Sound Systems: Meet “The Annihilator!”


If your voice is too soft, too hoarse, or there are just too many people at an event for you to preach in the open air au natural, it’s always good to have an assortment of different sound systems available. Here are a few that have been very effective on our evangelistic excursions. (Links are provided for info only; you may find them cheaper elsewhere.)

“Little Mike” (Fender Passport P-10W) is a portable hand-held system with a cordless mic. It’s good for use at Porta-Potty lines and even in front of grandstands at parades. (Don’t believe me? See the video here.)

“Big Bertha” (Liberty MPB 4500) is very loud and a bit heavy. But hooeee!!!! She’s gets the job done at big events like USC football games and anti war protests. (See her get thrown from a wall by an angry peace activist here.)

“Hellboy” (Half-mile Hailer by AmpliVox) cranks up the volume and can reach hundreds, even thousands, at a time. (See how we use it here.)

(See all three systems being used at once in this video.)

But what do you use when there are a potential million people at an event like the Lakers Victory Parade, where the evangelism team will be at today?

How about “The Annihilator”? (I just dare an atheist to deny there’s a God when I’m on the mic with one of these, yessireee!)

HORNMASSIVE is a 2 Ton (4500 Lbs US), 3.5 M by 3.1 M by 4 M mobile 2000 watt steel and aluminuim horn sound system, all powered from a commercial 12” speaker driver. It functions as a mobile audio input station whereby people can plug-in in order to project “content” a distance of 1 km, designed to be the ultimate monophonic sound projector intended to catalyze social activities in multiple settings.


  1. This looks Shopped, I can tell by the pixels.

  2. Just call it the Compensator, because yeesh…

  3. I like the big one at the end. You should totally buy one.

  4. Steve wrote: “I just dare an atheist to deny there’s a God when I’m on the mic with one of these, yessireee!


    Sure, I’ll take that dare.

  5. Okay Pastor Steve, I broke the tenth commandment when I saw the HORNMASSIVE. Does that mean you made me stumble? 🙂

  6. Nope. It means you sinned. Repent, man! Repent! And shout it out!

  7. Is this for real? Come on Steve…

  8. Love it! Thanks for posting this.

    What other tools of the trade do you employ?

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