Stranger Things Have Happened


It was the June Ambassadors’ Academy (#16) and everyone was out at the Huntington Pier preaching to all who would listen (and even a few who wouldn’t). The question: Who is the mysterious man sitting in a lotus position in front of me?

While I discoursed on sin, righteousness and the judgment to come, this guy never batted an eye nor wiggled a finger. He sat.

Behind him though, a few young men listened.

The mysterious man then disappeared! But another young man with a backpack appeared and listened intently, then…

What happened next was miraculous. You’ll have to wait until the 7:48 mark and watch the video to the end to see it. (If video doesn’t play, then click here.)

(Thanks to Allen Peek for this compilation.)


  1. I admit I can be dense, but I didnt’ see anything, other than a dude in dreads with a shirt on…

  2. I didn’t see anything either.

  3. You’ll have to wait until the 7:48 mark and watch the video to the end to see it. I didn’t clarify that you need to watch the video all the way to the end.

  4. the miracle is that young boy confessing his heart out! you never know who you’re going to reach. This was an amazing display of what the ambassador’s academy is all about. Praise God.

  5. Pastor Steve, I saw this video again and I noticed that these two boys who prayed at the end of the video were standing and listening to the exchange Tony M. had at the beginning of the video. God’s word proves again to be the true because it says some plant, some water and some harvest. Praise the Lord.

  6. When Allen first sent me that video, I cried when I got to the end! If you have ever worked with children, you know how hard it is for them to even really talk about the things of God in front of their friends. For that boy to confess his sins like that, with no concern for what the other child thought of him, blessed my heart. 🙂

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