The “180” Movie at Hope Chapel


We are setting up a table tonight during our four services at Hope Chapel that will display the “180” movie (click here to see it). We purchased a 1,000 copies and will be offering it for sale for one buck. Our hope is that many congregants will buy a quantity and give them to their pro-choice friends.

We will show a two minute promo before the service to whet the appetite of those who have not yet heard about this award winning film.

We have also set up a little “Honor System” box for those who buy the DVD. This film is the most important resource that Ray Comfort’s ministry has ever created. Not only does it have the potential to save souls, but also may save millions of babies’ lives when their mothers do a “180” in their thinking about abortion.


  1. As has been said numerous times, 180 has won an award only in the loosest sense of the phrase. The award was simply something you just pay for to slap on your website: the quality of the film has no baring on your eligibility.

    The fact that you refuse to post any comment that brings up this fact can only mean that you are well aware of the truth and just don’t want anyone to realize the dishonesty of the whole situation. You can refuse to post this comment as usual, but it’ll be yet another admission that your morality isn’t worth beans.

    • I won a second place Telly award 15 years ago for a movie I directed at Hope Chapel. When I heard how much the trophy cost, I was glad I didn’t win first place.

      So, in your opinion, as an atheist, does that mean according to your standards that my morality is worth beans? And if not, do I not get any beans—forever?
      Tomorrow, will your Bean standard shift like changing shadows? Are their the Bean Commandments?

      Please let me know.

      • Well since it’s ANOTHER admission, not really. You’ve been especially dishonest this week, so at this point it’s just another log on the fire.

        We’ve all explained our morals countless times. Either you have a hard time understanding or are asking the question in bad faith. At this point I suggest you take some philosophy courses at your local community college if you want to learn more about secular morality, ethics and so forth.

      • Props for finally wording your pitch correctly though. The “potential” to save and “may” save is a much more honest approach.

      • Steve wrote:

        So, in your opinion, as an atheist, does that mean according to your standards

        Who exactly do you mean by your use of “your” here? If you’re referring specifically to Garrett, then it seems like you don’t understand our explanation of secular morality.

        that my morality is worth beans?

        I think Garrett explained this. I’m not in total agreement with him, since I view it as possible that you don’t understand that you’re being dishonest when doing this. Also, I’m of the opinion that, because it’s your blog, you can run it however you wish.

        And if not, do I not get any beans—forever?

        A dishonest person can become an honest person, if that’s what you’re asking. So no, not forever.

        Tomorrow, will your Bean standard shift like changing shadows?

        No, secular morality does not shift in the way that you appear to think it shifts. It’s not an issue of “whatever today, and maybe something completely different tomorrow.”

        That? Would be silly.

        Are their the Bean Commandments?

        No. That would not make sense. Secular morality may be objective, but it is not absolute, as you think “the Commandments” are (except for that ninth one, of course).

  2. More posts deleted, wonderful.

  3. I love And my prayer is that many people would watch it and start to reject the lie that abortion is legal right to kill babies in the womb. I see where secular morality’s first comment is not to promote this great out reach to the world but to criticize those who want to save lives. Seems to me that if atheist has such a high moral standard that they too should be in favor of saving lives and promoting this movie.

  4. When I saw Hope Chapel my heart jumped. I was saved while attending this exact church in 1981, the Pastor was Ralph Moore. I am so glad to know that Hope Chapel is still changing peoples lives through sharing the TRUTH!

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