Sudden Death: Planes and Elephants!


The following deaths were reported in the L.A. Times. And every person thought they had another day to live.

July 26—A sightseeing plane crashed in the mountains of Misty Fiords National Monument, killing the pilot, two sisters and their husbands on a side trip from a cruise ship, state troopers said.

July 27—Two domesticated elephants rampaged through several villages in northeastern India, killing eight people and injuring five others before being shot to death by police.

July 29—A biplane performing stunts for an air show crashed into a runway in front of thousands of spectators, killing the pilot. Jim LeRoy, 46, was making loop-to-loops with smoke trailing as part of the annual show at Dayton International Airport. His Pitts aircraft slammed onto the runway and caught fire.

The crowd stood stunned as the show was shut down.

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