What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #35


Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.  (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

This is the last evangelism class of the year and it is my hope and desire that all 17 students will persevere to the end. Will they?

Every other week I’ll bring this post back to the top of the blog. Remember students, you get one bonus point for every three sentence adventure that you write about.

Even if you are not a student in my class I welcome you to share your own evangelistic adventure in the comments section.

My teaching notes are now available online by clicking here. I can still mail you a hard copy for the price of postage which is only $5.00. Send me an email at if you’d like them.


  1. Gave an MDB (Million Dollar Bill tract) to a young man on the bus – funny thing is, I was reading my Bible, and this Christian lady who had seen me read my Bible before was asking me questions, and I was distracted, and got on the WRONG BUS – so maybe it was devine intervention, because had she not spoken to me, that particular young man wouldn’t have got the tract -and out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was really studying it the whole ride – did not get a chance to talk to him, but I pray his heart would be softened, and he would think of things eternal.

    Bring my wingman back safe ! And have him call me – I need a wingman for Monday – I have no ride back to work …

    Hey, if I decide to go way, WAY outside of my ‘comfort zone,’ and do something radical, something crazy, like open-air preach, like you talked about, maybe at the DMV or somewhere, how many points would THAT be ? 70, right ?

  2. The first day after the Thursday class, I handed out 2 tracts at work within 10 minutes of getting to work. One person was a Christian (which I knew, but it was a positive way to start) and the other person was not. He liked the novelty of the $1Million, but he started to give it back to me. Of course, I didn’t take it. I told him to keep it. I did not talk about the Law with him (yet), but I am praying for him.

    I also went on a long walk Friday evening (for exercise, but with tracts in my pocket). I had completed my homework for the day, but I was praying to see if GOD would give me an opening. I saw many people, but very little eye contact and I did not give out a single tract – disappointed, but not dismayed.

  3. Day 2 homework: I gave a $1M bill to a Macys Shoe salesman and one to a waitress at dinner (seeds planted). Both were busy and I didn’t see an “opening” to ask the million dollar question, but I am asking GOD for future boldness in creating the openings.

  4. Day 3 homework: I gave a $1M bill to a group of 3 teenagers (~16 yrs old) walking in town. The one who grabbed it first said, “Thank you!”. The others started looking closely to see what it was.

  5. It was my first “family” EV adventure – went spur of the moment to North Woods Inn in La Mirada – my teenaged son spyed the MDB in my pocket and asked loads of why, why why questions, but I was ready. The waitress was scary – very attractive blonde who seemed resentful we were breathing her air. If not for the “assignment” in SYFWF #??, I would’ve SURELY chickened out.

    After I gave her the Million Dollar bill tract (my family kept calling them tracks, but I was gracious in not correcting them), the mood totally changed, and she was super nice and friendly – my wife left a VERY generous tip, and while “bribing” people is not the way to go, Christians are famous for being bad tippers, so we made a good example in that regard at least. Hey, she’ll definitely take the time to read the trac-TUH, and next time I can follow up – pray “Pamela” doesn’t die !

  6. Went to a PACKED Subway in Downey, and they were so busy, I didn’t know how to get a tract to the counter help. IMHO, they are the best to tract, because you can follow up – you know where they “live,” haha. Like when Richard Chavarria came to 24hr fitness to pick me up for class Thursday, and he’s passing out tracts, and witnessing to the counter people, and now we can follow up next week ! Anyway, I went to the side, reached over the “Chip rack,” and stretching my arm out, handed a tract to the gal working the register. What’s she going to do other than take it ? Next time I’m in there, I’ll follow up if she’s there.

  7. The Subway “adventure” was Sunday, today’s was on the train – asked the lady across from me :”Did you get one of these ?” – She had, and instead of asking her about it, I wimped out big time, and said sheepishly,:”Oh well, use it as a bookmark”

    OK, if any of my classmates are reading this, that is NOT the way to do it, LOL – hey, go forth and make mistakes, Pastor Steve said, so that’s what I did, right ?

    Maybe I’ll redeem myself by doing something crazily out of the box like open air preach Wednesday at the DMV, I don’t know…

  8. Another person gets an MDB that shouldn’t have gotten one this morning on the Green Line. Gave one to a lady that spent the whole time talking about her itinerary, how she was going to get home, etc. It was the first time she’d taken the train. I pray that Norma from Whittier would be impacted when she reads the tract ! I say that she “shouldn’t have,” because I BARELY missed the previous train by seconds, so maybe a divine appointment, who knows ?

  9. I gave $1M bills to 2 ladies at the lunch truck outside my office. I was paying for my lunch and getting ready to offer the tract when one of the ladies saw them in my shirt pocket and asked what it was. They were both very excited to get them (imagine that).

  10. Got a wild idea to partner up with Rachael L. from your last class, open air preach to the crowd waiting in line at the DMV, and pass out tracts, DVD’s, and Bibles. After I preached for about 7 minutes, I closed, let them know they had a decision to make, thanked them for their attention, and passed out the “freebies.”

    The line was very long – I’m guessing that there were about 60 – 70 hearers, not sure – maybe more.

    It was very scary, but rewarding, knowing that the Gospel doesn’t return void. There was a lady at the front of the line who was signaling me – I thought she wanted one of the freebies, but she just wanted to offer encouragement, and the 3 of us spoke briefly, but we had business to do – we went down the line, and it was awkward, and some people did want what we had to offer – this one lady wanted to support us, and gave me a dollar – that was cool – both her and “Carol,” the lady at the front of the line, were black (I’m white), so that was nice that this all went across racial divides

    Praise God for the opportunity to preach His word !!!

  11. I was talking to 2 women at work and they noticed the $1M bills in my shirt pocket. They asked, “why are you carrying around $1M bills?” I gave them each one and said because they are fun and because they have an important question…and then I laughed and left while they were looking for the question. I am praying for them and looking forward to the next time I see them.

  12. Parked my bike @ Starbucks on Crenshaw and asked this guy to watch it for me, and as I thanked him, I whipped out an MDB, and slapped it on the table. At first, he thought it was real money, but then he realized he’d been Punk’d – well, a GOOD Punk’d. Sad thing is, when I came out, he was engrossed in a cell phone convo – darned cell phones ! So I had to go to work, but hopefully, he was touched by the message.

  13. If I only have the courage or the lack of fear of my 4 year old who fought me to hand out the MDBs… After explaining to her that it would not count for mommy if she handed them out, I finally mustered enough courage to hand one to a friendly looking lady that said thank you after receiving one, and to another lady near by (since she saw me hand one to the other lady). It wasn’t so bad after all. Come to think of it, I should’ve let my daughter hand some out to pave the way. I’ll try that next time.

  14. Congratulations to Carol for your post and your courage!
    I got to go to the USC pre-game with Pastor Steve and the team. It was exactly like Pastor Steve said, a sea of people like wilde beasts that never stopped coming for 4 hours. I was able to hand out over 300 USC tracts and over 200 MDB thanks to the encouragement and coaching from Pastor Steve and the many other “experienced” teammates that went along. May GOD bless each and every one of those tracts.

  15. It’s Saturday night in Lakewood – I’m at the 24Hr Fitness, and the thought of passing out a tract has my heart beating a million beats a minute, like it’s going to come out of my chest. I say: “Lord, let compassion swallow my fear…” I hand the MDB to the young woman at the counter – she doesn’t take it, but knowing she needs the message, I persist. She finally takes it – she’s like: “Oh – I didn’t know what it was – we can’t take tips”

    Mission accomplished.

  16. It’s Sunday in Bellflower, and I’m in a Big Lot’s – Crystal, the cashier, has no one in her line, and I’m ready to make my purchase !! But the bigger question is, is she ready to die, and go off into eternity ? I hand her the MDB, and say: “Did you get one of these” She said: “I wish it was real” I said: “It’s great when you get the change” There were 10 people in the next line, and it’s just her and me – just when I’m thinking perfect opportunity to witness, to apply what I’ve learned in SYFWF #21, there’s a big rush from the other line to Crystal’s line, but I will pray she reads the tract carefully.

  17. I only gave out one tract today – at the McDonald’s cash register. After the 500 at USC, it seems like a drop in the ocean, but I am still praying for it to find fertile soil.

  18. Passed out some really cool tracts yesterday (Monday) at some Government offices not far from my Job – they actually were printed, these tracts were, on the front of a pocket-sized New Testaments ! How cool is that ! Passed out about 3 or 4 of them !

  19. 2 for the price of 1 – Was going to pass out a tract to “Eddie,” the counter guy at 24 Hr Fitness, but he walked away to help another customer at the darned juice bar ! I was in a hurry, as I was extremely late getting to work, but I had a light bulb moment – give one to “Thomas,” tell him it’s for “Eddie,” that way they BOTH get to read it – sure enough, as I hurried off to work, I look back and see Thomas reading the tract, and I’ll get to follow up next time !

  20. OK, follow up to the “2 for the price of 1” story – “Eddie” may have GOT the tract – not sure if he did or not but I gave him one ( ding ! one point !), anyway… gave me an open door to ask the million dollar question, and I proceeded into the most awesome one-on-one witnessing encounter I ever had ! Just like in class, said he thought he was going to heaven, Hitler’s not, he’s a good person, I took him through GP test, he admitted to everything, I said: “Eddie, by your own admission, you’re a lying, thieving, blasphemous adulterer at heart, and are going to have to face God on judgement Day.”

    I asked Eddie if God judged him by the standards of his law we went through, would he find him innocent or guilty – he said “Guilty” I then said, based on that, would he go to heaven or hell – he said “Hell” I asked if that concerned him, and he thought it would work out, because one day he would give his life to the Lord. I told him about Angel’s pitcher Nick Adenhart, who died in April at age 22, victim of an alleged drunk driver. I said “If you don’t mind me asking, Eddie, how old are you ?” He said “25” – I kind of jokingly said: “Well, looks like you’re living on borrowed time !!” I reminded him about Michael Jackson died unexpectedly. With people streaming into the gym every minute, we kept getting interrupted, but I asked him: “Eddie, we all sin, but what sin are you holding on to that stops you from giving your life to God today ?”

    There’s so much more – I explained about being born again, what that meant – we talked for 20 minutes – I asked him if he knew where Hope Chapel was, and he said he did, and his niece, Mia Monlore, attended there – so I recommended he check it out – so I pray he doesn’t die, and shows up at HC and gives his niece the shock of her life, and that he comes to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.

  21. Well, no great story as I fulfill my week #2 SWFWF#21 homework assignment , but BOY am I motivated to learn more Spanish – I speak at a very elementary level currently. I gave a tract to “Juan,” the cashier at the deli I frequent, and there was a slight language barrier as I asked him the million dollar question: “Where do you think you will go when you die ?” He finally figured out what I was saying, where I was coming from, and had to serve the customers.

    I say that because I met an old-school Mexican man at the bus stop this morning, and he was impressed with my Spanish, and it was fun that I was able to communicate with him on an elementary level. But I’m definitely not fluent enough to share the Gospel the Way of the Master style, like we are learning in class.

    “Christo is la respuesta” Is not good by itself 🙁 I’ll have to get someone to teach me how to share my faith without fear IN SPANISH

  22. Ooops – that’s Christo ES la respuesta – fat-fingered that one…

  23. Wild ride at Car Wash ! – 22 yr old hottie cashier, whose never spoken to me, other than a dry “How are you” and the obligatory “Have a nice day,” unemotionally, was coming on to me ! OK, anyone that’s seen me can understand that this is HARDLY a common occurance – uh, like NEVER ! I was so flustered, I dropped my wallet – she says: “Ooops” – like: “I know I caused you to do that” and she would be right, haha. So I go with the mission to read the MDB to someone to fulfill the homework from week #3 of SYFWF #21. I find a middle aged couple… ok, a middle aged couple much older than ME – I warm up to the guy by telling him that there’s free coffee next door with car wash receipt, things are going smooth, I’ve recovered from the wierdness at the cash register, and I hand the MDB to this man, and say : “Did you get one of these ?” his reply was simply: “No” – that’s it !!! Didn’t say: “No thanks,” “what is it ?” nothing – just “No” – very awkward.

    So my car’s done, and I’m holding the bill still in my hand, and I give the guy a tip, and he says: ” Oh, mucho dinero” – so I give him the MDB LOL – ding ! one point !

  24. Went to lunch with our pastor @ Elephant Bar at Downey Landing – was trying to think of good springboards, but the creative juices weren’t flowing. Gave the server an MDB after she took our order, and she just took it as if this happens to her all the time. Very strange, but maybe she was having a bad day.

  25. Passed out some spanish and english tracts to people waiting in line at a government office building in a city near my job on the way to work. The people seemed receptive to the message. Hope they are touched by the message.


    ok, It’s the final countdown – you’ve gotten 2 rejections already, and it’s Thursday morning – had an idea, and was packin’ a video camera…

    OK, it won’t be on YouTube, EweTube, or EVTales, but taking the admonition to: “Go forth and make mistakes,” I had an idea to read the MDB to the vegetable guy @ Raplh’s on Sepulveda – couldn’t have gone worse – Mark Spence would’ve been proud of me – I already had a whopping 2, count ’em TWO REJECTIONS under my belt – 2 strangers refused me reading MDB. But my “veggie tale” plan was da bomb, haha.

    … it bombed – I video’d it, and messed up (aka got stuck – lost my place) 4 times – this guy was just letting me read it because I was a customer, but, hey, when it’s about fulfilling that week 4 homework assignment for SYFWF, you do what you have to do, and I’m not ashamed of my Lord, and to look like a fool for him ! Not crazy enough to open air in an In-N-Out, but not afraid in the grocery store, with customers walking by us, wondering: “What the heck is going on HERE ?”

    LOL – the “Veggie” guy was squirming big time, haha – one time, another employee had to pass by us with a cart, and while veggie guy could’ve moved closer, and let the guy pass, he was thrilled to move FARTHER away from me – that’s ok, I just stopped – didn’t care that I was making a spectacle of myself – so the guy had to finish washing or stacking, or whatever it is they do – and I finished the entire text – I asked him what he thought, and have never seen anyone so uncomfortable – so I paid for my groceries, and got the heck out of Dodge !

    Week 4 homework fulfilled… and … Ding ! 1 point for giving veggie guy a tract !

  27. It’s the ONLY place on my fast-food hate list: “Where should we go ?” Me: “ANYwhere but Little Caesar’s !!!!” – but they need the Gospel, so the counter girl got a tract when I was forced to go there last night. In the interest of squishing my ego (pride=bad), I decided to make a joke out of the fact that at least two people have thought the IMHO ugly guy on the front is actually me, and rolled with it, and the counter gal thought that was funny. MDB tract – always a hit. Well, ALMOST always.

  28. Me and a friend decided to brave the coastal fog and pass out over 50 Gospel tracts to a long line of people waiting in line at some government offices this morning. My good friend, who is the best friend I’ve ever had my entire life, and just the handsomest, nicest, smartest, most compassionate, intelligent man I’ve ever met in my life, was cowering in his SUV, but I “pushed” him to go on – I should be called “The Pusher” – I know Steve Sanchez won’t mind – hey, he doesn’t read these anyway – bahahahaha…

  29. Wow – worst 1-on-1 ever – this guy who is Catholic, who I once thought was a JW sat across from me on the train. Looking back on the experience, it’s a ‘minor miracle’ he even took an MDB from me (ding ! one point, LOL) !! It was so bad it was good, almost – wow, I tried every which way but loose to give this guy the “good person test,” and go through WDJD with him. I tried to say IF you face God, what do you think will happen to you – he gave kind of a “Jehovah’s Witnessy” answer that no one knows. Finding out where he was coming from was like trying to nail jello to a tree, wow – he has seen me passing out tracts and witnessing to ppl on the train, and he seemed to be real positive towards what I was doing, but seemed to believe that you can’t “Judge” other religions, and basically believed, without actually saying it in so many words, that ‘all roads lead to heaven,’ so to speak. Ah, the adventures one goes through when taking SYFWF !

  30. My mom is a missionary responsible for a country side church in Taiwan. She happens to be visiting this week, so I was excited to share what we’ve learned so far in class. Her first response was “you’ve picked up a new evangie method” and her last response was “I prefer to share God’s love”. Her church has been known to use the “40 day purpose” and “God has a wonderful plan” books to draw non-believers. She pointed out that the people of Taiwan has lots of fears; they are afraid to offend anything and everything under the sun (i.e. the kitchen god, the rock god, etc…), thus picking up another “god” was a plus and scaring them to believe was not preferred. So, she chose to share more about the love of God. Would this be grace to the humbled?

  31. OK, not a great story in and of itself, but “Juan,” the cook at my local deli near work got an MDB from me under odd circumstances, and while he was too busy with customers for 1on1, I encouraged him to read the MDB. The strange experience was the dept. secretary threw my lunch in the trash, so I was forced to go to the deli, even though I had planned on working through lunch – so I pray Juan is touched by the tract !

  32. After open-air preaching to a crowd waiting in line at a Gov’t office, my “partner” (Not “life-partner,” I’m straight !), asked if I wanted to pass out some tracts to the late arrivals. I was surprised there were so many, but I guess it’s because the office was closed Friday and Wednesday, so I heard – several people took the tracts, and I went to work.

  33. Gave an MDB to the cashier at the car wash, who didn’t seem to be in a very good mood. Definitely wasn’t an ideal time for a 121, so I just pray that Miguel read the tract when he had time. I pray for him to have an open heart and mind, and hope to follow up with him later.

  34. While at the 3rd St. Promenade, I sat down next to “Johnnie,” who had been approached for donation by one of those clipboard carrying, “I’ve got the official badge” wearing folks. Wanted to talk to the clipboard guy, but he was too busy begging for money. Yeah, I’m giving my hard-earned money to this guy who I don’t know from Adam, and don’t know where the $$ is going !

    I told Johnnie: “Next time they approach you, give them one of these” (gave him an MDB, then later a couple more)

    Asked him the MD question, and he said: “You’re talking to a biologist (who believes in evolution)” I made a few points about devolution, and took him through the GP test, and he said that he wasn’t too concerned about Hell, but wasn’t being super prideful and cocky either. His girlfriend came out of the store, and they left, but, praise God, he really got the Gospel – I said all that needed to be said.

  35. I was at the 3rd St promenade, and a couple was trying to take a picture of themselves. I offered to take their pic, and made a deal that I would take theirs, and they would take a short vid clip of me, PROVING TO PASTOR STEVE THAT I WAS ACTUALLY AT THE OUTREACH EVENT.

    So after I took their pics, they took a short vid of me, then I took the camera, and turned it on them, haha – took her (Monica) through the GP test, along with her boyfriend Chris. I was fortunate to get all the way through, and with God’s help, make a decent presentation of Law & Gospel. I said alll I needed to say – got to say a lot more than just the standard GP test, so that was good.

  36. It was Friday night – essentially “Day one” of the final week before the final class, and I hadn’t passed out one tract, and my goal was to get the 7 tracts in 7 days, so there’s this businessman across from me, and I drum up the courage to hand him an MDB, and say: “Did you get one of these ?” For a second, he just stares at it, doesn’t take it, then busts out laughing – he was so jazzed – he said ” Somebody on the train gave me a million dollars !!!” – then he did something that has never happened to me before, he ASKED ME MY NAME – that’s a first !

    So I told him my name, asked him his name (Marcus), and I’m thinking:” Great – good opportunity for a 121…” and then he gets up to get off the train !” So I turn back and say: “Will you call me ?” haha – no I didn’t, just kidding – I told him that there was a message on the back and to please read it.

    I was sad I didn’t get to preach the Law & Gospel to this guy, but it was very encouraging, in the sense that he didn’t really look like the type that would appreciate any interaction on any level with a stranger, so in that sense, it was good. You just never know.

  37. Handing the MDBs out has been pretty easy when I get enough courage to start. Just when I was feeling confident, the first rejections came. I was looking for those open air preachers at the DMV but didn’t see any. The line out the door seemed to be an easy target, so with MDBs in hand, my four year old and I started…the first guy wouldn’t take it, the next guy, no…So we stopped. The crowd mentality? My four year old could not comprehend why anyone would turn away the chance to know Jesus. If we all were to have child like faith…

  38. The bag guy at Vons took the MDB and was friendly. But, the cart guy out in the parking lot wouldn’t take it and told me that they were illegal when I asked if he “got one of these”. When I asked why, he said that people were trying to use them. Ok, that’s when I pointed out that there are quite a few zeros on the paper and anyone would realize that it was not real. He didn’t know how to respond to that, so I asked if he has seen the back and the million dollar question. He said that he has and it’s about God. So, I tried to hand it to him again and he said he was not going to use it. I pointed out that he could just keep it as a souvenir, and he said that he was not into giving out tracts like these. Funny, I never mentioned the word “tract” in our conversation…

  39. 80’s band Europe sang “It’s the final countdown [ do-do-dooooo ], and today is graduation day from SYFWF #21 – wanted to go out with a bang, and make it 7 tracts passed out in 7 days… so I sit down on the train, and grab some center facing seats, and the guy next to me yawns. I say: “Too early to be tired !” he gives a friendly reply (doesn’t grunt), and I say: “This will pick you up” and hand him an MDB. He reads it thoroughly, and seemed positive – I ask him if he’s a born-again follower of Jesus Christ, and he replies in the affirmative.

    Tells me that he goes out door-to-door trying to make conversions – I ask “Well, what would you say to me ?” He goes through this “hand” thing – thumb, index finger, so on, that is basically a version of the “Romans Road” method – he used the word “judgment,” which was good, but never mentions wrath, hell, doesn’t use the law to bring the knowledge of sin. He was telling me “You’d be amazed at how many converts we get” I’m thinking…. well, you KNOW what I was thinking, and it wasn’t “Lot’s of laughs !!!!”

    So I decided that in the spirit of catching more flies with honey, I would not use the 3 minutes I had to tell him (in love) “YOUR WAY IS THE WRONG WAY, MY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY,” and just hope and pray I see him again. Since I’m such a chicken evangelizing alone, maybe he could be my “wingman,” and I could pass out tracts, and engage in 121’s, and he perhaps could see the benefit of using the law in evangelism. Hey, I preached grace, grace, grace, love, love, love, and things go better with J___ for decades, so I’m not going to look down my proverbial nose at this guy, who may or may not be a false convert – he did seem like a true convert, but didn’t really have a testimony of regeneration, so who knows.

    His name is Gary, and he attends Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills, and I pray I see him again on the train.

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