Sudden Death: Abortion


A 29-year old woman died February 7 as the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks. Late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart (left) performed the abortion at the Germantown Reproductive Health Center in Germantown, Maryland.

According to information the pro-life group Operation Rescue released to LifeNews today, the unnamed woman went to the abortion facility for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state and arrived at Germantown Reproductive Health Center on Sunday to start the abortion process. Local pro-life advocates protesting outside saw her every day until yesterday, and described her as appearing “pale and weak.” Read the rest here.


  1. An unnecessary tragedy to be sure!!
    I don’t want to seem smug, but so much of the “church” is caught up in personal possessions and self and… that leaves no time for the things that only “the true Church” can actually fulfill; and make no mistake, I’m nobody’s judge!
    I enjoy a vacation now and then and a hobby or two, but when all is said and done, evangelism and protection for the unborn should be at the top of every Christians list.
    I the words of C.T. Studd: We’ve Only One Life – It Soon Will Be Past – Only What’s Done For Christ Will Last!

  2. Hello Steve,

    Here is the link from Operation Rescue, to the link about the women that have died at Leroy Carhart’s hands.

    Carhart is the one I told you about last year, maybe 2 years ago. Carhart boasted in one article that he comes (he does not live here) that he performs 2,000 abortions at the Germantown site.

    Here are some other sites to check out…

  3. Why not mention Savita Halappanavar who died because a sanctimonious government said that abortion is illegal?

    She needed an abortion to save her life. It was refused and she died as a result.

    • That is sad. But the overwhelming majority of women are left scarred for life, emotionally and physically, as well as all those babies who are killed when the murder of the unborn is legal.

      • Got Proof?

        Because all medical studies show otherwise.

        Your statement is non-sensical. How can something that is dead be scarred for life?

  4. Mr. Hunter, I know there is something good in you, I just can’t figure it out. You’re rejecting the God you know exists.

    • So you are a mind reader now, Richard?

      I am pretty sure that we covered this already. Your religion says people that are psychics and tell fortunes are to be put to death.

      You are clearly not a mind reader your claim that “I know he exists” is not only wrong, but insulting. You don’t know what I know. If you knew what I knew, you wouldn’t be a christian any more.

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