Saturday Adventure: Golden Dragon Parade


We’re going to the The Golden Dragon Parade in L.A. on Saturday in celebration of the Chinese New Year. This is great fun for the entire family!

Meet at the Redondo Beach Metro Rail station, 2406 Marine Ave., at 10AM. Or, if you are near L.A., meet at the Chinatown Metro Rail Station at approx. 11:30AM. You can call me for more info at 310-374-4673 x.121 or email me at


  1. Gonna wear a Buddha shirt? It will probably open lots of doors for you Steve. INSTANT CREDIBILITY………..

  2. Do you have your “Year of the Ox” t-shirt?

    {Disclaimer: This post was not intended to be a derogatory comment. It was placed as an attempt at humor. The poster was in no way implying that the Blog’s author is a heretic. Copyright 2009 (Year of the Ox) All rights reserved.}

  3. I’m not wearing a Buddha shirt, that would be inappropiate.

    But if I had the opportunity ahead of time, I would get “The Year of the Ox” shirt.

    Instead, I will probably be wearing my “Car show” T-shirt. It’s neutral, and cool on a hot, sunny, So.Cal winter day!

    Payton: Thanks for the T-shirt shopp reference. Maybe next year… 🙂

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