“Ted the Atheist” gets 300,000 Views…and Counting!


I caught up with “Ted the Atheist”, the subject of my YouTube video, “Why Christians Don’t Argue With Atheists”, a few weeks back in Huntington Beach. I hadn’t seen him in the two years since I “interviewed” him and asked if he remembered my “chat” with him. “Yeah,” he replied. “You were a lot fatter then.”

My interview with Ted has now surpassed 300,000 viewings on YouTube. Not bad for an evangelistic presentation gone bad. Really bad. Still, during the course of my four minute fiasco with Ted I was able to explain the Gospel four times.  You may be asking this: Why is this video getting so much exposure? I think it’s because unbelievers watch with jaws agape. After all, when I’m asked to show evidence for God, I tell Ted that I don’t have to show any evidence. It drives the pagan mind crazy! (See below the video for an example.)

Case in point: On the blog, “Dobbie’s Atheist Video List”, she writes,

This one’s rich. The Christian saying, “I’m telling you something but I don’t need any evidence behind it.” It’s an appeal to absolutism. It’s like it’s from an old Edward G. Robinson movie, “I’m the boss here, see. Yeah. This is Mugsy’s territory, yeah see. Period, see.”

Then what happens, I suppose, is that they post my video to their very own atheist sites where other atheists laugh and mock and jeer—then they in turn post it to their sites. And the cycle continues. (Don’t believe me? Google “Why Christians Don’t Argue With Atheists” and see for yourself.)

So, here again, making an encore performance, is my first-almost-third-of-a-million video! (See below for an atheist’s evaluation of what he saw.)

I had a few things to say regarding your video where you talk about your “way to win an argument with an atheist,” where you get into an argument with a man and go on about the “can we have 30 seconds to speak each?” and such.

Keep in mind while I’m saying this I don’t say it out of anger or any sense of meanness. But the video you made was ridiculous. That is your way of saying that’s how to win an argument with an atheist? Something you need to understand right now is that way in which you acted is not arguing.

All you did was simply cover your ears and keep spurting out the same thing about your beliefs over and over and over again and to you, that is how to win the argument. Something you need to understand and be thankful that the man in the video didn’t do, is that acting that way, truly and honestly, will eventually lead to you getting your head kicked in. You realize its behavior like this that has quite literally started massive wars right? Besides, with your holier then thou attitude, you’d think you wouldn’t need to bother with any of this in the first place.

I say that not as a threat but as advice, arguing is not saying the same thing over and over again and being thick headed and acting like a child, which is exactly what you did. You went on to say “just keep preaching the gospel regardless what they say” is quite literally childish behavior, that’s how 6- year-olds act to get their way. I say that in all seriousness. If you are an adult, the way to “argue” is to actually do what you said you would, which is give each other certain amounts of time to speak to make it fair.

I send this message in hopes that you will eventually grow up, and also as a warning, because if you keep going around to people and acting in that way, you will eventually find your way to someone who isn’t able to act calm and cool under your near constant preaching of arrogance and condescending behavior. And when you do find that person they will kick the living s— out of you.

If you think that you, or people in this day and age wouldn’t do that, I promise you they would. All the most major wars over the last thousand or so years have over “god disputes.” More people have been killed in the name of god then for any other reason I ASSURE you that is total fact. Don’t think that all people now are too big of a person to do something along those lines, keep up the arrogance and you will eventually find someone who busts your head open.

Careful pastor, the more you do what you did in that video, the more you number your very own days.

Photo credit of Ted the Atheist from his blog, “Ted the Atheist”


  1. Ha ha! Steve, you celebrate the rise of rational thinking. Your interaction with Ted the Atheist has shown the weakness of your position to a very large audience. Thank you for your contribution to rational thinking. I wish you could see what you are doing from outside your delusion, it is a good thing but not in the way you are thinking it is.

    It is people like you and Ray Comfort and Fred Phelps and James the Preacher and Todd Friel and John McGlone and Todd Akin that ensure that the assertions with no supporting evidence are seen for what they are.

    Keep up the good work Steve, we can’t overturn superstition in our lifetime, that is certain, but we can make a good start.

    • Joe wrote:
      “Thank you for your contribution to rational thinking”

      Hey Joe, what’s yours??
      If it’s anything like your comment, I’ll pass!!!

      • Of course, you completely bypass the part where you explain what part of Joe’s comment you don’t care for, and instead you jump right to the insulting.

      • Remember Steve, do as Kirk Cameron says… bypass the intellect… challenge them not to think…

  2. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose…What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?…Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”—Romans 8:28, 31, 37

  3. Really curious how you came to the conclusion that “unbelievers” possess a “pagan mind”.

  4. Dude, that was me, the tall good looking guy in the video.
    All you did was preach. That’s not getting out good info.
    Whenever you make an assertion such as a God existing, you thereby harbor the burden of proof.
    If you cannot show evidence, or if you state that you don’t have to, then the reasonable person should never take you seriously.
    You don’t know how to think properly – which is why you’re religious.

    Please, don’t have imaginary friends as an adult.

  5. Good evening. I am Ted The Atheist from the video.
    I’d like to comment on something he said above:

    “After all, when I’m asked to show evidence for God, I tell Ted that I don’t have to show any evidence. It drives the pagan mind crazy!”

    ^^ It’s not the “pagan” mind, per se, that’s driven “crazy”, as you put it. It’s the reasonable person’s mind. You see, whenever you make scientific assertions of fact, you are therefore required to support those assertions with scientific evidence. In your attempt to hold discourse, “Stone the preacher”, you feel that you shouldn’t have to present any such evidence.

    Instead, you assert that you only need to repeat your mantra.
    Using your logic, I can stand around, talking about how unicorns exist and should be taken as fact. Then, when you ask me why YOU should believe in unicorns, I can say that I don’t have to show you anything.

    Is that reasonable? No, of course not.
    And if that’s not reasonable, then neither is your idea that evidence is ridiculous.
    Evidence is required.
    Learn to think critically… but in order to do that, you have to be ready to break free from your god delusions.

    I should have interviewed you that second time when I saw you, just because I knew I would have made you look like an even bigger fool than you made YOURSELF look the first time.

    The fact that you don’t understand why the reasonable person finds your antics ridiculous tells the world that you don’t have a clue how the world should work.

    • Or, it’s possibly the other way around. Thanks Ted!

      • Steve –
        Thank you for going out and sharing the good news(Jesus) with the world and loving other’s. The Lord bless you brother. I don’t know you personally but can’t wait to meet all my Christian brother’s and sisters in heaven. I am so proud to be part of the family of God. God bless you-Lucia

    • Ted:
      There is plenty of evidence for a rational mind, like yourself. Go on YouTube. Look up video. There are plenty of video’s that proves that the bible is real. There is an archaeologist video ” Archaeological evidence that the bible is true” by planet Zion. But, maybe because you seem proud, maybe you will not watch it. As Christians we have already had our God and Jesus experience, so we know…Almighty God is real. But for someone as yourself that needs to think rationally then seek…Because the lord says he promises to reveal himself. Maybe you are not doing your job.. Ask God. When no one is looking ask God. Please do not go around California, persecuting Christians because you refuse to believe. We believe. Most of us are willing to give our lives for him, is as much as we believe. It’s not our job, to try and prove to you. God will prove it to you, but obviously you haven’t cried out to him for him to reveal himself to you. Your attacking this nice preacher, because he’s trying to keep you from going to hell? Seriously? I am praying for you. I’m asking God to soften your heart, Ted.

  6. The sadness of this video comes from the fact, that the preacher does not know what he is doing. He has gone to mistake the symbols for the things. He talks about heaven and hell as if these were real places somewhere outside objective reality. In a sense, we all know heaven and hell. Heaven is when life is sweat and easy, and hell is when we are suffering and feeling lost. It is a very real experience, but it is a subjective experience. A lot of what is taught by religion is like how we talk to children. We talk to the suggestive mind. The mind that beliefs what it thinks and can not yet differentiate fiction from reality. That is why the preacher thinks he is making sense and speaking about a deep truth, where in fact he is just telling fairytales. His childlike self, the innocent self, has no way of realising, that he is not making any sense to a modern person. In fact, he is using a very violent form of communication instead of really talking from the heart, yet he beliefs firmly that he is acting in the spirit of love. The formula is very simple, “belief me or suffer”. What kind of suffering, you will ask and then he will talk endlessly about the Bible, God and the sinns you have done, to make you feel guilty. Why does this method always reminds me of the inquistion? I wish such preachers would go a step further and really begin to think. Read books other than the Bible, listen to voices other than the ones that fit your fantasy. There is so much more and God is so much bigger then you think with your little tiny childlike mind. There is only one God and that is the same God that even atheist will belief in, because this is that in humans, that brings light in their minds and love in their feelings. This is beyond names and even the word “God” is so filled up with connotations, that it has become meaningless. What makes us all one? What unites society? Let this light be your guidance. Your rationality, your ability to learn new things, just imagine… let it be love.

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