This Welsh rugby team generally mocked and ignored me as I tried to engage them in eternal things while they sat at an outside patio of a local beach bar. These mates were too taken with Richard Dawkins and his atheistic take-over of Europe to pay any attention to a guy who gently explained that they should flee from the wrath to come. I’m part Welsh, but that didn’t impress these sons of Belial.


The only Welsh Revival these guys will encounter is awakening the next day with a hangover.


  1. Well at least they got tracts they may read and come to saving faith. And you remember Spurgeon’a quote – there may have been someone from afar listening.

    P.S. Thanks for having my blog on your blogroll – I have updated the link though if you want to change it. I bought a domain so its at now. THANKS!

  2. You have been in Wales, Steve… Im a Welshman but currently living in Canada. And yes, in Wales they have more Pubs than Shopping Stores sadly.

    P.S: When is new StonethePreacher Banner going up?! Hehe.

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