Sudden Death: A Patriot

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Spc. Lee Reese, 22, of Ashland, Tenn., was in the lead Humvee on a mission in Iraq, when his vehicle hit an IED (improvised explosive device), killing him instantly. Spc. Reese preferred dangerous missions to sitting bored.

In letters home, he was adamant that fighting for democracy in Iraq was the right thing to do. And he loved the people, his Staff Sargeant Luis Aponte said. “He used to be one of those guys who, every time we’d stop to search someone, the next thing you know, he’s embracing the other guys, the Iraquis… letting them wear his sunglasses.”

Here’s to remembering all 2,455-plus soldiers who have given their lives for their country, the USA. -From WORLD magazine, May 27, 2006


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  1. Yes, here’s to all the extremely brave men and women we owe our freedom to. We love you and can’t thank you enough. Thank you Jacob, Dad and Uncle Dewayne!!

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