially Chick Tracts due to their length and good artwork.

  28. Hey robert thanks for the encouraging words that you said about witnessing in a small town. Much needed! God bless!


  29. Chick Tracts are hilarious, robert. I’ve read nearly all of them.

  30. I was off a little in July due to my daughter being sick but I did manage to pass out 200 tracts and have some 1-2-1’s. Preaching at the local prision on the 5th of this month.

  31. Hey Steve
    Sorry for not reporting but Jen and I have been busy and lax on reporting.

    In the last 2 yrs FFM has been blessed to get out 150,000+ tracts, over 800 Bibles, numerous 1-2-1 conversations, Open Air and several WOTM training classes including helping LW-Asia with 1 class and a second one coming up this month.

    I have been blessed to have a job that lets me travel and I have been in 10 countries in the last several months – thanks Living Waters for the tracts in many different languages.
    Our blog – has many of the stories.

    We stopped counting and focus on Training, Equipping and Encouraging Believers in Preaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Time is short and laborers are few.

    God Bless you Steve-the Pusher!
    Dennis Feely

  32. Open air = 2
    tracts = 300
    1-2-1 = 10+

    When I began (evangelism) I loved to hand out tracts and now over this past year, I love 1-2-1.

    Thanks for helping me to stay faithful to my goals Steve!

  33. Just thought I would give an update on my commitment for this week. Starting August 1st I planned on going out to witness everyday for the week. I missed one day (Wednesday). Though I did not get many tracts out at this very small park (I did get tracts in the small mens bathroom they had at the park [I think I missed one day in doing this act]. I checked in the bathroom and somebody has been taking the tracts. A small act but God is faithful) I believe what I am doing is starting the routine of going out witnessing again. Just trying to start things up again and getting back in the habit. Holy Spirit continue to help me!


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