The Atheist Billboard Challenge


I was on vacation in Sacramento last week where I preached an evangelistic message at a friend’s church; I took many pictures but I liked this billboard shot a lot. It was located just down the street from a Ghiradelli’s chocolate outlet on the east side of Interstate 5 in a little town named Lathrop. The question is valid.

Here’s the atheist challenge: Call the number on the sign (Toll free: 877-303-3344) and report back to me what they have to say and how you responded. (I have not yet called, so this is not a set-up. I will, however, call next week and post my observations.)

Christians, why don’t you call and let me know if the ad’s sponsors are solid in their doctrine and evangelistic message. (This would be fun if the consequences weren’t so dire.)


  1. Steve wrote: “The question is valid.

    Well, only within the context of your belief system. Outside of that (which is where I reside), the question doesn’t make any sense.

    But I’ll call the number on the sign, sure. I’ll let you know what they say. I’m betting that it’ll be a recording, so I doubt I’ll have much to report on how I responded.

  2. To the non-believers: don’t bother calling.

    It’s nothing bad, just boring. It’s an evangelist group based in Ohio, although the gentleman I talked to was in South Carolina.

    He didn’t evangelize to me, so I didn’t enter a discussion with him. He just said that he wants people to know the Lord, and that’s what the billboards are for, because Judgment Day ™ is coming.

    I asked if it was affiliated with Living Waters or WotM, and he didn’t really know those ministries, although he knew of Ray Comfort and said he read some of Ray’s writings. To be honest, I think mentioning Ray got him to think that I was a believer, although I didn’t say anything either way, and at no point did he try to start a dialogue with me.

    So, that was that. The guy was polite, and I was calling him, so I didn’t bother bringing up my non-belief.

    I’ve made my opinion on “Jerky evangelism” known, and it works both ways.

  3. Thanks NOHM for the heads up. I bet it was not as interesting as the time Steve has us call the number for the Mary worshiping billboard advertisement number.

  4. Steve, did you ever contact them?

  5. relgiious denial of reality and science will ultimately lead to disaster for human societies

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