The Christian Ice Bucket Challenge


You’ve heard about the Challenge. People from all walks of life, from George Bush to Dolly Parton, from Donald Trump to Bill Gates in (a slow-mo reverse intro). Heck, even Tom Cruise and John Travolta broke away from their Scientology commitments to take it up! Sadly, President Obama couldn’t find the time between golf games, fund-raising parties and fighting terrorists to do it. (But wait! It appears that he did do it! Click here.

ice 3Though it’s for a good cause, I do have an issue with the ALS Foundation’s use of embryonic stem cells for its research, so I decided to do a very different type of Challenge. If you are a believer, perhaps you will challenge yourself!


  1. Well I think if the president had done the ice bucket challenge he would have gotten a lot of flack for it from right wingers for being undignified, so he had no good choice if he does he gets criticized if he doesn’t he also gets criticized. I think he made the right choice, the president dumping ice water on his head seems to me a diminishment of the office.
    I did the challenge as several of my employees challenged me and it was fun, but I am not the president.
    As to your concern about embryonic stem cells ALS research primarily uses adult stem cells. Although you are correct that embryonic stem cells are also used in research the foundation allows donors to specify that their donation not be used to fund that if they have a moral or religious objection.

  2. I trust all you pious Christians will turn down any “unethical” medical treatments when the time comes.

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