Destinations: Huntington Beach w/Ambassadors’ Academy


This Saturday the Hope Chapel evangelism team will join 70 other evangelists from the Ambassadors’ Academy at the Huntington Pier. Talk about an atheist’s nightmare!

Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. We will be leaving promptly at 12:15.

Here’s an encouraging testimony from a man from Montana, Dale Adams, who was on my team at the Academy a few months ago:

Hello Steve,

I just wanted to share a couple of experiences with you that I have had over the last couple of weeks. We recently had a “Day in the Park” for our Riverton Rendevous celebration. It is something that lasts several weeks with different activities throughout the city and county.

One of those activities is the “Day in the Park” where people locally and from all over bring their products to sell. I was able to pass out about 100 tracts during that time and do some one-on-one evangelism. I also took a picture of someone I gave a million dollar bill to that was probably not as scary as your guy, but for Riverton, Wyoming, this guy was pretty scary.

The real exciting thing however was that the chairman of the Deacon Board and his wife, who ran a booth for our church, wanted to follow me around and see how to pass out tracts and talk with people. So we went around and they watched while I passed out tracts and shared the gospel with people. I then gave them some tracts and they passed them out as well. At the end of the day they were both excited about the opportunity to do that and would like to do it again. He was able to share the gospel with some people as well.

The next day, Sunday the 11th, I preached a message from Luke 16: 19 – 31 about the rich man and Lazarus. I used that text to not only talk about heaven and hell but as a report about my time at the Ambassadors Academy.
The next day a woman from the congregation came in and talked with our senior Pastor, as I was gone that day, and told him that she thought that she was a good person and was keeping the 10 commandments but after hearing that message she had to re-evaluate her life. She aproached me the next Sunday and said that she would like to attend the evangelism training class that I told everyone at the end of my message that I would be having in the fall.
Another young lady with Downs Syndrome, who is 26 years old but only about 8 mentally, asked me after the message, “Am I going to hell? Because I have lied and stolen things. I even stole an envelope from the pew today. Will I go to hell?”
I took her back through the 10 commandments and shared the gospel with her and told her that if she repented and put her faith and trust in Jesus that she could go to heaven. I am trusting God to do that transforming work in her heart.
One final note. Last night, at our High School Youth Group, I was sharing with the teens about the importance of tracts in evangelism and how and where to hand them out. All 9 of us then went to Wal-Mart, and, 2 by 2 went into the store and placed tracts in different places. The only requirement was that they give one tract, hand to hand, to at least one person. They all came out so excited.  One of them said “I am a tract junkie now.” Several of them asked me for more tracts to give out later.
I am hoping through this experience to begin to help them to do more hand to hand distribution, and then to share the gospel as they have opportunity.
I thought I would share all of that with you by way of encouragment and to tell you and the others from Living Waters to keep on keeping on.
Love in Christ and Friends Forever,
Dale Adams


  1. Steve wrote: “Talk about an atheist’s nightmare!

    No, the BANANA is the atheist’s nightmare!

    (Seriously though, no, evangelists are not an atheist’s nightmare. For some of us, like moi, they’re the exact opposite! 🙂 )

  2. Oh sure…publish a newbie’s evangelism story and before we know it you’re gonna suggest he start his own evangelism encouragement blog or something silly like that. 🙂

  3. I’ll be praying for you and all mentors and budding evangelists at this weekend’s Ambassador’s Alliance workshop. May the Lord be glorified and many edified in this greatly important endeavour. God be praised!

  4. Is anyone able to tell me how the man in the photo above is scary? He has tatoos, a beard and a leather vest. What exactly is scary about that?

  5. You guys are too precious to be a nightmare.

  6. Way to go, Dale! 🙂

  7. Dale, that was a great story. Thank you for sharing it. I have a dog and his name is Chico. I have a neighbor, who has lots of tattoos and Chico will not approach him. I think it’s the tattoos because he’s generally friendly with most of my other neighbors, that is unless their dogs…if you know what I mean.

    Chico’s canine sense tells him that people with tattoos are scary.

    I wish I had the sense to be afraid to sin. Lord create in me a clean heart…

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