Wee Man, Giant Money


Unless you live in Southern California and have eaten at his Chronic Tacos in Redondo Beach, or are a big fan of the movie Jackass (which I’ve never seen) in which he has a supporting part (as a skating Oompah Loompah!), or are a skater who is enthralled with this little guy’s style, or seen him kick himself in the head or try to break a stack of bricks with his head on YouTube, then you will have no idea who Wee Man is and how seriously he needs to know the Lord (like all of us).

Since handing him this Giant Money tract my daughters, Laurel Ann (pictured) and D.D., pray for his salvation everyday. Maybe he’ll read it and believe! Maybe you will pray for Wee Man as well.

Check out Mini Mr. T by clicking here.


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  2. I currently live in the town that Johnny Knoxville(aka PJ Clapp) lives. I think this guy was also in a couple of other movies I cannot recall.
    It would Be nice to come across a famous or semi-famous musician in Knoxville to give a gospel tract. Yet I am blessed to give tracts out to all people, from all walks of life.(Since recommiting(for the Non-Calvinist/complete surrender to the Lord(for the Calvinist) my life back to the Lord in July of 2008 God has graciously given me a spiritual gift in large measure: the gift of Evangelism.

  3. Yeah, Jackass is certainly an interesting series. Not surprised you haven’t seen it. 😉

  4. Hey pastor Steve
    That is sooo cool….we’ll be pray’n for the little wee man too. Love you man and keep up the great work for the kingdom.
    P. Love

  5. Jason (Wee Man) is the coolest. We have been buds for years and I used to roll with that crew a lot back in the 90s. I’ve been praying for him as well. Great photos, Steve!

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