Sacramento, Pt. 4: Searching for Schwarzenegger


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We finished our business at Living Hope Christian Church by successfully teaching them how to share their faith without fear; they were now on fire with evangelistic zeal.

But we had one more goal in mind: The State Capital! We expected to see thousands gathered around the building protesting, sightseeing… and we were ready to preach to the multitudes with our sound system, Hellboy

It was not to be.

We were rained out. Nobody was anywhere near the Capital building except me and my two little girls.

No worries. Another hair-brained evangelistic plan was hatched: Get an Arnold Schwarzennegger million dollar bill Gospel tract into the Governator’s hands.

Who knows? Quite possibly, after reading the message on the back of the bill, he would govern righteously, honoring God and representing the citizenry more accurately. Maybe he would repent, then repeal the ghastly new Harvey Milk holiday he signed into law.

To sleep, perchance, to dream…

First, we had to think through an effective strategy….

One of the most common questions asked at the capital is this: “Is Arnold in today?” We asked it, too. A worker replied that he had spotted him earlier in the day. We were in luck. We streaked to the governor’s office. But first, I paid homage to a great American.

Outside the office, I was curious as to how often Mr. Schwarzennegger actually showed up, the fact being that he lives in Los Angeles and commutes to work. The friendly Mountie answered, “Nearly everyday.”

Buoyed by this bit of good news, we asked if was in right now.

“I’m sorry, he isn’t,” Mr. Mountie answered. “But you can go into the office.” We did.

Sort of.

We reached the outer reception area, where a secretary sat next to a burly Secret Service agent. My girls handed him the tract. “Will you please give this to Governor Schwarzenegger?” He assured us he would. If only, if only….

We didn’t meet our goal this time, unfortunately; still, we thought about the future, the possibilities of our next visit. Oh! What potential! What blessing! What a great and glorious faith-filled journey it would be to attempt to get the Gospel into the State Capital of California!

 We’ll be baa-ck!


  1. I love it! You are so creative with your blogging and your evangelistic endeavors. I love that your kids get so involved! 🙂

  2. I love it! Great is our God and greatly to be praised! What a wonderful time you had in Sacramento! I was there on that day, but our paths never crossed, oh well. This is very encouraging, love ya Steve!

  3. LOL! That is great! What a blessed day!

  4. What a memorable day for you and your kids. You may not know until the other side whether that tract had any impact, but if enough people actually take the time to reach our local, state and national leadership real “change” can happen.

    Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  5. That was a fantastic story Steve. You left me in suspense and I had to read it to my wife. We have a mock funeral going on in downtown San Jose tomorrow night with the resurrecting message of the gospel.
    God Bless Steve

  6. Even if he does not see it, at least the secretary has seen it. Maybe she will respond to the message.

  7. That was great Steve! You always inspire me. Thanks

  8. Thanks for sharing brother Steve. Although we’ve never met you we pray for you guys and continually follow your ministry. My mom met ex president Nelson Mandela, great opportunity to share the gospel. We haven’t been able to get close to president Mbeki or the new president Zuma but we’re hoping the opportunity arises.

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